Best iPhone Cases

30 Sep 2021
best iphone cases

The iPhone is an incredible phone and we know you can’t live without yours. But, you’ve probably been nervous about dropping it or scratching it since you first opened the box and held your phone in your hand.

Repairs to an iPhone can be very expensive, so don’t take the risk. Protect your iPhone against drops and scratches with one of Burga’s protective phone cases.

Our protective iPhone cases are not only functional but are also available in a variety of attractive designs. Who says functional can’t mean fashionable, too? 

Our beautiful, durable, protective iPhone cases will keep your phone safe from harm while also reflecting your unique personal style. 

Our list of the best protective cases for your iPhone will introduce you to all the protective features of our best iPhone cases as well as some of the gorgeous designs they are available in.

Best Protective iPhone Cases (Our Review)

Burga’s “Snap” Cases For iPhone (Best For Expressing Your Style)

Your mobile phone is more than just a handy tool for communication, it’s a part of your daily life and your choice of a mobile device is an expression of your personality. 

Protect your iPhone against bumps and scratches, while showcasing your sense of style, with Burga’s wide range of fashionable “snap” protective phone cases.

These one-piece hardshell plastic cases are super thin and lightweight but have a glossy scratch-resistant surface. 

These cases are super thin and very lightweight, so hardly impact the size of your phone. 

Easy to snap on and off, and easy to clean.

Waterproof, fadeproof, and crackproof.

All the phone's ports and buttons remain completely accessible. 

The bezels are raised to provide your screen and camera lens with protection against scratches, too.

If you are looking for the best iPhone 8 case or the best iPhone 8Plus case, we have cases for those models too. These ultra-thin and lightweight fashionable phone cases are available for most iPhone models. 

These cases are slim and comfortable to hold, and you’ll have a hard time choosing between all the gorgeous colors, prints, and patterns available.

With such a large selection of beautiful designs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find more than one that you’d be proud to show off when stepping out on the town or just hanging out with friends.

Whether you’re into trendy eye-catching animal and nature prints, beautiful marbled patterns in exotic colors, or more classic leather-look designs, there’s a snap case for you. The high-quality fashionable prints are never going to fade and will always look as stylish as you.

For The Animal Lovers

One such design features an exciting leopard print on a light blue background. “Baby Leo” will lend your iPhone a sense of adventure.

Marvelously Marbled Designs

best iphone cases

Burga iPhone cases are available in a variety of stunning marbled patterns, such as “Gentle Wind”, which mimics the wonderful swirls of gentle color found in marble and stone.

Classic But Feminine Leather-Look

Add a touch of class with “Pink Croco”, a stylish printed mock-croc look in soft coral.

Flower Power Prints

A pretty floral style print is always popular with ladies, and “Be Kind” will bring the beauty of flowers to your iPhone.

Retro Designs

For a sporty retro look, “Vintage Edition” is a simple miniature spotted print on a gorgeous orange background.

Fruity And Fun

Shake things up with one of our fun fruity prints, “Watermelon Shake” with its cute watermelon print.

Colorful Cases

The snakeskin look is available in several of our iPhone cases, but if you’d like yours with a bright pop of color, “Canary Yellow” is sure to brighten your day.

All of these designs and prints are also available in the “tough” range.

Why It’s Great

  • Encases the entire phone
  • Brings a sense of style to your device
  • Raised bezels for screen and camera protection
  • Scratch-resistant glossy finish
  • Available in a wide range of designs and colors
  • All ports and buttons will still be accessible
  • 12-month warranty and worldwide shipping

              Who It’s Right For

              • Those who prefer thin and sleek phone cases
              • Fans of more feminine designs
              • People who want to save on pocket or bag space

              Burga’s “Tough” Cases For iPhone (Best For Protecting Against Accidental Falls)

              Your iPhone is your constant companion throughout your day-to-day activities, at work, and home, and there’s always the risk of dropping it or bumping it into something. 

