Best iPhone 8 Cases

30 Sep 2021
Best iPhone 8 Cases

Few mobile devices have been made as well as the popular iPhone 8. Apple first unveiled this beauty to the world in late 2017. Since then, it has been one of the go-to phones for smartphone enthusiasts, power users, and Apple fans alike.

But, today we want to take a closer look at styling the reliable iPhone 8. Yes, we will be discussing some pretty extraordinary-looking phone cases for one of our favorite iPhones. Each case that we will be looking at brings its own personality and flair to the table.

So, let’s dive in and explore some of the best iPhone 8 cases on the market.

The Best Cases for the iPhone 8

The Emerald Pool Case (Most stylish)

best iphone 8 case

Our first entry in this review is the ever-stylish Emerald Pool case. The scratch-resistant, printed case effortlessly manages to conjure up the dreamy image of emerald nightscape lakes caught in the turmoil. 

Perhaps it is a gentle, ghostly wind blowing over the lake, or perhaps a secret swimmer taking a dip in the calm waters.

We find the dramatic dark elements mixed in with the abstract emerald design stylish and mysterious. A flare of gold dust is strewn across the top, almost as if a mythical Greek god scattered golden stars across the heavens.

This design is by far the most stylish and artistic, and it inspires a sense of dramatic power and moodiness. Perhaps this moody theme won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but we certainly do love it.

Like we saw in our best iPhone SE case review, this stylish case also comes with the samequality. It comes with a TPU interior to help soften any blows when you accidentally drop your favorite phone. It also features a hardshell exterior with a scratch and fade-resistant print that should keep your mobile device looking stylish for years to come.

Talking about the case style, the Emerald Pool case comes in two different handy types. On the one hand, we have the snap case. The snap case is perfect for that slim and sleek look. If you go to your favorite art gallery and then head for dinner afterward, the slim case will be your perfect companion. 

On the other hand, this case is also available in a tough series. Tough is, as the name suggests, more durable and bulky. This option would be perfect for the ever-on-the-move corporate power broker.

Overall, the Emerald Pool scores pretty high in our books and is well-deserving of the Most Stylish award. We would love to see this particular design on the best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case.

Why it’s Great

  • Dramatic, stylish design
  • Wireless charging capable
  • Raised bezels for extra screen and camera protection
  • It comes in two case types

Who it’s Right for

  • Those wanting a dark and dramatic phone case
  • Fans of deep emeralds and greens
  • Those who like marble designs

    The Give Me Butterflies Case (Best Cute)

    Our next case brings with it thoughts of happy summer days filled with freedom and adventure. Yes, the Give Me Butterflies case is our winner for the Best Cute award, and it deserves this award.

    A dreamy, soft blue marble effect is the background on which countless butterflies flutter. The butterflies come in shades of blue, cream, and white colors. This color selection creates a nice contrast without clashing or making our eyes bleed.

    Although the butterflies have an older, more regal look, it only adds to the realism of this cute design. It almost seems as if the butterflies are trying to escape from the phone case, searching for open skies where they can endlessly explore.

    You can explore this phone case too. It comes in familiar tough and sleek styles. The sleek style will work great if you are prone to wearing loose summer dresses and love having an outdoor picnic. 

    The tough is excellent for everyday use. It is not only perfect for keeping your iPhone 8 safe, but the tough series also protects some of the best iPhone 11 cases.

    The only possible downside is that the best cute design is not unisex and may be more feminine in its styling. But it’s entirely up to your own personal preference.

    Why it’s Great

    • Soft, feminine design
    • Scratch-resistant finish
    • Raised bezels for extra screen and camera protection
    • Compatible with wireless charging

    Who it’s Right for

    • Butterfly-lovers
    • Those wanting a more feminine case design
    • People who prefer cool tones

      The Wild Blaze Case (Best Bold)

      best protective iphone 8 cases

      Have you ever wanted to capture glowing red flames in cold marble? Do you have a fiery, bold personality? If you answered yes, then this next case is made for you.

      The Wild Blaze case comes in vibrant, bold red shades on an abstract marble-inspired background. In this case, it seems as if the marble is shattering from the thermal energy caught inside its blazing heart.

      While the red tones may be off-putting to more conservative folks, we find that the red colors sync perfectly with a bold, vibrant personality that’s always on the go.

      You can take the Wild Blaze snapped on your iPhone 8 everywhere. It is exquisite for late-night dinners. Yes, it also comes in a tough version for the sporty types who like to take their favorite phone to the gym.

