What is the Most Expensive Phone Case?

22 Jul 2021
What is the Most Expensive Phone Case

At present, the most expensive phone case has been created by designer Alexander Amosu and sells for a whopping $2.7 million dollars. The case has been dubbed 'Call of Diamond iPhone 6' and is made with 18 karat gold and encrusted with diamonds. 

Alexander Amosu is not a stranger to creating the most expensive items as he was named by the Guinness world records for creating the most expensive suit. 

Back in the days of the blackberry smartphone Amosu created the most expensive blackberry curve by encrusting it with diamonds. The Blackberry was sold for an exorbitant price of $332,2690.

It is popular among celebrities to have custom luxury phone cases created. The “Call of Diamond’’ phone case is by far the most expensive Apple iPhone case we have ever come across. 

Let's take a close look at this epitome of modern craftsmanship luxurious phone case.


Call of Diamond iPhone 6 Phone Case

The British entrepreneur, Alexander Amosu, was commissioned to create this luxurious phone case for the Apple iPhone 6 in 2014. 

Amosu had previously created a brilliant diamond-clad case for the Apple iPhone 2 and he upped the ante with the Call of the Diamond phone case. 

Alexander Amosu took six weeks to design and make the Call of the Diamond Case. The lengthy manufacturing time was influenced by the level of precision needed while putting it together. 

The phone case is studded by 18 karat gold weighing approximately 85 grams and over 6,127 brilliant-cut diamonds in a high clarity VVS1 IF Color.

The Alogo is recreated using a 51.29-carat diamond with a cushion-cut which is flawless and striking. 

Amosu’s Call of the Diamond phone case is both extravagant and functional. Gold and Diamond are highly resistant materials. The diamond studs add to the grip of the phone case and it has a luscious and polished feel to the hand.

Pros & Cons of the Call of The Diamond Phone Case.


  • One in a million exclusive phone case.
  • Made from diamonds and gold (minerals that have future value).
  • Both aesthetic and functional.
  • The phone case is sturdy and durable.


  • Limited stock availability
  • Extremely expensive.
  • Only available for the iPhone 6.
  • Long production lead time 

Popular luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton make luxury phone cases that cost from $500 up to a few thousand dollars.

The luxury phone cases are generally always for Apple phone devices. Probably because the Apple brand is a popular and loved phone brand in high society. 


Expensive Phone Case FAQs

Is the Call of the Diamond phone case worth it?

It’s a common question to ask whether luxury cell phone cases are worth it. After all, they’re far beyond what you expect a normal phone case should cost.

Without a doubt, this is not a typically priced premium phone case as you would get from retailers like burga.com which provides premium quality phone cases that are elegant and accessible for normal consumers. 

So we wouldn’t recommend this phone case if it meant you would have to remortgage your property and sell your assets to acquire it.

The Call of the Diamond phone case costs 2.7 million dollars and that is not a price point ideal for any average American consumer.

For the target consumer, this phone case is worth it and it is important to note that it is made from precious minerals that generally increase in value over time.

Our favorite feature of this luxury phone case is the fact that it is ecologically friendly.  The materials can be repurposed to make jewelry or a different type of phone case or accessory.

Alexander Amosu’s luxury products usually attract the likes of A-listed celebrities, Royals from the UAE, and luxury products enthusiasts worldwide. 

Amosu’s clients are usually high-ranking citizens and discreet. Amosu’s  Blackberry Curve was customized for a Mystery high-ranking businessman from Dubai. The ‘’call of the diamond ‘’ is probably nested somewhere at a billionaire’s house.

The luxurious phone case is a statement piece just like how ultra expensive handbags such as The Birkin from Hermes or Chanel’s handbags are. 

Why are we seeing more luxury phone cases?

Why are phone cases so expensive these days?

With modern changes of living and new ultra-wealthy millionaires, luxury phone cases have become the new statement piece for some A-listers.

Various celebrities usually commission renowned designers and brands to create a luxury phone case that embodies their brand and personality.

Luxury phone cases can speak for your lifestyle, finery, and eye for beauty without you saying anything.  You can make a statement with your luxurious phone case and you can bring your phone anywhere but you can not bring your luxury car or yacht indoors.

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