What Type Of Phone Case Should I Get

25 Aug 2021
What Type Of Phone Case Should I Get

Picking a phone case is almost as difficult as picking a phone. After all, there are hundreds of options to choose from, from plastic cases with beautiful designs to bulky rubber cases that look like they can withstand a hurricane. 

Out of all the options on the market, it can be difficult to pick a good phone case that is tailored to your needs. 

From the best slim phone case to the best thin phone case, from the most indestructible phone case to the most secure phone case, we have rounded up everything you need to look for to find your phone a perfect match.

Whether you prioritize durability, style, or comfort, we will guide you to finding the perfect phone case for your needs.

The Best Type of Phone Case for Every Need

The best type of phone case all depends on what your specific needs are. 

Do you need your phone case to reflect your unique personal style or are you more interested in whether your phone case will protect your phone from surviving a three storey fall?

Follow our top tips below for finding the best type of phone case for your phone.

The Best Type of Phone Case for Protection 

When you are looking for a phone case, one of the first things you might consider is: will this phone case protect my phone when it falls?

We all know how fragile phones can be and they are especially vulnerable to damage when they fall. This is one of the main causes of phone damage and also one of the main reasons for investing in a phone case in the first place.

When you are choosing a phone case to protect your phone from a fall, you need to buy a phone case that covers all the edges and corners of your phone. For this purpose, any rubber, wood, silicone, or plastic case will do.

If you choose a plastic case, you can opt for a phone with a raised bevel design, which has thicker plastic in some areas than in others, which serves to protect your screen and camera.

The most shock-resistant material has been a subject of debate, but our top choice is the hybrid polycarbonate and TPU tough case that Burga offers.

In general, a shock-absorbing material that covers your phone’s edges and corners will properly protect your phone from most damage, falls, and drops.

The Best Type of Phone Case For Reflecting Your Style

You might not be looking for a phone case that can withstand every possible weather condition, purely because they aren’t very fashionable.

The sturdier the phone case, the bulkier and, uglier, they often are. Trust us, many silicone and rubber phone cases do not reflect anyone’s style or fashion preference.

So if you want your phone case to match your personality, you may want to look at plastic phone cases. Plastic phone cases often feature beautiful designs and colors and allow you to choose something that reflects your personal preference. 

As a bonus, many plastic phone cases are tough TPU cases, meaning that they are made from a durable and strong material

These phone cases are often more affordable than those of the sturdier design, so you can even purchase more than one and change it up now and then.

Just be sure that your fashionable phone case still does what it is supposed to. Protect your phone by choosing a plastic case with a silicone interior and raised bevels.

The Best Non-Slip and Grip Type of Phone Case

The downside to a fashionable plastic case is that they are prone to slipping off surfaces. So if you want something that will stay put, you should opt for something of the silicone or rubber variety.

Silicone and rubber cases are designed to provide better grip and decrease the chances of slipping and sliding. This reduces the damage incurred when your phone falls, providing optimal grip and protection. 

But, they are still not immune to falling so it is smarter to opt for a phone case that offers protection from falls and not only prevention. 

This makes life a lot easier when considering how vulnerable and fragile our phones are. 

The Best Type of Waterproof Phone Case

What type of phone case should I buy

Waterproof phone cases are specifically designed to resist exposure to water. Some waterproof cases can withstand depths of 2 meters up until an hour. 

These cases are designed to seal your phone and prevent water, and even elements like dust and sand, from penetrating the cover. 

But these cases are specifically designed with thin materials which means that they aren’t great for protecting against other damage, such as drops, shocks, or falls. 

So if you opt for a water-resistant case, you need to be sure that it offers adequate protection for your phone too. 

Waterproof cases are also not very fashion-forward, which may also be a drawback for some. So if you need a waterproof case, just know that you are offering up some other features.

The Best Type of Phone Case If You Are On A Budget

Phone cases can be very expensive. And phone cases that are advertised as being the most resistant and durable often are not suited to those on a budget. This is because they feature intelligent design and are made from expensive materials. 

If you are looking for a phone case that will protect your phone without breaking the bank, you can opt for a plastic phone case. 

Sure, they won’t necessarily survive the impact or fall that your more expensive cases will but at least you will be able to protect your phone on a budget.

At Burga, you can enjoy fashion and durability on a budget, making it the perfect pocket-friendly phone case out there. 

The Best Type of Eco-Friendly Phone Case

You might think buying a plastic phone case is bad for the environment and want to opt for some eco-friendly options instead.

The good news is that there are many eco-friendly options available on the market, including cases made from bioplastic, natural, or upcycled materials. 

Some phone cases are made from older phone cases and some phone cases are even made from coffee beans or upcycled surfboards. 

But, the variety of eco-friendly phone cases also comes with a variety in price. 

In general, a bio-plastic option is more affordable than phone cases made from natural or upcycled materials because these cater to a niche market. 

On the plus side, most eco-friendly phone cases offer sleek and aesthetic designs even though they often come at a price.


So, what type of phone case should you buy? As long as your phone case adequately encases your phone, there is a wide array of options available to you. 

If you’ve got some money to spend and you want to protect your phone, and you don’t mind a bulky rubber design, you should probably opt for a shock and impact-resistant rubber case. 

If you are on a budget and you are looking for something sleeker, you can opt for a silicone or plastic case. 

If you are an eco-warrior with some money in the bank, you can opt for a wooden or upcycled phone case. 

If you want something beautiful you can opt for a plastic case with a personalized and individualized design that reflects your specific personality or mood. 

Personally, we love a tough plastic case, which offers protection and beautiful design on a budget, making it a good phone case for daily use. 

The good news is that whatever you are looking for is out there waiting for you, and now you have all the information you need to pick the best phone case for you.

What Type of Phone Case Should I Get (FAQ)

Should you get a phone case for your phone?

Yes. Most phone cases can provide your phone with protection from everyday damage, of which drops, falls, and scratches are the most common. Most phones will easily fall and damage without a case providing some grip and protection.

What is the most durable type of phone case?

Rubber cases are often designed with durability in mind and are considered to be the most durable of all types of phone cases.

Are soft cases better than hard cases?

In the case of hard phone cases vs soft phone cases, the short answer is that both will adequately protect your phone from damage as long as it protects all corners and edges of your phone.

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