What Is A Hybrid Cell Phone Case?

24 Aug 2021
What is a hybrid cell phone case

Cell phones play an indispensable role in our daily lives. We can’t go a day without the help of our pricey and high-tech smartphones. That is exactly why they need protection. 

The right phone case can make your device nearly indestructible and transform it into a trendy accessory.

Hybrid cases can offer some of the best protection for your phone. But what is a hybrid cell phone case? We’ll explain just that, and also tell you how hybrid cases shape up when compared to different kinds of phone cases.

What Are Hybrid Cell Phone Cases?

Usually, hybrid phone cases have two parts – a hard outer case and a soft inner case. This protects the phone and gives you a good grip.  

This design offers dual-layer protection without adding bulk to your phone. These cases can survive a drop, and they look stylish.

What Are Hybrid Cell Phone Cases Made of? 

Usually, there is a silicone inner cover and plastic outer cover. This offers durable protection that absorbs most shock.

What Are the Benefits of Hybrid Cell Phone Cases? 

Hybrid phone cases offer tough dual-layer protection and many other benefits. These slim and sleek phone cases can also complement your style.

Strong and Durable

The durable and crack proof cases will stay in great condition. 

Great Protection

The raised bezel of the case protects your screen and camera from scratches and shattering.

Compatible with Devices and Accessories

They are compatible with accessories like wireless chargers and NFC. All ports and jacks are accessible.

Versatile and Stylish

There are hundreds of different designs of hybrid cases to choose from. It can be a fashionable accessory.

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what is a hybrid phone case

How do Hybrid Phone Cases Compare to Other Types? 

There are many phone cases out there to protect and decorate your phone. Phone cases can also be rubber, TPU, eco-friendly, and anti-gravity.

Hard Plastic Phone Cases

Hard phone cases are usually made from hard plastic with a case-like shell that is perfectly molded for your phone.

These thin and lightweight cases do not add bulk to your phone. The design and look of your phone can be enjoyed. They do not attract dirt and they can be cleaned just by wiping.

Hard cases have customized options to suit your fancy. Cases can be multi-colored, transparent, glossy, or have trendy prints.  

Hard plastic cell phone cases are inexpensive and provide great protection.

Hard plastic cases can eventually crack when dropped hard enough or may become worn out over time, just like most phone cases.

You might be wondering what to do with old cell phone cases. Old plastic phone cases cannot be recycled. The plastic may be mixed with other materials like silicone.

Plastic phone cases have the advantage over hybrid cases with their low prices, versatility of designs, and aesthetic.

So which case offers better protection? Well, it is hard to say. Both plastic and hybrid phone cases are strong and durable enough to protect your phone. 

Rubber Phone Cases

Rubber phone cases are excellent shock-absorbers. Rubber cases allow your phone to “bounce” after hitting the ground.

Are rubber phone cases better than plastic phone cases? Ultimately, plastic phone cases are thicker than rubber cases and will help your phone survive a fall. 

When compared to hybrid cases, rubber phone cases are better shock absorbers. However, the hard outer layer of a hybrid phone case offers better protection. 

TPU/Gel Phone Cases

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) phone cases are stylish and sleek. But what is a TPU phone case? TPU is a transparent, elastic, and tough material.

These lightweight cases are durable and offer a basic level of protection to your phone. Your phone will not break or scratch easily with a TPU phone case.

Wallet Phone Cases

Flip-open folio or wallet phone cases are eco-friendly cell phone cases that are also pocket-friendly. These covers have shell cases that can flip open and closed, for all-around protection.

Most wallet phone cases are made from polyurethane (PU). PU is considered a “vegan leather.” 

This eco-friendly cell phone case is stylish. However, the case might begin to crack after a while.

While hybrid cases do not offer all-around protection, it does offer better protection for your screen. Hybrid cases also give you more trendy designs to choose from.

Anti-Gravity Phone Cases  

Anti-gravity phone cases are convenient for mounting your phone anywhere. You can stick your phone to mirrors, tiles, dashboards, cabinets, and other smooth surfaces. 

How does an anti-gravity phone case work? These cases have sticky backs that allow you to mount your phone on almost any flat surface. 

Anti-gravity phone covers are generally more expensive than hybrid phone cases and likely offer less protection. 

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