Are Liquid Phone Cases Safe?

14 Jul 2021
are liquid phone cases safe

Phone cases are an innovative and creative way to express yourself and protect your phone. Most phone users own a case or two, and happily, they come in many styles and designs. One popular style is the liquid phone case and they recently made international news. 

Several models were recalled when over 20 customers with liquid glitter phone cases from MixBin Electronics reported chemical burns and skin irritation caused by the liquid when the case leaked. In response, the brand recalled close to 300 000 phone cases, offering consumers a full refund. 

Happily, not all liquid phone cases have gotten such worrying press, and there are plenty of safe models around, including our eclectic range of electronic cases at Burga. 

If you have a liquid phone case or are considering buying one, it's a good idea to explore which models are safe. This will offer you the ultimate peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your stylish new case without stressing about safety. 

Are Liquid phone cases dangerous?


When several Mixbin phone cases hurt consumers rather than protecting their phones, liquid phone cases made headlines. They might say that 'any publicity is good publicity,' but this sent shockwaves through the industry, leaving many questioning the legitimacy of liquid phone cases. 

'Is any liquid phone case safe?' consumers may wonder, unsure of whether to replace their liquid case or not. 

Luckily, the Consumer Product Safety Commission soon set out to check how safe these mobile cases were. Users can easily access their site and fill in the make and model number of their specific phone case here and see what models have been recalled. If your model is one of the flagged cases, you can get your money back. 

While the iPhone glitter cases certainly made headlines, there are plenty of liquid cases on the market that are safe, offering you and your phone great protection and style. That's why it's always best to choose a manufacturer, like Burga, who provides warranties on all their products. When a company believes in the validity and quality of their products, you can too!

Can Liquid phone cases burn you?

In short, as seen with the MixBin glitter cases, specific models have the potential to burn consumers if they leak and the liquid seeps out. The company's 24 models were specifically made for iPhone 6, 6s, and 7and have since been recalled and consumers are guaranteed a refund if they have one of these models. 

Many other liquid cases on the market have been deemed as safe. 

What liquid is inside the glitter phone case?

Liquid cases, also known as liquid waterfall cases, consist of special mineral oil that allows the glitter particles to float around. 

When made safely, these cases contain liquid paraffin, an ingredient often used in make-up and cosmetics. 

Can I get rid of bubbles in a liquid phone case?

When it comes to liquid phone cases, there are two popular types around—the cases with actual liquid floating around inside the case (waterfall cases) and those made of liquid silicone. 

How to get rid of air bubbles in a liquid phone case can be a tricky question.

If your case with a liquid interior has a bubble inside it, this could point to a leak. When a leak occurs, an air bubble forms. Unfortunately, this is a manufacturer issue and should be sent back, as it cannot be fixed at home.

If you have a liquid silicone case, bubbles might form between the silicone case and the rear of your phone. A few things might help you to fix this, and this is usually a DIY job. Methods to remove the bubbles include:

Degreasing your phone 

Wash your hands to get rid of any oils and take the cover off your phone. Using alcohol wipes or soapy water, give the liquid silicone cover a good clean and leave it out to air dry. Once completely dry, put the cover back on and check if the air bubbles have reduced. 

Lift the edge

Lift the edge of your silicone cover to release the trapped air. Try this a few times in different corners to see if the bubbles disappear. 

Opt for a patterned cover 

what liquid is inside the glitter phone case

Sometimes translucent covers are more prone to showing bubbles. Opt for solid colors or pattern designs to reduce their appearance. Excitingly, we have an array of phone cases and custom cases on offer, each reflecting a bespoke and unique design. 

If you want to find premium phone cases, screen protectors, laptop cases, and several other electronic accessories explore our exciting range of phone cases here. With custom patterns and colors galore, we have something for every style and our 12-month warranty will offer customers the ultimate peace of mind.

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