              Because accidents sometimes happen, no matter how careful you try to be, you should protect your iPhone with one of Burga’s tough phone cases.

              They are very easily applied to your iPhone and are easy to keep clean.

              Like the snap designs, these cases are waterproof, crackproof, and fade-proof.

              As is with all of our phone cases and accessories, just because they are tough does not mean they are not fashionable. 

              The tough range of iPhone cases features an inner case made of TPU as well as a hard shell outer case. 

              With their dual-layer of protection, they offer the peace of mind you’re looking for without the bulk of other protective phone cases on the market.

              The 2mm raised bezel keeps your screen and camera safe from cracks and scratches, and the extremely tough casing is shock absorbent in case you accidentally drop your beloved iPhone.

              These tough protective cases are available for most iPhone models, so if you are looking for the best iPhone 11 case or the best case for 11 Pro Max, Burga has you covered. Your iPhone will be safe from scratches and drops, but all the buttons and ports will still be accessible.

              These protective cases are not only extremely durable and offer excellent protection against drops and scratches they are also available in a dazzling assortment of beautiful designs to compliment your personality and style.

              Exotic Animal-Inspired Prints


              best protective iphone cases


              Free your phone’s spirit with “Free Spirit”, a zebra-inspired pattern in lovely shades of green against a white background.

              Stunning Marbled Patterns

              If you like the look of marble and stone, “Emerald Pool” will give your phone an earthy look that is calming to look at.

              Classic Leather-Look (Our Top Pick)

              Express yourself with a touch of class, thanks to the simplistic design of “Glacial Desert”, our icy white snakeskin-effect iPhone case. 

              Floral Styles

              Bring the garden indoors with “Bloomy Garden”, a beautiful rose print. Feminine but tough.

              Classic Designs

              For the more conservative among you, “Favorite Coat” is a plaid design in neutral colors, reminiscent of your favorite item of winter wear.

              Funky And Fruity

              For those who want to introduce a bit of fruity fun to their iPhone, treat yourselves to “Afternoon Treat”, with its print of delicious cherries. Just don’t try to eat them.


              best phone case for iphone


              A Colorful Edge

              Brighten your day with “Mango Smoothie”, an edgy combo of a classic marbled print-effect with a fun shade of bright yellow.

              All these designs are also available in the “snap” range.

              Why It’s Great

              • TPU inner casing will not retain heat
              • The outer shell is hard and crack-proof
              • A Dual-layer of protection encases the entire phone
              • Raised bezels for screen and camera protection
              • Shock absorption when dropped
              • All ports and buttons remain easily accessible
              • Available in a wide range of colors and designs
              • 12-month warranty and worldwide shipping

              Who It’s Right For 

              • Those who want to prioritize protection
              • Anyone willing to invest a bit more in their phone case
              • Fans of more rugged phone case designs

                good iphone cases

                Burga’s “Custom” Cases For iPhone (Best For Gifts)

                Burga’s stunning selection of iPhone cases can also be customized to suit your needs, with the addition of monogrammed initials, a company slogan, or whatever else you need. 

                Personalize your iPhone cover to add a bit of fun or have your loved one’s name printed on it before presenting it to them as a gift.

                Take a look at our custom cases on our site, for fun examples of what can be done.

                This extra service is available for both the “snap” and “tough” cases, even on printed or leather-look styles. Enhance the look of any iPhone model, from the iPhone 6s or 6 plus through to the iPhone 12 mini. 

                Whichever model of iPhone you have, this customization will add to its appeal. It will not affect any of the protective features of our cases, and will only enhance the beauty of your phone case.

                It can also be done on almost any of our iPhone cases. Most people prefer the look of bold lettering against a solid color background, such as the simple yet stylish design of a snakeskin effect on pure white, in “Glacial Desert” or on jet black, in “Reaper’s Touch”.

                Why It’s Great

                • A great idea for birthday or holiday gifts for friends or family
                • Customize almost any of our iPhone cases for corporate gifting in your company, or add your company slogan to your own iPhone case
                • Personalized lettering can be done on any of Burga’s iPhone cases, regardless of the color or print.

