Can Phone Cases Be Recycled?

24 Aug 2021
Can Phone Cases Be Recycled?

Getting a new phone means your old phone case becomes redundant. You are probably wondering: are phone cases recyclable?  The answer to this is yes - let us show you how.  

Rest assured that even if you have not been purchasing specific eco-friendly cell phone cases, there are sustainable options for you to dispose of your old case.

This article will guide you on the best phone case material to help you live a greener life. You can either purchase eco-friendly cases or know how to sustainably dispose of conventional phone cases.

Recyclable Phone Cases

If you want to make a ‘greener’ purchase for your next phone case, you can get completely eco-friendly cases.

These cases tend to be more costly but they are great for reducing waste. For most of these brands, you won’t even need to sacrifice quality or style.

Eco-friendly phone cases are made of easily biodegradable materials. This means that they are not harmful to the environment and consist of non-toxic substances.

Most eco-friendly case brands have their own programs to recycle their cases. If you don’t need your phone case anymore, you can send it back to the brand who will upcycle or repurpose the case. 

An eco-friendly phone case may not appeal to you. This does not mean you can’t be environmentally conscious with your conventional phone case.

Disposing of Old Phone Cases

If you have purchased a phone case before, chances are it was made from plastic, rubber, silicone, tpu, or a hybrid. The good news is that you can still be sustainable in how you dispose of these materials.

Are rubber phone cases better than plastic? Neither are completely eco-friendly options. Materials such as hard plastic phone cases, rubber, or even silicone are difficult to break down. 

You may have questions like what is a tpu phone case and what is a hybrid phone case? Are these cases better options from an environmentalist point of view?

TPU is a fancy nickname for a type of softer plastic (thermoplastic polyurethanes). It is often described as the material in between rubber and hard plastic. 

While it is described as more eco-friendly than hard plastic, it also cannot simply be thrown away in your recycling bin.

A hybrid case (or a ‘tough case’) is made with a silicone interior and hard plastic exterior. This is simply a combination of the two materials.

It is not impossible to recycle these materials mentioned. You do just need to find a specific recycling company that is capable of recycling phone covers. These companies are specifically equipped to recycle these materials.

While hard plastic needs specialised recycling, purchasing from reputable phone case brands like Burga will reduce your waste in the long run. Their impressive durability means the cases will last you a long time. If you purchase a lower quality brand, you will need to replace your phone case often.

If you are someone who loves anti-gravity phone cases, you may want to know what the best anti-gravity phone case is for recycling. 

Some anti-gravity phone cases are made from eco-friendly materials which are convenient for recycling. Others are made from tpu or other plastic which requires sending the case to a specialized recycling service.

can phone case be recycled

What to Do with Old Cell Phone Cases

If you are not able to recycle your old phone cover, here are some other ideas to dispose of it sustainably. 

The best place to start is to use your phone case for as long as possible. If you purchased from a good brand, this won't be a problem. The longer you use it, the less waste you will be responsible for. 

For phone covers that are still in good condition, you could sell or donate them. Selling them will earn you a little bit of extra money if you need it. If you are donating or selling your actual phone, pass the cover down with it.

If you want to donate, look to charity shops that would gladly resell your phone case for a good cause. Some charities specifically take in old phone cases to resell or repurpose.

Lastly, you could use your old phone case for a fun DIY project. Pinterest showcases a variety of creative uses for old cases. They include turning them into coasters, trinket trays, or soap holders.

Being more environmentally friendly in your daily habits is becoming easier and easier. There are many ways to be sustainable in purchasing your cell phone cover or disposing of it. Make sure to keep them in mind when you get your next phone upgrade.

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