Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases

30 Sep 2021
Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases

We know that you adore your iPhone 8 Plus and want to keep it safe from scratches and accidental falls. But the last thing you want to do is cover it up with an ugly, bulky cover. 

With this in mind, we have supplied our best iPhone 8 cases.

Burga’s beautiful phone cases are available in a wide range of vibrant colors, prints, and patterns to complement any phone. 

The cases in this review are designed to fit the dimensions of the iPhone 8 Plus, are sleek and lightweight, and offer protection for your device as well as style.

They are a fashion accessory in their own right, and you will want more than one of these stunning yet protective cases for your iPhone 8 Plus.

The Best Cases for iPhone 8 Plus

Burga offers the most durable iPhone cases in two styles for your iPhone 8 Plus: Snap and Tough

The “snap” style iPhone cases are thin and lightweight hardshell cases, available in many beautiful colors and prints that will never fade. 

They will not add unnecessary bulk to your phone but offer only minimal protection.

The double-layered “tough” style iPhone cases offer extra protection for your iPhone, thanks to a TPU inner case inside the hardshell outer case. 

They are available in the same colors and prints as the “snap” style but are also shockproof in the event of an accidental fall. These are the best iPhone 8 cases for protection.

Both of these styles feature a high-gloss, scratch-resistant surface and include 2mm raised bezels to ensure that the screen and camera lens are protected against scratches.

Snowstorm (Best Case For The Silver iPhone 8 Plus)

best iphone 8 plus case

Snowstorm is the perfect shelter from the storm for your iPhone. Protective yet elegant,  it will coordinate beautifully with your silver iPhone 8 Plus.

A beautiful marbled-effect print in varying shades of silvery-gray with tiny hints of sparkly golden glitter, this design will appeal to women and men, thanks to its muted colors.

The Snowstorm design is available in both the sleek “snap” and protective “tough” styles, and can also be customized with your choice of lettering for a more personalized look.

Worldwide shipping. 12-month warranty.

The best protective case for iPhone 12 Pro Max is also available in the gorgeous Snowstorm design. 

Why it’s Great

  • A stylish design in soft colors that will complement any look
  • This design is a  lovely complement to the silver-colored iPhone 8 plus

Who it’s Right for

  • Fans of marble phone cases
  • Those who prefer something understated yet elegant
  • People wanting a white phone case

    Serene Sunset (Best Case For The Gold iPhone 8 Plus) 

    best cases for iphone 8 plus

    A pretty mother-of-pearl effect print in the soft warm colors of a glorious sunset makes this design, Serene Sunset, the perfect complement to your gold iPhone 8 Plus.

    This elegant printed design will give your iPhone the high-end look it deserves. It is not overtly feminine but has an aura of romance about it.

    Serene Sunset will coordinate beautifully with a classic fashion style, and would especially suit more mature individuals.

    The Serene Sunset design is available in both the sleek lightweight “snap” and more protective  “tough” styles, and can also be customized with your choice of lettering for a more personalized look.

    Worldwide shipping. 12-month warranty.

    The top-rated iPhone 11 cases available from Burga also include the stunning Serene Sunset design.

    Why it’s Great

    • A mix of warm hues in soft shades that complement the gold-colored iPhone 8 plus
    • Unique mother-of-pearl effect print
    • If you decide to go for our custom case option, the lighter tones in this design are an ideal backdrop

    Who it’s Right for

    • Those opting for a more feminine phone case design
    • Those who like marble cases

      First Expedition (Best Case For The Space Gray iPhone 8 Plus)

      best slim iphone 8 plus case

      Explore a distinctive and intriguing design in shades of gray with the First Expedition iPhone case. It will turn your space-gray iPhone 8 plus into a work of modern art.

      The gender-neutral print and monochromatic color palette will appeal to both men and women and is suitable for all ages. 

      Although the only colors in this design are shades of gray, the unusual pattern printed on this case prevents it from looking boring.

      First Expedition is available in both the sleek “snap” and protective “tough” styles, and can also be customized with your choice of lettering for a more personalized look.

      Worldwide shipping. 12-month warranty.

      The most durable iPhone XR case is also available in the fascinating First Expedition design.

