What is an Anti-Gravity Phone Case?

24 Aug 2021
What is an Anti-Gravity Phone Case

The right cell phone case to protect your smartphone can be fashionable, protective, and innovative. Anti-gravity cell phone covers are the next big thing for influencers, people on the go, and those looking for convenience.

With anti-gravity phone cases you can mount your phone on surfaces like glass, dashboards, mirrors, and cabinets.

A phone case does not have to be just a phone case. You can watch your favorite shows or take hands-free selfies with anti-gravity cell phone cases.

We will tell you all about anti-gravity phone cases and why they are great. You will also learn more about other types of phone cases, so you can choose which cover is best for you.

What are Anti-Gravity Cell Phone Cases?

Anti-gravity phone cases can stick to almost any flat surface without being sticky. They add convenience and protection to your device.

Anti-gravity covers are form-fitting to protect your phone’s exterior from falls. Some are dust-resistant to keep your phone case clean.

They do not lose their stickiness. Simply run your anti-gravity phone case underwater for the stickiness to return.

What are Anti-Gravity Cell Phone Cases Made of?

Anti-gravity cell phone cases use nano-suction technology to stick to flat and non-porous surfaces. Thousands of tiny suction cups enable you to easily stick and remove your phone without leaving any residue behind.

The nano-suction technology also makes them easy to clean. You can simply wipe your case with a damp cloth. It is best to use cool water and to let it fully dry before use.

Why Should You use an Anti-Gravity Phone Case?

Anti-gravity phones are convenient for mounting your phone against cabinets, mirrors, dashboards, and tiles.

You can do anything you want with your mounted phone, like watching YouTube tutorials while cooking or doing makeup. You can record yourself at the gym, watch Netflix in the bathtub, or mount your phone in your car to use the GPS.

How Do Anti-Gravity Phone Cases Compare to Other Types?

Hard Plastic Cell Phone Cases

Hard plastic cell phone cases have plastic, shell-like cases that are molded to your phone. These lightweight, customizable phone cases are the most common and can protect your phone from falls.

The bad news for those who are wondering what to do with old phone cases is that these covers are not possible to recycle.  

Plastic cell phone cases do a better job of protecting your phone than anti-gravity cases, and they are cheaper.

Soft and Flexible Cell Phone Cases

anti gravity phone case

Rubber Cell Phone Cases

Rubber cell phone cases are excellent shock absorbers. Are rubber phone cases better than plastic phone cases? Rubber phone cases are less likely to break after a big fall.

However, unlike hard plastic cases, rubber cases can add bulk to your phone.

Although rubber cases are better shock absorbers than anti-gravity cases, anti-gravity cases are dust resistant and can be mounted for your convenience.

TPU/Gel Cell Phone Cases

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or gel phone covers are sleek and offer basic protection to your phone. But what is a TPU phone case?

TPU is a tough, elastic, transparent material that is still lightweight and strong. These covers will not easily become covered in scratches.

TPU phone cases are much cheaper than anti-gravity phone cases, but a high-quality anti-gravity case will probably provide better protection from falls.

Flip-Open Folio or Wallet Cell Phone Covers

Flip-open folio cell phone covers wrap around your phone completely. The cover can be flipped open and closed.

Not only are wallet phone cases stylish, but they are also eco-friendly cell phone cases.

In terms of protection, wallet covers probably take the win. But, these covers are bulky and completely cover your phone screen when closed. 

Hybrid Cell Phone Cases

Hybrid cell phone cases offer durable, dual-layer protection. What is a hybrid phone case? Usually, these cases consist of a soft inner cover and a hard exterior cover.

Plastics and silicones are often used. These cases are tough, sleek, and effective for absorbing shock. Hybrid cell phone cases combine the best cell phone case material to provide protection and style. 

When it comes to protection, few other phone cases can compare to hybrid cases, including anti-gravity cases.

Hybrid cell phone cases, like anti-gravity cases, may cost a pretty penny.  

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