      This phone case is easily one of the best iPhone cases we’ve seen in a while.

      Why it’s Great

      • Bold and vibrant design
      • Scratch-resistant finish
      • Unisex style
      • Compatible with wireless charging

      Who it’s Right for

      • People with a bold sense of style
      • Those who enjoy vibrant colors
      • Fans of bright, red coloring

        The Noir Origin Case (Best Dramatic)

        best clear iphone 8 case

        We’ve seen some pretty impressive designs when we reviewed the best iPhone XR cases. The Noir Origin is one of those rare, impressive designs, and it is the perfect companion for your iPhone 8.

        As the name suggests, the Noir Origin is filled with dark mystery and intrigue. It conjures up images of old-school noir comics. There’s the familiar deep black color, overlayed with contrasting scratches and lines. 

        One would easily think that this case depicts a deep, black marble, but the lines are far too planned and mechanical for that. Instead, it seems as if the case is cracking, revealing just a hint of vulnerability beneath its dark, intimidating exterior.

        Sadly, this beautiful Noir theme may also be its downfall. Art Noir isn’t a trendy art style, which may split fans on whether this case is beautiful. Despite this drama, the Noir Origin is dramatic and severe. 

        We won’t include it in our best iPhone 12 Mini Case review since the dark noir style seems to work better on a larger surface area, which the iPhone 8 provides.

        Why it’s Great

        • Dramatic styling 
        • It comes in tough and slim case variants
        • Unisex style
        • Eye-catching design

        Who it’s Right for

        • Those who prefer the color black
        • Fans of marble phone cases

          The Tropical Green Camo Case (Best Masculine)

          most durable iphone 8 case

          It is time to look at a case that’s aimed at the boys. The Tropical Green Camo case looks rugged and intimidating right from the start.

          Whether you are an avid hunter or a fan of all things military, this brave case will have you covered. Various traditional camo shades of green adorn this case in a familiar military pattern. 

          While it comes in both slim and tough styles, we think it looks better in the bulky tough case. Sadly though, this case is neither corporate nor stylish. 

          It won’t fit well with that tailored power suit. Perhaps it was never meant to do so. You see, we think the secret to its beauty, and why it is our winner for the best masculine award, is because it eschews all sense of style and fashion. 

          It is bold. It is brave and not shy to do its own thing. This phone case isn’t just great for an iPhone 8, but we think it could also be a great contender for the best iPhone XS case

          Why it’s Great

          • Decidedly masculine design
          • Looks great in the tough case
          • Scratch-resistant finish
          • Shock absorbent interior

          Who it’s Right for

          • Anyone looking for a more masculine case design
          • Fans of camo
          • Those looking for something rugged

            Final Note

            Choosing the best iPhone 8 cases wasn’t an easy task. There were some pretty close calls and a lot of arguing in the office about which designs deserved to be mentioned. Yet, the great thing about these cases is that you don’t have to stick to just one case with one design. 

            That’s right. You can swap the case out to go with your mood and style for the day. Feeling bold today? Go with Wild Blaze. Feeling a bit more mysterious, then grab that Noir Original. Having so many options means you have the freedom to choose, be playful, or be serious. We love that freedom.

            Each case also has its unique personality and style. Your cellphone is as much a fashion statement as it is a handy device. It loudly compliments your style and can make or break an outfit.

            You also don’t have to limit your style. All Burga cases come in a snap and tough variation. These variations make our cases some of the best iPhone 8 Plus cases for protection to own. 

            So whether you are a stay-at-home mom, always on the run and constantly dropping your phone, or a powerful mover and shaker, there is a case for you. 

            If you are looking for the best iPhone 8 case, or perhaps you want to look at the best case for iPhone 11 Pro Max, Burga can match you up with the perfect smart and stylish companion that will stay with you for years to come.

            Best iPhone 8 cases (FAQ)

            What’s important when looking for a cellphone case?

            There are several critical factors that you need to look at. The most important one is that of material. If your case is not made from a durable material that will protect your expensive phone from fall damage, it won’t be a good buy. Another essential factor to look at is styling and whether the phone case will hide any ports.

            Can I personalize my Burga phone case?

            Yes, you can personalize most Burga phone cases with your favorite saying, a name, or a special message. The text customization looks incredibly lovely on the top iPhone X cases and is well worth looking at.

            Does Burga have any specials on their phone cases?

            Burga often runs specials on their phone cases. If you are looking for the best cases for iPhone Plus or something more standard-sized, they have a fantastic 2 for 2 promotion that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

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