Are Rubber Phone Cases Better?

24 Aug 2021
Are Rubber Phone Cases Better

With all the different types of phone cases on the market, are rubber phone cases better than the others? The truth is, everyone has their preference. Let’s find out which option is best for you.

Hard plastic, rubber, and silicone are the most popular materials for cases. There are pros and cons to each option but this article will guide you on how to make your decision.

Plastic vs Rubber Phone Cases

When deciding which phone case to buy, you need to consider style, protection, durability, and cost. This is where you decide what you want from your phone case. 

Is it just to prevent scratches? To make your phone look more stylish? Or, do you need hardcore protection for your phone?


Rubber cases are soft, but heavier and bulkier than plastic. Hard plastic phone cases, or ‘snap cases’, are hard but lightweight and sleek. Plastic cases tend to have more stylish options to choose from.


Rubber provides your phone with more protection against falls. This is because the rubber absorbs most of the impact when the phone falls. 

Plastic cases are great for everyday protection. Your phone is protected from items in your bag and pocket that tend to cause scratches. If you are looking to preserve your phone and protect it from surface level damage, plastic is a great option.


The best cell phone case material for durability is an important consideration. Both materials are reasonably durable but are still subject to wear and tear. 

Over time, cheaper plastic cases can break or discolor while rubber can become brittle. This is why we recommend purchasing your plastic case from a reputable brand.


The brand you are purchasing will definitely impact the cost of the phone case. Plastic cases are generally cheaper than rubber cases. However, the cheapest plastic phone case is not the best investment.

If you purchase the cheapest phone case now, you may have to replace it in the near future. If you purchase your plastic case from a reputable brand, your case will last longer. This means you will spend less money in the long run.

Are flexible phone cases good

Alternatives to rubber phone cases

TPU Cases

If you are still undecided, there is a good compromise between rubber and plastic. A tpu case may be a good option for those who want the best of both worlds. 

Okay so, what is a tpu phone case? TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. This is a name for a type of plastic. 

The twist is that TPU is not as hard as normal plastic. TPU cases are slim and lightweight and more flexible than normal plastic.If you are torn between the protection offered by rubber cases and the sleekness of plastic, TPU is for you. 

TPU offers great protection for your phone but they do add extra bulk and usually don’t come with different designs. They are also usually more expensive. 

Silicone Cases

Silicone cases are soft, thin, and flexible while being the least bulky option for your phone. It will protect your phone from minor drops. However, anything more serious will put your phone at risk.

Silicone may be affordable, but if we’re honest, in most cases it looks as cheap as it is. While silicone may not have adequate protection on its own, a hybrid phone case does.

Your next question is probably, ‘what is a hybrid phone case?’ Let me explain. 

A hybrid phone case is also known as a ‘tough’ phone case. These cases have a silicone interior with a hard shell exterior. This means that the silicone will absorb some of the impact if the phone falls. 

The hardshell exterior maintains the sleek look of the hard plastic covers. The combination of plastic and silicone offers greater protection than either of these materials on their own.

Rubber Phone Case FAQs

Are Rubber Phone Cases Eco-Friendly?

For those who are environmentally conscious, you know that rubber is not easily recyclable. Rubber can be recycled, you just need to locate a specialized recycling service that can do it.

Some people prefer purchasing an eco-friendly cell phone case. These are meant to be easier to recycle. 

These eco-friendly options are compostable which means they naturally disintegrate into non-toxic materials. The most well-known is the Pela brand. Pela cases are lightweight and durable but are also expensive.

While hard plastic also needs specialised recycling, purchasing a phone case with great quality will last you a long time. You will not need to replace your phone case regularly. This means that the better the quality of the plastic phone case, the less waste you will be responsible for. 

What Can I Do With My Old Phone Case?

Getting a new phone probably means you need a new phone case to fit. This may have you wondering what to do with old phone cases

Besides recycling, there are other ways to sustainably dispose of your old case.

Instead of throwing it away, consider selling it with your old phone or donating it. If it is not in good condition, peruse Pinterest for some fun DIY art projects that involve your old case.

Hard plastic cases work really well as trinket trays for jewelry. 

Do You Get Rubber Anti-Gravity Phone Cases? 

Anti-gravity phone cases are typically silicone or plastic. However, if you have a rubber or plastic case this does not mean you can't have the anti-gravity effect. 

If you have a regular hard plastic or rubber case you can get anti-gravity suction stickers for the back of your phone. This is a popular option for those who prefer the style of hard plastic cases but want the anti-gravity benefits. The stickers can perform the same function as an anti-gravity case.

An anti-gravity phone case is basically a suction case that allows your phone to stick to any surface. The best anti-gravity phone case will make answering the phone easy and hands-free.

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