Should I Get A Wallet Phone Case?

19 Jul 2021
Should I Get A Wallet Phone Case?

Are you tired of always either forgetting your phone or your wallet at home? The wallet phone case is a great solution. 

Whether you're a purse-carrier or a pocket user, owning a wallet case makes your life a whole lot easier. A wallet phone case lets you keep all your essentials in one place. 

We've unpacked everything you need to know about phone wallet cases. Read on to unpack the pros and cons of a wallet case before you make your purchase. 

Are wallet phone cases worth it?

Wallet cases are becoming a popular choice for phone users. These unique cases offer a range of useful functions that regular cases just don't have. 

Wallet cases come in a range of different styles that serve many purposes. They offer extra protection, convenience, and function as a stand for your phone. 

Each phone case brand will offer its own wallet case design based on how the case looks and functions. Simpler designs feature a band of fabric to hold your cards and cash. 

Other more complex and sturdy designs feature locking mechanisms with folded panels. These tend to offer the most functionality.

Do wallet cases protect my phone?

Wallet cases offer plenty of extra protection for your phone. 

Many wallet cases include features like air-pocket corners and a raised strap to hold your phone. These offer far more protection than regular phone cases as they completely cover your screen.

The extra bulk of the wallet plus your stack of cards makes a big difference if your phone takes a big fall. This helps to avoid any dents and scratches.

Can I put my credit card in my phone case?

how to use a wallet phone case

The question on everyone’s minds - can you put your credit card in your phone case?

If you're worried about keeping your card next to your phone, then rest assured. Your phone isn't strong enough to demagnetize your credit card. Carrying around your cards against your phone is safe. 

Even if you were to carry your credit cards right up against your phone in your pocket, it's still safe. The chances of your card becoming unreadable or demagnetized are extremely low.

Are wallet cases stylish?

Not only do wallet cases provide protection, but they are also a great accessory for your phone. They are available in a wide range of designs. 

Wallet cases are generally made from leather or leather-like materials. This gives them a stylish look. They come in various colors and textures. Cases fitted with straps and chains are also available for extra convenience to carry your phone around. 

What if I lose my phone AND my cards?

One of the biggest upsides of owning a wallet case is that all your necessities are together in one place. Your cards, ID, and cash are all kept with your phone. This means you avoid carrying around a heavy bag or even a large wallet when you leave the house. 

If you lose your wallet case though, you take the risk of losing a lot more than just your phone. Losing your phone is one thing, but losing your cards, cash, and ID along with it is far worse. This is something to be aware of when you buy a wallet case.

The best way to avoid this is to be extra mindful. While this may be a disadvantage to some, having fewer individual items might mean that you are less likely to misplace anything. If you have your phone in your pocket, you already have everything you need.

Are wallet cases bulky?

The extra bulkiness is something to consider when buying a wallet case. While there are different styles available, a wallet case is generally thicker than a normal case. 

Despite the extra bit of bulk, your case will still fit comfortably in your front pocket. Plus, leaving your wallet behind means you have less weight to carry around anyways. 

Something to be aware of is not to overload your case with too many cards. It's best not to store more than the recommended number of items. This prevents cracks from forming in your case. Buying a better quality wallet case will also ensure that your case lasts longer. 

So, should I buy a wallet case?

Phone wallet cases are a great purchase. They offer the best phone protection, plus they make your life a whole lot easier without having to carry around a heavy wallet. 

If you're thinking of buying a wallet case, you should always consider the pros and cons before making your final decision. No matter which case style you pick, you can't deny the benefits of owning a wallet case.

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