Where Can I Get a Custom Phone Case?

24 Aug 2021
Where Can I Get a Custom Phone Case

Working out where to find a custom phone case can feel stressful. You probably won’t find one at that generic phone store down the road, but the online options can be daunting. Where do you even start finding custom phone case designs? 

Customized cases are significant for a few reasons. 

They make your phone uniquely your own, genuinely showcasing your personalized style. They also make great gifts and can even be used as promo keepsakes for corporate events, adorning your logo or company name. So, how do you find the best outlet? 

Before we delve into where to buy a customized case, you also have to consider your budget. Certain customized cases are on the expensive side. So, how do you find a fantastic bespoke case that speaks to your style and suits your budget? 

Here we explore three different ways to find a unique, customized phone case. If you have ever wondered, “where can I get a customized phone case?” this is for you.


best custom phone case

Type in ‘customized phone case’ into your Google search bar, and you will find it. The Internet is perhaps one of our most loved innovations, with information and products galore always a click away. 

But sometimes that’s the problem. With so many options around, how do you choose? When it comes to finding an online store that offers customization options for phone cases, you’ll want to make sure of a few things before you design your case.

  • Cost: Before choosing a company, check the cost factor and ask yourself if it fits your budget. If it does, consider the following:
  • Warranty: Does the company offer a warranty on their cases? Choose reputable suppliers who believe in the quality of their phone cases and offer a guarantee in the case of it breaking.
  • Options: Next up, you need to think of the how. Do you want a phone case that’s embossed with a name? Is there a particular color that you love? Do you want to add some bling, texture, or a bold design? Make sure that the outlet has various options available so that you can create the case of your dreams. 

Burga has tons of options for custom phone cases.

Individual Creators 

Thanks to social media and general word of mouth, there are many fantastic local artisans around who create bespoke phone cases and products. Ask your local network of people about individual artists creating unique pieces. 

This is a cool way to support locals and will guarantee a truly unique phone case that you won’t find anywhere else.

Customize Your Own Phone 

If you cannot find the case of your dreams, why not personalize your own phone case? Personalizing a phone case is a fun DIY project that you can enjoy with friends. 

Clear cases are a great canvas to practice those arty skills, and you can dazzle them with paint pens, permanent markers, stickers, pressed flowers, nail polish, or even photographs. Some easy ways to customize a silicone or plastic place include: 

  • Paint pens or permanent markers: These are great if you love drawing. Pen some stunning designs in the color of your choosing. Mix and match with different colors and create bespoke designs, cartoons, texts, or patterns. 
  • Marble effect with nail polish: Nail varnish is an excellent decorative tool and can create a gorgeous marble effect on your customized phone case.
  • Choose a few colors of polish and drip a few drops of each color into a bowl of warm water. Stir the colorful mix with a spoon until a marble pattern forms. When you see a pattern, you love, gently and lightly dip the case on the surface and let the pattern stick to the case. 
  • Allow your phone to dry, and a gorgeous, intricate, and totally unique pattern will soon emerge!
  • Press flowers: If you love nature, why not press some gorgeous flowers to your case? Collect flowers or petals that you love. Use the gap between your mobile phone and the case and press your flowers between them. 
  • Photographs: A clear case also lends itself to holding pictures. Choose a special photo of your loved ones or four-legged friend and pop it between the phone and the case.

Now you are probably wondering, “how to customize a phone case?”

The Takeaway 

Choosing a customized phone case is a personal decision. There are so many options around from online outlets and retail stores to local crafters and your own DIY projects. 

When it comes to the best custom phone cases, be sure to check our dynamic range at Burga. 

We have so many cute protective phone cases up for grabs and a customization option if you want to add a personal touch by adding text to your case of choice. Add a memorable date, name, quote, or lyric to make your phone case extra special! 

All our cases come with a 12-month warranty, so you can rest assured that top-quality is a given. 

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