      Why it’s Great

      • The interesting and unusual printed pattern in a monochromatic color palette
      • An excellent complement to the space-gray colored iPhone 8 plus
      • Both men and women would like this design 

      Who it’s Right for

      • Fans of marble who want something a little more unique
      • Those looking for a neutral color for their phone case

        Watch Out (Best Case For Red iPhone 8 Plus)

        top iphone 8 plus cases

        Red sometimes spells danger, and snakes can be scary, but don't be afraid of this eye-catching design.

        Let your iPhone 8 plus do the talking, loudly, with this bold print featuring exotic red snakes coiled against a vivid backdrop of magenta. 

        Definitely not for introverts, the playful design of this phone case will brighten up even the dreariest of days and is sure to spark interest in anyone who sees it.

        Younger people will love the bright colors and fun print of this phone case.

        Watch Out is available in both the sleek “snap” and protective “tough” styles, and can also be customized with your choice of lettering for a more personalized look.

        Worldwide shipping. 12-month warranty.

        The colorful and exciting Watch Out design is also available for the best iPhone 12 Mini case.

        Why it’s Great

        • An unusual and colorful design for extroverted people
        • The combo of red and magenta will be a great option for people who chose the red-colored iPhone 8 plus
        • These colors are visible even in low-light conditions

        Who it’s Right for

        • Snake and animal-lovers
        • Those wanting something extra-bold
        • Fans of pink and red

          Boho Dreams (Best Case For The iPhone 8 Plus Regardless Of Color Preference, Our Top Pick)

          best protective case for iphone 8 plus

          A simple basket-weave-inspired print in a neutral color, Boho Dreams is the natural choice for your iPhone 8 plus, no matter what your color preferences are.

          Boho Dreams will appeal to men and women of all ages due to its unique yet understated design and muted color. 

          Whichever color you chose for your iPhone 8 Plus, you're to love the relaxed island vibe of this iPhone case.

          Boho Dreams is available in the sleek and lightweight “snap” style, as well as the ultra-protective “tough” style, and can also be customized with your choice of lettering for a more personalized look.

          This phone case will coordinate perfectly with any look, and should you decide to have it customized the lettering will stand out boldly against the light-colored background. 

          Worldwide shipping. 12-month warranty.

          The best protective case for iPhone 11 Pro Max is also available in the Boho Dreams design.

          Why it’s Great

          • Boho Dreams is a gender-neutral print and color which makes it more versatile
          • It will appeal to all age groups
          • The light color makes it the perfect backdrop for lettering to be added with our customization option

          Who it’s Right for

          • Those wanting something in a more neutral color
          • Anyone looking for a versatile phone case design
          • Fans of rustic aesthetics


            When looking for the best iPhone 8 Plus cases, you do not need to look further than Burga.

            While these five iPhone cases were chosen to complement your iPhone 8 Plus color and style, there is a vast array of colors, prints, and patterns to choose from, to suit your every mood. 

            Our top pick is the Boho Dreams design. For the best protection, the tough style is recommended. 

            All of Burga’s designs are available for the various iPhone models, so if you are looking for the coolest iPhone SE cases, or perhaps want to find the top iPhone XS cases, we have you covered.

            All designs are available in the snap style which offers slight protection, or the tough style which offers maximum protection. And of course, the high-quality prints on every case are guaranteed to never fade.

            Best Cases For iPhone 8 Plus (FAQ)

            What is the best thin phone case for my iPhone 8 plus?

            At Burga, we make a durable hardshell case, called the “snap” style, which is thin and lightweight and barely adds to the size of your phone. It is available in many different colors and stunning prints and is available for the iPhone 8 plus.

            The best iPhone Plus cases are also available in this lightweight style.

            Where can I buy a leather-look case for my iPhone 8 Plus?

            Leather-look cases, as well as other leather mobile accessories, are available on the Burga website.

            There are options available to fit the dimensions of your iPhone 8 plus, and the best case for iPhone X is available on the site as well.

            Will I still be able to access all the buttons and ports of my iPhone 8 Plus if I use a Burga iPhone case?

            All buttons and ports of your iPhone will remain accessible when using any of Burga’s iPhone cases. They are specially designed to fit the specifications of your particular iPhone model. 

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