Huawei P20 Lite Cases

If you’re looking for a Huawei P20 Lite cell phone case, look no further. Our Burga collection is the true embodiment of luxury phone cases, delivering on construction quality, practicality, and style. Still, it manages to be all that for a cheap price.

Our protective covers are heavy-duty, scratch-resistant, durable, and shockproof. We’re so confident in their quality and protection that we easily provide you with a 12-month international warranty. And this high quality characterizes both types of cases: tough and snap cases.

If your priority is to protect your mobile phone, you’ll probably love our tough covers. They have the best dual-design with a silicone interior and a hard shell exterior, covering the phone from all angles. Plus, the raised bezel ensures that your screen doesn’t shatter – all without compromising style.

As for our snap designs, these cases are one-piece hardshell phone cases. They’re impressively slim, thin, and light. You’ll love our snap cases if you want to maintain your phone’s original shape. To illustrate, they look trendy and stylish without overshadowing your phone’s original form.

Also, they still have the usual Burga sturdiness. And that’s a feature you’ll see across different collections, including Huawei P20 cases, P20 Pro cases, Mate 20 Pro cases, Mate 20 cases, and Mate 20 Lite cases.

In terms of style, if we were to detail the various patterns and prints featured in our collection, we’d be here all day. Instead, we’ll give you an overview of the most common ones.

Firstly, we have a modern twist on the classic polka dot design. These pretty cases have simple backgrounds covered in asymmetrical spots so that they’re more cute and quirky.

Then, if you’re looking for something with a little more action, trade the spots for Burga phone covers embellished with dainty flowers, terrazzo-inspired specks, twinkling stars, animals, bees, plants, fruits, and so much more.

The best part is that these patterns accommodate a wide variety of tastes. That’s because their details can be minute, giving the plain background a delicate but colorful touch. But they can also be large enough to cover most of the case’s background to make a statement.

We also have unique phone cases with leopard, tiger, and other animal prints. And speaking of animals, our fourth type of designs feature stylish printed snakeskins. If you lean towards bold and edgy designs, these will give your phone a daring and fashionable twist.

Lastly, we have a diverse and popular collection of marble pattern cases. These are classic designs, but they can be more than that. Some of them mix lighter and darker tones of the same color in whimsical patterns, others feature printed glitter details complementing the marble patterns in dazzling effects, and some combine contrasting or complementary colors in bright displays.

With such a stunning collection of designs, patterns, and prints, you’re bound to find a phone cover to your liking. And you can be confident that it’s made with the same high quality that distinguishes Burga. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our bumper collection, and treat yourself to one of our designer Huawei P20 Lite cases right now.

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