How to Decorate a Cell Phone Case?

14 Jul 2021
how to decorate a cell phone case

Our cell phone is the most used accessory that connects us to the world and our loved ones.

It makes sense that we would want a protective case for our phone that reflects who we are.

Sometimes you cannot find what you are looking for on the shelves. The answer is customizing your phone case as you imagine it.

We are going to take you through 16 ways you can decorate your phone case so that it reflects who you are and your creativity. 

Embellish with stick-on features 

Embellishing will make your phone case decorative and a conversation starter. There are many possibilities you can utilize to embellish your phone.


Using a white or black silicone cellphone case stick on some seashells and beach sand. This is easy and cost-effective. Use Mod Podge as an adhesive and sealant.


How to Decorate a Cell Phone Case?

On your preferred color plastic phone case add a pattern of gemstones at the back of your case. Follow your heart and be creative.


Stick on multi-colored buttons of various sizes at the back of your phone case. Use mod podge as a sealant to finish it off.

Washi tape

Stick on a washi tape pattern and embellish with anything that means something to you. If you have a piece of old jewelry, use that as a centerpiece on top of the washi tape. 

Other embellishing ideas are rhinestones, pearls, and crystals.


Add a gloss finish layer to enhance the appearance of your embellished items. 

Place items under a clear phone case

Clear phone cases are fun and versatile. You can decorate them from the outside or place things between your device and the phone case for a decorative effect.


If you have flowers in your garden or your loved one gave you your favorite flowers, consider pressing them.

Press fresh flowers by placing them between parchment paper and a large book. 

Press and dry over several days and place the beautiful pressed flowers inside your clear phone case.

Photos and Paper

Cut out your favorite photo or floral paper so that it fits on your clear phone case. 

Place the photo inside the phone case. You may use a thin layer of clear-drying glue as an adhesive.

Glitter and Confetti

Glitter is fun and easy to use.  If you are not a glitter fan you can opt for confetti. Apply a thin layer of clear glue and add some glitter on the inside of the clear phone case. Do not move the case and allow it to dry over several hours.

Feathers or Map

Pick up your favorite bird feathers in your local bird park or purchase from your local arts and crafts store.

Place the feathers on the inside of your clear phone case. 

Peacock feathers make for a stunning look. If you do not have a bird park nearby you may purchase synthetic feathers.

A map cut out with an Exacto knife also makes a beautiful decoration for your clear phone case. Choose a map of your favorite country or city.


Use a resin mixture to harden the items you are placing on your clear phone case. Add a thin layer of glue to keep it in place.

You may use a semi-opaque silicone phone case for a frosted and crafty-looking project. 

Paint - it 

diy phone case decoration


DIY your phone case with paint and get your creative juices flowing. It brings out beautiful results. These paint decoration options are friendly for beginners and you do not need to be a pro.

Dripping Acrylic paint

On a silicone phone case of your favorite color, drip paint vertically.

Place your cell phone case vertically and add large paint globules on the phone case top edge. The paint must be added horizontally on the edge and alternate different colors.

Allow to drip and dry over hours. Black and White phone cases make for a beautiful contrast with colorful dripping paint.

Paint with Nail Polish

Paint a pattern or an item with nail polish at the back of your cellphone case. 

Choose complementary colors and allow them to dry. Once dry, seal with a nail polish glaze to prevent chipping and tearing.

Spray paint

DIY a stencil to spray paint over your phone case. 

Choose creative homemade stencils such as lace. You may cut out your stencil using foam paper. 

Spray metallic paint over your phone case and reveal a beautiful spray-painted phone case.

This is simple and chic. The spray painting option works well with a variety of phone cases. Seal the spray paint job so that it lasts longer and does not peel off easily.

Puffy paint patterns

Probably the easiest way to customize your DIY phone case. 

Make fun patterns with puffy paint. Puffy paint also improves the drip of your phone case as it dries raised.

Add patterns at the back of the case and continue to the sides.

Tribal patterns painted with puffy paint look stunning, consider a tribal pattern if you can not come up with your creative pattern. 

Add some mod podge as a protective seal after drying.


When working with paint allow each layer of paint to completely dry before adding another layer. This will result in a meticulous paint job.

Add Fabric Features 

Bohemian Tapestry

Cut out some bohemian tapestry and glue it down on your neutral phone case.

Pattern Stitching

Stitch a pattern and place it inside of your clear phone case.

Faux fur

For a fancy-looking phone case, stick some faux fur on your phone case. If you are someone who uses your cell phone for long periods, you will appreciate the luscious feel of the faux fur on your hands.

Leather cut out

Purchase leather at your local fabric store. Measure and cut out leather pieces to stick on your plastic phone case. 

Cut out thin leather strips for the sides. Use the exact knife to cut out space for the camera, charging port, and earphone gaps. 


Sewing in a removable phone case pouch instead of gluing down the fabric will make it easy to remove and wash. 

Glue down a velcro strap on your plastic or silicone cell phone case. The velcro strap will be used to attach or detach your phone case pouch as needed. 

Bonus Tips

  • When decorating your phone case, get inspiration from your current mood.
  • Add details that are unique to you such as adding a stethoscope if your profession is a doctor.
  • Draw inspiration from your favorite seasons such as using autumn maple leaves, orange tones for autumn. Yellows and Emerald greens for spring. 
  • You can mix and match the decorative options. Play with different textures and styles. E.g paint and add an embellishing detail. 


There are various ways to make your phone case look cool. Opt for a phone case decorating option that will be the most accessible, fun, and truly reflects your likes and passions.

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