Best iPhone X Case

30 Sep 2021
best iphone x case

Moving around with an unprotected iPhone X can cause all kinds of scratches, cracks, and dents to your phone. 

We recommend using these cases to help you to ensure that it stays in its original condition. 

Remember, the iPhone case is an investment. The better the case, the better your phone is protected from scratches and drops.

You have to make sure that your iPhone case is compatible with your iPhone model. It is important to consider the features you want your iPhone case to have and that it’s compatible with your device too.

BURGA has many stylish iPhone x cases that can protect your device well and show off your personality at the same time.

In this article, we're going to review some of the best iPhone X cases that BURGA has to offer. Check them out below.

Best Protective Case for iPhone X (Our Review)

Be Kind - Aesthetic Case (Best Overall Case)

best protective case for iphone x

Our Be Kind iPhone X case offers a stylish addition of flowers to your device.  It is a colorful cell phone case that works to keep your iPhone X feeling protected and secure, all in a cute flower pattern.

The Be Kind cell phone case is also the best case for iPhone 12 Pro Max devices. You can get this case as either a snap or tough case. The snap cell phone case features aThe snap cell case has a one-piece design, it is thin, elegant, and light too. 

If you want a case that offers more protection, but it's still stylish too, then the Be Kind tough case for iPhone is for you. It has a TPU exterior and a hard shell covers the entire phone and sits comfortably on your iPhone.

Why it’s Great

  • This case is crack-proof 
  • Scratch-resistant 

Who it’s Right for

  • Flower and plant-lovers
  • Those wanting a more feminine design
  • Anyone wanting something brightly colored and summery

    Night Sky- Dotted Case (Best Design)

    top rated iphone x cases

    The design of the Night Sky Dotted iPhone X case focuses on the twinkling stars that you will find in the sky at night. 

    This is also one of the best cases for iPhone XS devices too. This beautiful case is a must-have for every accessory lover, and it is another slim option that offers maximum protection for your phone with minimal additional weight. It's flexible, durable, and scratch-resistant, so your iPhone X will always look like new.

    Why it’s Great

    • Twelve-month warranty 
    • It features two different styles, snap and tough.
    • Available for iPhone X and XS

    Who it’s Right for

    • People wanting something feminine yet understated
    • Fans of more neutral colors

      Watermelon Shake Case (Most Durable Case)

      best cases for iphone x

      The  Watermelon Shake phone case is a perfect piece of statement for your summer clothes. 

      This case is the ideal option for those that want maximum protection on a budget because it offers great protection to your device at an affordable price. 

      The watermelon shake case design features watermelon seeds scattered across a pink background. This tropical-inspired design will add just the right amount of "summer vibes" to your device. 

      Not only does it work well for your iPhone X but it is also the best case for iPhone XR too.

      Another great aspect about this iPhone X case is that it can also be customized by adding your name or any other eight-letter text on the cover. Make sure to type out the text you would like to include on your cover when placing your order on BURGA’S website.

      Why it’s Great

      • It is durable 
      • It is customizable 

      Who it’s Right for

      • People looking for a more feminine design
      • Fans of the color pink

        Give Me Butterflies Case (Best Value)

        best looking iphone x case

        Do you want compliments on your iPhone case? Pick up this case from BURGA today. The Give Me Butterflies cell phone case displays a beautiful shade of pastel blue and that displays a cute pattern made with butterflies on this case. 

        This cell phone case will eliminate that sensation of butterflies in your tummy because the hard-shell case works to protect your phone from cracks and scratches. It is also one of the best phone cases for the iPhone 12 mini too.

        Why it’s Great

        • It comes in a black velvet bag 
        • It allows you access to all ports on your device

        Who it’s right For

        • Butterfly and animal-lovers
        • Someone wanting a feminine phone case
        • Those who prefer cool tones

          Love is Love - Tie Dye Case (Most Fashionable Case)

          best iphone x protective case

          The Love is Love iPhone mobile phone case exudes peace, love, and happiness with a colorful tie-dye pattern.

          This iPhone X case from BURGA is amazing and sturdy. It shows off an exquisite and high-quality print, is well designed, and is not expensive too. 

          This cool tie-dye case is also the most protective iPhone 11 case and the best protective case for iPhone 11 pro max available on the market. Be sure to get your hands on this case for your device. 

