Best Cell Phone Case Material

24 Aug 2021
Best Cell Phone Case Material

The question 'What is the best phone case material?' remains so popular on various online forums and Google searches. To answer it, we've done some digging to find out the best phone case material for the job. 

When choosing the best phone case materials, you will need to consider a few things. 

Some top considerations might include; How much protection do you need? Will you be using wireless charging features? Do you want an eco phone case? and of course, what is your budget?

Let's explore the most popular phone case materials on the market. 

Popular Cell Phone Case Materials 

Here we analyze the most popular cell phone case materials and investigate what materials are best depending on your needs. 

There is much to consider when choosing a new phone case, and sometimes an excellent old-fashioned pros and cons list is the best determiner


best material for cell phone case

Plastic is one of the most popular materials on the planet thanks to its affordability factor, quick manufacturing turnaround time, and economic value. 

There are so many types of plastic on the market, and not all styles work for cell phone cases. A hard plastic phone case is often a popular choice. 

Without getting into the scientific nitty-gritty, there are two main differences. Two main types are polycarbonate (PC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The PC is often more rigid than the TPU, which is more flexible and a little softer. 

Let's explore each in a bit more detail. 


Pc offers excellent protection to phones and is known for its reliability and impact resistance. This amorphous thermoplastic is one of the most popular types of plastic around and is used in many products like glass lenses, car parts, bulletproof windows, and medical equipment. 

  • Affordable 
  • A wide variety of colors and designs 
  • Not always scratch resistant (Why we use scratch-resistant coating at Burga)


So, what is a TPU phone case? These cases should not be mistaken for silicone cases, even though they have a flexible advantage over PC. 

They are flexible and often made of plastic, elastic, and rubber. These three materials create a formidable team, offering great protection to the smartphone. 

TPU cases are primarily transparent, offering awesome protection but little in the way of design. Luckily many other plastic cases on the market come in an array of colors and styles. 

  • Durable 
  • Great value for money 
  • Numerous styles 
  • Not as environmentally sustainable 
  • Clear cases might turn yellow over time
  • Vulnerable to absorbing water 


Silicone is a flexible material with a soft-touch feel. If you've ever wondered, 'are silicone cases any good?' you'll be happy to know that they offer fantastic protection and come in several dynamic designs and styles. 

Silicone is created with the element silicon and petroleum and has become a popular material in many sectors thanks to its flexibility and fantastic shock absorption. Since it's so soft, silicone cases can easily mold to phones, offering snug protection. 


  • Great price factor 
  • Easy to hold and grip 
  • Fantastic shock-absorption if you are prone to dropping your phone 
  • Many stylish colors and designs are available 
  • It has a longer lifespan than plastic 


  • Can carry static electricity and collect dust particles 
  • Not environmentally sustainable


Metal phone cases are often revered for their stylish edge. Different metals can be used in phone cases, with aluminum usually being the most popular. In luxury designer phone cases, premium metals like gold might even be used. 

Metal phone cases have great protective qualities and can protect your phone if it drops. It is often heavier than other phone cases, though, and its magnetic shielding abilities can impact wireless charging features. 


  • Highly durable if your phone falls
  • Sleek and stylish look 


  • Heavier than silicone or plastic 
  • Can block wireless charging 


If you love handcrafted, bespoke pieces that bring you back to nature, wooden phone cases are a fantastic option. 

In the modern world, we are constantly surrounded by plastic, and sometimes we are drawn to more natural elements. Wooden cases are certainly chic, offering a certain Scandinavian charm. 

Bamboo is often a chosen material for phone cases and is praised for its sustainability and texture. However, while they have the green factor, these cases are not as durable as plastic, silicone, or metal options.


  • Sustainable 
  • Super stylish 
  • Wonderful texture


  • Prone to chips when dropped
  • Fewer styles and designs are available 
  • On the pricier side 

Carbon Fibre 

Carbon fiber is a highly durable polymer material often used in the aviation industry. Known for its epic strength, high tolerance to temperature, and lightweight, it's a good contender for the best phone case. 

Unfortunately, it's a lot pricier than other materials, and the styles are limited. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Highly durable 


  • Pricey 
  • Limited colors and styles 

Important Features of Best Cell Phone Cases 

When choosing a phone case material, you want to ensure that it offers the following features:

Great shock-absorption: Let's be honest, most of us have dropped our phones at one point or another. That's why shock absorption is so important. Ultimately, you want the case to absorb the pressure of the fall rather than the phone. 

A snug fit: You want your case to fit snugly over your phone. This prevents your phone from slipping out during a fall and keeps your phone safe at all times. 

Durability: You want a case that can stand the test of time and last you a good couple of years. Opting for cheaper options might seem like a good idea, but they can cost you in the long run if they need to be continuously replaced or don't offer enough protection.

Camera and screen protection: Effective phone cases should also protect the screen and camera, two important features on any Smartphone. 

That's why all of our cases at Burga come with 2mm raised lip bezels on the edges for maximum protection of the screen and camera. 


Choosing a phone case is a personal decision, but after much digging, we’ve chosen the polycarbonate and TPU hybrid that Burga offers. 

These cases offer affordable, shock-absorbing protection, and are available in myriad designs and styles, offering fantastic diversity. 

Explore our exciting range of cases


What is an anti-gravity cell phone case? 

Another popular material on the market is the anti-gravity case which utilizes nano-suction technology. 

The best anti-gravity phone cases will have a special sticky patch on the back that allows you to stick your phone on any smooth surface, allowing for easy hands-free activities. 

The cases are made up of thousands of suction cups and this allows for hands-free use. 

This feature is super handy when you are driving and need to access features like Maps, allowing you to stick your phone on your dashboard. You can also stick it on a wall while doing a workout or video calling. 

What is a hybrid phone case?

So, what’s a hybrid phone case? Hybrid phone cases amalgamate two or more different materials, much like our range at Burga. 

These cases offer maximum protection by utilizing shock-absorbent silicone and a robust and highly durable harder plastic shell. 

Are phone cases recyclable? 

If you have ever asked are phone cases recyclable”, this depends on the materials used. If you want to enhance your green footprint and choose recyclable cases, look for those made from leather, wood, or metal. 

Sadly, some models do end up in the landfill. It's, therefore, a great idea to opt for durable models that will last you many years if you are happy to stick with the same case. 

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