The Best iPhone 11 Cases

30 Sep 2021
best iphone 11 cases

If you've just received a new Apple iPhone 11, we're guessing that a phone case to protect it is next on your list. It's just too much of a gamble to have our phones unprotected these days, considering that it’s loaded with valuable information and memories.

Because there are so many cases to choose from, picking the right one for your device is crucial. It needs to fit properly, and it needs to protect your phone from falls. Plus, you want to be able to access all buttons and ports easily. 

You want your case to be right the first time. At Burga, we’re only interested in the best. So, we’ve rounded up our best protective iPhone 11 cases for your device.

The Best Protective Cases for iPhone 11

Watermelon Shake iPhone 11 Case (Best for Teens)


best iphone 11 cases


This fun protective hard shell plastic case is like a snapshot of a summer’s day by the pool. A perfect fit for tweens who love spending their summer days doing just that. And a great example of why durable protective cases like these are necessary to protect your device.

We have designed this snap case to be slim and sleek. It also comes with a shiny, scratch-resistant surface. Plus, it’s easy to carry around considering its light weight, leaving no room for extra bulk. And if you love this case we think you’ll love the best iPhone 12 pro max case as well.

At Burga, our phone case styles offer two different protective cases, the Tough case, and the Snap case. They are not compatible; the difference being that the snap is a one-piece hard shell design and the tough is a dual layer of TPU and hard shell.

The option to choose is refreshing as it allows you to decide on the case format that is best suited for your lifestyle.

Why It’s Great

  •  Scratch-resistant
  • 12-month international warranty
  • All Ports Accessible
  • Durable

Who It’s Right For

  • Teens
  • Fans of summer colors
  • Those who enjoy the color pink

    Uluwatu Waves Teal iPhone 11 Case (Best for the Beach)

    best case for iphone 11

    Nothing beats standing on the shores of Uluwatu beach in Bali watching the rhythmic waves dance across the ocean. This hardshell plastic case is as strong as the waves in the ocean and is just what every beach fanatic needs. 

    This case is tough and will protect your phone from fall damages and dents. It is also super easy to put on and take off, convenient for when you want to give it a quick wipe to get rid of the sand or any unwanted particles on your phone. 

    Besides the great look of this cover, the buttons are also easy to access. This makes multitasking super convenient. This design is one of the best iPhone cases for trips to the beach in the summertime.

    Why It’s Great

    • Slim & Sleek Profile
    • Scratch Resistant
    • Raised bezel for screen protection
    • Never fading
    • HQ prints

    Who It’s Right For

    • Fans of the beach and the ocean
    • Those who prefer marble designs
    • Anyone who prefers cool tones

      Night Black Camouflage iPhone 11 Case (Best Rugged)

      best iphone 11 pro cases

      This case is ideal for those with a rugged sense of style. Its tough look is not only a stylish accessory but offers heavy-duty protection for your phone as well. 

      Whether you are sports training or playing paintball with friends, Burga cases do not break and the high-quality prints do not fade or peel off. The inner TPU offers that extra protection for those active days. 

      These cases are reliable and offer the best protection while maintaining the style. This camouflage look is highly fashionable and a cool way to tap into your inner soldier. Thankfully we do not only offer cases for iPhone 11’s but also offers a range of top-rated iPhone XR cases as well.

      Why It’s Great

      • 2 Piece- Hard Shell+TPU interior
      • Shock Absorption
      • Raised bezel for screen protection
      • Doesn’t fade
      • HQ prints  

      Who It’s Right For

      • Anyone with a rugged sense of style
      • Fans of camo prints
      • Those who prefer neutral or black cases

        Magic Night Beautiful iPhone 11 Case (Best Elegant)

        best cases for iphone 11

        A magic night is exactly what everyone needs. A glamorous night on the town, dressed in glitter and diamonds with a gorgeous protective phone cover accessory to match the look. 

        We have enough on our minds and knowing that our phone is fully protected is one item less to worry about. This cover does not only match any look but offers all of the protection you might desire. 

        These case covers are easy to apply so swapping out to match handbags and shoes can be done in a blink of an eye. The grip is superb which is a great feature especially when we’re doing ten things at the same time like searching for the best iPhone 12 mini case.

        Why It’s Great

        • Good grip
        • Easy to swop out
        • Does not fade
        • 12-month international warranty

        Who It’s Right For

        • Fans of marble case designs
        • Those who like glittery aesthetics
        • People who prefer more neutral colors while still remaining fashionable and elegant

          Sunflower Glimmer iPhone 11 Case (Best for Summer)

          best iphone 11 pro case

          This beautiful flower iPhone 11 case is perfect as there’s nothing like a sunflower to brighten your day. It is well suited for the creative individual who will put it to use by drawing inspiration from it.

          This case offers a raised bezel for screen and camera protection. It has a slim profile, making it comfortable to hold. And that glossy scratch-protection on the surface adds a classy aspect.

          Also, do not forget the heavy-duty protection that this case offers for your phone. The inner TPU layer protects your device when it falls.

          Another great feature is that these cases are easy to clean, with just a quick dip and rub in soapy water and then leave to dry in the sun or blow dry with a hairdryer. This is a handy tip especially when you are also looking to buy additional cases like the best iPhone 8 case.

          Why It’s Great

          • Covers all around the phone
          • Dual-Layer: TPU Interior + Hard Shell Exterior
          • Scratch-resistant
          • Easy to clean

          Who It’s Right For

          • Those who like summer-y designs
          • Fans of sunflowers and other plants
          • Those who like bold yellows

            Rose Gold Marble iPhone 11 Case (Best Sleek)

            best protective case for iphone 11

            The Rose Gold Marble iPhone 11 phone case cover is a stunner. The design contrasts light in a design emphasized in the best marble way. And at the same time offers maximum protection for your phone.