          Why it’s Great

          • Raised bezel to protect the iPhone X screen and camera 
          • The pint and design on the case is non-fading

          Who it’s Right for

          • Festival-goers
          • Those wanting something colorful
          • Fans of tie-dye

            90s Wave - Indie iPhone X Case (Best Budget Case)

            best protective iphone x cases

            Use our 90s Wave case to add some independence to your style. Add a touch of nostalgia to your life and protect your phone with a soft but durable phone cover. 

            Even if you've never dropped your iPhone on any other surface before, you can benefit from using this case to protect your device, especially when it has glass on both sides, like the iPhone X for example. 

            Our 90s wave case prevents your phone from breaking and makes it look stylish and it will keep your phone looking brand new.  What’s great about this case is that it is also the most durable iPhone 8 case and the best slim iPhone 8 plus case that BURGA has to offer. 

            Why it’s Great

            • It is crackproof 
            • Works well with a wireless charger

            Who it’s Right for 

            • Anyone who likes the color pink
            • Those who enjoy tie-dye

              Lush Meadows Case ( Most Protective Phone Case)

              most durable iphone x case

              Our simple, floral Lush Meadows case is inspired by the green fields covered with dainty and delicate flowers. It is one of the best cases for iPhone SE and iPhone X because it offers a great amount of protection to the device and it is scratch-resistant too.

              The pale green mobile phone case with delicate flower patterns creates a perfect feminine design for all occasions. 

              This cell phone case was created to leave enough space around the device's camera so that your photos are presented perfectly.

              Why it’s Great

              • This case is shock absorbent 
              • Dual-layer protection

              Who it’s Right for

              • Flower and plant-lovers
              • Those wanting a soft, feminine design
              • People who enjoy summery patterns

                Almond Latte iPhone X Case (Best Scratch-resistant Case)

                coolest iphone x cases

                The almond latte case is of high quality and protects your iPhone X from scratches or dents that may appear during the day. 

                It also looks super cute and stylish. The sweet cream color is the perfect backdrop for the asymmetric black dots on the design.

                This is one of the best cases for iPhone plus on the market, and it is very eye-catching. The dot pattern adds a touch of luxury to your phone, while the hard shell nature of the case provides much-needed protection to your device. This is why we believe that it is the best iPhone case and iPhone X cover too.

                Why it’s Great

                • Lightweight and durable 
                • Easy to install on your device
                • Scratch-resistant 

                Who it’s Right for 

                • People who prefer more neutral colors
                • Someone wanting something funky yet not too bold

                  Best Cases for iPhone X (FAQ) 

                  What to look for in an iPhone X case?

                  The best advice when choosing the best iPhone X case is to make sure your device is protected. If the point of impact is in the corner of the phone, the screen is particularly prone to splintering because the force exerted on the glass is more concentrated.

                  The exact choice you make depends on how you use your smartphone most often, and most importantly. For ordinary users, even a thin shell is enough to withstand slight drops and bumps. 

                  What’s the best material for an iPhone case?

                  We suggest that you choose a case made of a shock-absorbing material (such as TPU). This will offer the most protection to your device. 

                  You should also make sure that the material on your case covers your phone's vulnerable corners for a basic level of protection. 

                  BURGA’S snap cases are made of hard plastic such as polycarbonate, and our tough cases are manufactured as a dual-layer case, with shock-absorbing TPU on the inside and a polycarbonate shell on the outside.

                  We like to manufacture our cell phone cases like this to ensure that your iPhone X will be protected at all costs. 

                  Will a cell phone case protect my iPhone? 

                  Yes. If you have a case on your device, and it falls, a good case will protect it from scratches and absorb impact in those areas. 

                  At BURGA, all of our cases are created by an internal team that cares about the protection of your cell phone. We also have a dedicated team of graphic designers working on the design of each case to ensure that all of our covers correspond with the latest fashion and style trends.

                  Can I use a wireless charger with a cover on my iPhone X?

                  Yes. all of the covers for iPhone X that are available on our website are compatible with wireless chargers. 

                  Except if the case is made of metal, a well-made Qi-standard wireless charger should be able to charge your iPhone X even while it is in a thick case. 

                  Wireless charging employs a system of magnetic induction coils that includes both a transmitter and a receiver. If your case is made of metal, it may interfere with the transmitter's ability to send the signal to your iPhone.

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