Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G / 5G Cases

The Galaxy S20 Plus from Samsung is one powerful smartphone requiring a proper phone case to protect it.
Do you know what else isn’t average about the S20 Plus? Its price tag! It’s been over a year since the Galaxy S20 Plus was released, so the price drop isn’t that significant yet. That being said, such a large, premium phone deserves nothing less than maximum protection, and that’s where we come in.
What sets BURGA apart from other mobile phone case manufacturers? Quite simply, we don’t believe in compromises. Most of the phone cases on the market are built with either durability or aesthetic appeal in mind. But with us, you don’t have to let go of one for the other.
The cell phone cases built with durability in mind are too run-of-the-mill in terms of looks, whereas those designed with luxury in mind don't offer any real protection and are quite cheap-looking. The two never seemed to cross paths, but we made them do it.
BURGA hardshell phone cases combine durability, protection, and visual appeal under one roof so that you won’t have to replace your phone cover every so often, or worse, risk your smartphone getting damaged. Our popular and unique phone cases are heavy-duty, shockproof, and highly resilient. Yes, that’s possible!
BURGA phone cases are available in a wide range of thin, trendy designs, from landscape, fruit, and cute animal-inspired designs to pretty patterns and striking geometrical shapes. No matter your taste, you’re guaranteed to find a perfect case. We offer slim, high-quality designer phone cases for other devices than the Galaxy S20 Plus, including the standard Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra, S20 FE, Note 20 5G, and Note 20 Ultra 5G be sure to check them out and you’ll surely find something to appeal to you.
BURGA phone cases are super protective and cost-effective compared to other alternatives on the market, especially when you take into consideration that most alternatives aren’t as durable and visually appealing as our cases.
What’s more, we love to treat our customers with extra phone cases on top of their purchase for FREE! Yes, you read that correctly. Buy two phone cases and get two for free. Better yet, pay for three, four, or five and get six, eight, or ten, respectively. Whatever the number of cases you pay for, we’ll double it! And you know what else? Shipping is free for orders over $70.
What are you waiting for? Order your favorite Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G / 5G phone cases today and get double what you pay for. The way this works is simple; choose four phone cases, for example, and only pay for two. Choose six phone cases and only pay for three. You get the drill, so shop now!

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