Luxury Cell Phone Cases

24 Aug 2021
Luxury Cell Phone Cases

 It’s no secret that cellphone cases have entered the realm of luxury and beautiful design. 

Whether you need something to bling up your day or want an understated rose gold piece, there is a cell phone case out there to suit your luxury needs.

Well, you have come to the right place, because we have outlined the best luxury cellphone cases for any event. 

These designs ooze opulence and luxury, making them the perfect addition to your wardrobe and personality. You might be thinking “Are expensive cases worth it?

But if you think that these phone cases will break the bank, you are wrong, as they all offer luxury at an affordable price. 

The Best Luxury Cell Phone Cases (Our Review)

You can’t spell luxury without thinking of beautiful design and gold elements. Perhaps you want something that looks like the most expensive phone case in the world without investing too much.

After all, you might grow tired of it and want a new one pretty soon anyway. Below you will find our handpicked selection of the best luxury phone cases, from everyday glitter and bling to opulent marbled designs.

Emerald Pool Cellphone Case

The emerald, like its gemstone counterpart, is an understated and striking piece. This design features marbled textures of emerald and gold with golden specks. 

This premium quality phone case looks the part and is understated enough for everyday use. It features a tough design and added protective features, bring beauty and durability to anyone on a budget. 

This makes it the perfect addition for someone who wants a luxurious phone case to use daily.


  • Opulent yet understated design
  • Can be used for a formal event
  • Understated enough for everyday use
  • Can be customized with text 


  • This striking green design is difficult to color match

Rose Gold Marble Cellphone Case

When it comes to luxury design, rose gold is all the rage. Unlike regular gold, which has led the way when it comes to luxury, rose gold had a pink tinge and slightly more copper hue to it. 

This makes it a popular option for young people as it is slightly more versatile than regular gold. This marbled rose gold design is pitch black with marbled areas of rose gold shining through. 

This striking piece owes its versatility to the black design and is perfect for a night out on the town. 

This is the little black dress of luxury cell phone case design, making it perfect for party girls, those who love to wear black, or anyone looking for something versatile and flattering.


  • Versatile black design
  • Modern
  • Can be worn with any outfit


  • Dark design
  • May only be suited for evening wear

Mermaid Skin Cellphone Case

This luxury design is bright and airy. It features a pastel blue background with blue and gold specks patterned out in a fishtail design. 

This is perfect for daily use since it is not as dark and striking as some other luxury designs, but rather features luxury elements in a nuanced and understated way. 

The Mermaid Skin design is the perfect addition to a summer dress but won’t necessarily stand out as much at night. 

This luxury cellphone case is perfect for younger people and those who have not entered the formal job market yet due to the bright, airy, and childlike quality of its design.


  • Perfect for day-to-day use
  • Bright and airy design
  • Fun and childlike quality 


  • Not necessarily formal enough for the workplace

Canary Yellow Snake Skin Cellphone Case

You can’t really go about creating a list of anything associated with luxury without mentioning snakeskin. These designs have long been associated with the ultimate in design and this yellow snakeskin design is no different. 

Do not let the yellow and bright color of this design put you off. In no way does it distract from the ultimate goal in luxury design, which is to make a statement. 

This bright yellow design will not only brighten up your day but will also lift the mood of any outfit too. Perfect for those who want to be bold and daring in their endeavors.


  • Bright luxury design
  • Rare snakeskin look
  • Beautiful color


  • Not versatile in application
  • It may be off-putting to some

Shewolf Luxury Cellphone Case

This one is not for the faint of heart. Even the name outlines the boldness of this design which features a greyscale wolf and a leopard on either side separated by a tear in the middle. 

This design will pop, and probably overpower, any outfit or personality. If you want to choose a luxury design but you like to make a bold statement, this phone case is for you. 

It is out there, fierce, and creates an all-around in-your-face statement that will make an impression. 

This phone case is for the bold and brave among us and those who need to leave a lasting impression wherever they go.


  • Makes a statement
  • Features a pictured design
  • Unisex design


  • Very Bold
  • Overpowering


So, it may not be easy to find out how to make a phone case fit your unique personality and style, especially if you are in the market for something of the luxurious kind. 

But you do not have to look far to find a luxury phone case that can be well adapted for everyday use or formal events. 

We love the versatility and design of the Rose Gold Marble phone case and the fact that it can seamlessly transition between night and day. But any of the phone cases above will help you confidently show off the latest in luxury phone case design.

Luxury Cell Phone Cases (FAQ)

Are luxury phone cases expensive?

If you are wondering whether luxury equals expensive or are expensive phone cases worth it, think again because it is easy to find a luxury design to fit any pocket.

Where to find luxury phone cases?

You can find luxury designs from most designers and even from most main cellphone case retail outlets. The easiest option is to shop for one online at Burga, which offers variety, protection, and stylish cases at an affordable price. 

Do luxury phone cases protect your phone?

Most phone cases are designed to offer protection for your phone, even if they are of the designer kind. 

For example, Burga offers tough plastic cases with additional protective features ensuring that your beautiful phone case adequately protects your phone. 

Overall, as long as your luxury phone case features full coverage and protective features such as It a raised bevel design, your phone will be adequately protected.

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