                Who It’s Right For

                • Those looking for a stylish, personalized gift for a friend or family member
                • Anyone wanting a custom phone case for themselves
                • People who want something unique

                  Do I Need A Protective case For My iPhone?

                  Even the most careful handling of your iPhone does not guarantee that you’ll never bump or drop it. Repairs are expensive and a major inconvenience as you’ll be without your phone while it is being fixed.

                  Prevent this by purchasing a protective cover, specially designed for your iPhone. Burga offers an incredible range of protective covers and accessories for many makes and models of mobile phones, including the iPhone.

                  These cases are available in two designs, “snap” and “tough”. They include the best iPhone 12 Pro Max case and also the best case for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

                  The snap range cases are thin, lightweight, and offer minimal protection with their high-gloss scratch-resistant hardshell casings in a variety of beautiful designs. You’ll find the best iPhone plus cases here.

                  The tough range cases are just as lovely to look at, but also offer maximum protection against drops with a double casing. 

                  The inner case is made of TPU and the outer of durable plastic. It is scratch-resistant and shock absorbent and will handle accidental bump or fall, beautifully. If you need the best iPhone SE case, you’ll find it here.

                  Many other phone cases on the market include silicone or rubber but tend to retain heat, risking damage to your device. Burga phone cases are made of the highest quality TPU and plastics, and will not cause this issue.

                  Phones can also be damaged by exposure to water. Our protective cases are waterproof and also easy to clean.


                  Many people worry that a protective phone case will be ugly or add too much bulk to their device, but this is not a problem with Burga iPhone cases. Burga sells everything from the best cases for the iPhone xs to the iPhone 8. 

                  Not only is our stunning array of prints, patterns, and colors guaranteed to delight everyone from the most conservative minimalist to the most fun-loving trendsetter, they are practical and user-friendly too.

                  Simply snap on a case from the “snap” range to instantly beautify your phone.

                  If you tend to be clumsy, the extra protection of the “tough” range with its double-layered casing may suit you better. 

                  If you’re looking for that extra personal touch, add some lettering with our customization service, which prints your choice of lettering over the existing design or print, in any color.

                  Our top pick is the “tough” style for extra protection against falls, in the simply stunning design “Glacial Desert”. This white snakeskin effect case is lovely on its own but could be enhanced with some custom lettering for a truly elegant look.

                  You’ll have a hard time choosing, so consider getting more than one, perhaps one “snap” and one “tough”.

                  If you’re a true fashionista, go for a few different looks to complement your outfits. It’s up to you. 


                  coolest iphone cases


                  iPhone Protective Cases (FAQ) 

                  Which is the best case for an iPhone X or XR model?

                  Protect your iPhone with a case that offers protection against drops and scratches, such as Burga’s tough range with its double-layer case offering shock absorption.

                  We offer the best protection for your iPhone, no matter which model. 

                  For your best iPhone X case as well as the best iPhone XR cases, invest in a protective case from Burga.

                  Are there any protective phone cases for the iPhone 12?

                  Burga has a wide range of iPhone cases in beautiful designs for all iPhone models including the best case for iPhone 12 mini. These are all available in both the ”snap” and “tough” styles, and a dazzling array of colors and prints.

                  Are Burga iPhone Cases durable?

                  All of Burga’s protective iPhone cases are strong and durable. 

                  Made of high-quality hard plastic, these hardshell cases will prevent damage to your phone, screen, and camera lens when dropped or bumped.

                  The HD quality printed cases are guaranteed not to fade or crack, and carry a 12-month warranty.

                  Which is better, an ultra-thin iPhone case or a more rugged one?

                  Burga offers all their iPhone cases in a choice of two styles: snap or tough.

                  Both of these options will protect your iPhone from scratches and bumps, although the tough range does offer more protection against falls due to its extra inner layer made of high-quality TPU.

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