How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles in a Liquid Phone Case?

14 Jul 2021
how to get rid of air bubbles in liquid phone case

Liquid phone cases are a popular choice for many consumers. They have several impressive benefits, including tightly fitting your phone and offering excellent protection. 

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A common concern for users is the air bubbles that get trapped in the case over time. There are two main types of liquid phone cases: those made with liquid silicone (and without liquid inside the actual case) and those with fluid inside the case.

If you have ever wondered how to get rid of air bubbles in a liquid silicone phone case, you’re in luck, it’s a pretty simple feat.

When it comes to liquid cases themselves, these bubbles are a manufacturer issue and need to be fixed professionally. 

Happily, knowledge is power and understanding why the bubbles form and how to fix the problem will allow you to get rid of these annoying bubbles if you have a liquid silicone case. Here we’ll help you to understand the problem and fix it fast.

How to Get Rid of Bubbles in your Phone Case

If you notice a liquid bubble floating around in your liquid phone case, it is a sign that air is trapped in the case. If the bubble has been there since you got the case, it’s probably nothing to worry about, but if it has recently emerged, it could mean a leak, which could cause problems. 

If you have a liquid silicone cover (without actual liquid inside the case) and notice tiny bubbles between the phone and the screen, this is easy to fix and can be sorted at home. 

Some ways to fix the problem of bubbles forming on a liquid silicone case include:

Degreasing the Case

Getting rid of liquid or oil from the silicone case is one way to prevent trapped air bubbles. Take the case off your phone and clean both sides with alcohol wipes. 

Also, clean the rear side of your phone with the wipes. Let the case and phone dry completely, and make sure that the alcohol has fully evaporated before putting the case back on. 

As an added, pro-tip wear gloves when you are doing this so that oils from your hands do not get onto the case or phone. 

Washing the case

Sometimes, all you need is some good old-fashioned soap and water. Take the phone case of your phone and submerge it into some warm soapy water. 

Rinse thoroughly so there is no soapy residue and allow it to dry correctly. Be sure to wipe the back of your phone, too, to get rid of any oil, debris, or grime. You can dry it with a microfiber cloth. 

Lifting the edge of the case

You might be able to release the trapped air by lifting the edge of the silicone case. Simply lift the corner of the case and allow any trapped air to escape. You can repeat this action when needed.

Changing to a solid-color case rather than a transparent one

If the problem persists and you feel frustrated with bubbles between your phone and the clear silicone case, opt for a solid color. Patterned or colorful designs will hide these bubbles and offer a stylish and sleek look. 

how to get rid of air bubbles in liquid phone case

Air Bubbles in Liquid Phone Case FAQs

Why Do Bubbles Form?

Bubbles form for different reasons between cases with liquid inside them and cases made from liquid silicone. Let’s take a look at the difference:

Cases with liquid inside them, such as the glitter liquid phones

If you start noticing bubbles in your case, it might mean a leak. When a leak begins, air enters the hole to fill up space. If you see a bubble, contact the manufacturer and ask for a replacement case. 

Liquid silicone cases

Cases made from liquid silicone are often transparent and protect your smartphone by sticking to the back of it. 

Unfortunately, sometimes this leads to the creation of bubbles between the protective case and your phone. 

These bubbles are usually caused by trapped air that gets in between the case and your phone or even a particle of dust. Both reasons can be sorted!

Are these Bubbles Bad for Your Phone?

Bubbles on their own are not bad for your phone; however, problems could occur in the event of a liquid case leaking. If your phone gets wet or chemicals get into specific components, your phone could get damaged. 

For this reason, it’s always best to contact the manufacturer if you notice a bubble within a liquid case. 

Bubbles between a liquid silicone case and your phone are harmless, even if they look a bit unsightly. Luckily, these can usually be fixed pretty quickly, and you can rest assured that they won’t harm you or your phone. 

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Are Liquid Phone Cases Safe?

The question ‘are liquid phone cases safe’ is asked frequently. While silicone liquid cases are safe to use, liquid cases have gotten some bad press. 

Recently the news was rife with stories of liquid glitter phone cases breaking and causing chemical burns and irritations. 

In response, 17 models for i-phones were recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), with over 19 people reporting burns by the MixBin model when the case broke and the liquid leaked. 

So, what’s inside these glitter phone cases? Well, it is a mix of glitter that is suspended in a liquid medium. Some liquids, however, have irritants that cause damage to the skin. 

While these stats are certainly pretty problematic, many liquid phone cases are perfectly safe and make

There are so many awesome cases on the market; check out our latest picks and find a durable model built for ultimate reliability and guaranteed style. Bubbles needn’t give you the blues! 

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