            This design is luxurious and would be pleasing to the eyes of architects and designers and can easily be matched up with a laptop cover. If this stylish marble design isn’t for you, we also offer a wide selection of other marble phone cases in different colors.

            This hard plastic shell is as strong as marble and won’t break on impact. 

            If you have further interest in cases, we also have an iPhone xs max case review.

            Why It’s Great

            • 12-month warranty
            • Slim profile and comfortable to hold
            • Provides extra protection against drops
            • Trendy

              Who It’s Right For

              • Fans of marble designs
              • Those who prefer more understated designs and colors
              • Anyone looking or a sleek phone cover

                Perfect Shade Palm Leaf iPhone 11 Case (Best for Plant Lovers)

                most protective iphone 11 case

                The Perfect Shade iPhone 11 phone case draws you to the beautiful coral background. Here we see a combination of palm leaf and monstera leaves creating a somewhat different pattern. 

                Its high-quality print displays how vibrant the colors are making it perfect for trendy moms and vintage-loving youngsters alike.

                It is solid and has a scratch-resistant surface which has a beautiful shine to it. Its durable and crack proof design and is so strong you need not worry about your device at all. And the same design can be found in a summary of the best iPhone 8 plus cases.

                Why It’s Great

                • Crack-proof
                • Light-weight
                • Trendy
                • Flexible

                Who it’s Right For

                • Plant lovers
                • Fans of vintage designs
                • Those who like summer-y colors and prints

                  Rapid Flow iPhone 11 Case (Best Artistic)

                  best phone case for iphone 11

                  The Rapid Flow iPhone 11 phone case design is a collision between the trends of an oil spill, art, and marble. A fusion that works together to give that beautiful satisfying unification of imagery.  

                  The design alone is a big selling point of this case. On top of that, Burga's TPU casing and hard plastic outer shell provide ultra-durable protection This makes it the ultimate combo of design and safety for your phone.

                  A Burga protective case is the perfect gift idea for friends and family, offering a solution to protect their most loved device. And you can personalize the case to each individual adding that special touch. The same can be done for other cases like the best case for iPhone 11 pro max.

                  Why It’s Great

                  • The print does not fade
                  • Customizable
                  • Stylish
                  • Flexible 

                  Who It’s Right For

                  • Those who prefer marble designs
                  • Anyone who wants a unique and artistic style
                  • Fans of beach or oil imagery

                    Golden Wildcat - Tiger Fur iPhone 11 Case (Best Bold)

                    best phone cases for iphone 11

                    This fierce tiger pattern offers a new take on fur. It is visually pleasing yet no harm is done to this striking wildcat. This timeless look is perfect for influencers and the independent person who ferociously stands their ground as they take on the world.

                    The impact of phones accidentally falling or unexpectedly tossed across the room can be ruthless if you do not have the right protection. Burga completely covers your device yet leaves all ports open. These phone cases offer high protection with the ultimate style.

                    No need to worry about removing these cases for wireless charging. These shells are 100% compatible and will connect to charge via wifi in a heartbeat. And the same goes for the coolest iPhone x cases.

                    Why It’s Great

                    • Wireless charging
                    • Double casing
                    • Sleek and stylish
                    • Flexible

                    Who It’s Right For

                    • Fans of animal print
                    • Those with a bold sense of style
                    • Fans of bold colors and patterns

                      Love is Love - Tie Dye iPhone 11 Case (Best for Festival Lovers)

                      top iphone 11 cases

                      This colorful tie-dye statement is reminiscent of dad in his skinny bell-bottom jeans in old photos. The more types of dye that hit the market, the greater the staying power of this pattern. It’s  a proper 60’s throwback

                      Bring out your inner Woodstock festival-goer with this design. Not only will you be able to show off your inner peace and unity, but the protectiveness of this case will also give you peace of mind.

                      The raised edges on these covers are in the front and back and strategically there to protect the glass panels and the camera. The best iPhone plus cases offer the same amazing feature. 

                      Why It’s Great

                      • Can be customized
                      • Double casing
                      • Sleek and stylish
                      • Does not fade

                      Who It’s Right For 

                      • Festival go-ers
                      • Fans of bright colors

                      Those who enjoy tie-dye

                        Best protective case for iPhone 11  (FAQ) 

                        What is the best protective case for iPhone 11? 

                        Our opinion is that the best protection for an iPhone 11 would be the tough shell Night Black Camouflage - iPhone 11 Case. The extra protection provided is the TPU layer on the inside with the added hard plastic shell casing on the outside.

                        That being said, we have something for everyone at Burga. Whatever your sense of style, you’re bound to find something on this list that suits you.

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                        Does iPhone 11 require a screen protector? 

                        A screen protector would be recommended for the iPhone 11. Burga screen protectors are scratch and shatter-resistant. Its ultra-thin tempered glass will protect your screen from breaking and you won’t lose clarity or touch sensitivity. 

                        It is beautifully packaged and includes 1 tempered glass screen protector and an installation kit.

                        What are the most popular iPhone 11 cases?

                        Fashion-forward shoppers would agree that Burga offers the most stylish range of iPhone 11 cases. And although each to his own, we deem the Watermelon Shake Case to be the most popular case of the range. 

                        Not only is it trendy, but it also offers full protection for your phone.

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