Eco-Friendly Cell Phone Cases

24 Aug 2021
Eco-Friendly Cell Phone Cases

What we know for sure is that pollution is a very serious threat to our environment. We also know that plastic is the main contributor due to its toxic material that sits around for centuries. Threatening wildlife and contributing to global warming. 

To help save our planet, phone accessory companies have been playing their part to reduce the amount of plastic used by adding eco-friendly phone cases to their product line. Here we will discover what makes a great eco-friendly phone case. 

Which Case Materials Are Eco-Friendly?

Phone cases are made out of many different materials so to help you choose which of these materials are safer for the environment we’ve taken a closer look.

Hard Plastic Phone Case

The toughest material used to make mobile phone covers is polycarbonate which is a form of plastic, but it is not eco-friendly. Why are phone cases plastic? Well, plastic is durable, easy to clean, and great at protecting your phone from dents and scratches. 

What is a hybrid phone case? This is a hard plastic phone case that clips together to cover your phone front and back and for maximum protection; it also comes with a silicone skin that goes over the plastic cover. 

Phone covers are not only strong but also adaptable, cost-effective, and have a vast range of advantages relating to phone safety. 

But is PC the best material for a cell phone case? Yes, it is because it is hard-wearing, cost-effective, and provides good protection. But in terms of the environment, it's not the best solution because it is dangerous for our planet. 

It's basically permanent waste as it is non-biodegradable. And if we burn it, the fumes are toxic. 

are phone cases eco friendly

Silicone Phone Case

Are rubber phone cases better? Silicone is safer than plastic and kinder to the environment. It's made from silica which is a component found in sand. It can be recycled but would need to be sent to a place that specializes in this.  

Bioplastic Phone Cases

These phone cases are made from natural resources that are 100% compostable. The base could be made from leftover straw or cornstarch, or other compostable resources. 

It is a great alternative to traditional phone cases and a solution to our everlasting plastic problem. 

TPU Phone Case

What is a TPU phone case? TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a flexible plastic. It’s not as hard and strong as PC but not as soft and flexible as silicone. Its main properties are rubber and plastic. 

When separated, the polymers are toxic for animals and humans, but when combined to make up TPU plastic, they are not harmful. The process of making TPU is eco-friendly and they are fully recyclable. 

With all these different materials, can phone cases be recycled? Fortunately, phone cases are recyclable, but not all of them. So if your aim is to find a case that is recyclable, first check if it is. 

Are Anti-Gravity Cases Eco-Friendly?

The GOATcase Anti-Gravity Phone is known as the phone case that sticks to almost everything. It is a really cool concept as the purpose is so convenient. The phone case is strong with great holding power. 

Their website states that it is made of Nano suction technology and the inner shell is built using eco-friendly materials, but it does not disclose what these eco-friendly materials are. Now to believe it is eco-friendly we would need to understand the green process. 

And if the information is not disclosed, it leaves the question unanswered. Now, this is an example of what we need to look out for when purchasing an eco-friendly phone case. There needs to be a clear understanding of what is being purchased.  

What Are Anti-Gravity Phone Cases Made of?

Nano suction also goes by the name "anti-gravity" and although advertised that it’s made of Nano-suction material, the phone case is actually made of plastic. 

How does an anti-gravity phone casework? The Nano-suction material is mounted to the plastic cover leaving the suction side to stick to various surfaces. 

Its sticky side is not adhesive sticky as one would think. It feels like leather and looks like foam. And it’s only sticky when suctioned to a smooth surface. It sticks really well, so don’t underestimate the stick.

Now all this is great, but it doesn’t help with our environment. 

It’s still plastic. Eco-friendly Nano suction however is readily available online. Now if we could buy this tape, along with an eco-friendly phone case, we would be moving in the right direction, wouldn’t we?

Eco-friendly phone cases are made from sustainable, natural, and biodegradable materials. Materials like cork and bamboo or flax straw waste which is a component of bioplastic. 

As long as these materials are not combined with chemicals they would be the perfect eco-friendly phone case solution.


While there are many amazing eco-friendly phone case options, we think that bioplastic phone cases are the best eco-friendly phone cases for our environment. 

They only last for approximately two years which is the time frame in which most devices are upgraded.

Another favorite of ours would be the silicone cases. Kind to the environment serves its purpose and can last for a really long time. The awareness has been raised, and it is up to us to make considerate decisions to save our planet. 

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