Can a Phone Case Drain Your Battery?

31 Aug 2021
Can a Phone Case Drain Your Battery

Poor battery life is a pet peeve for many people. Between apps and games, our batteries seem to drain faster than ever before. But could even our cases be hurting our phone's battery life?" Let’s have a look at some possibilities why your phone case could drain your battery.

Does a Phone Case Drain Your Battery?

All phone cases do not drain your battery, but the thicker and bulkier cases can. Phone cases with a battery case attached would be considered bulky even on the best cell phone battery case.  

With the phone case basically acting as a jacket protecting your device, it also acts as an insulator keeping generated heat inside. 

can phone case affect battery life

How Does it Drain Your Battery?

The bulky case makes your battery work harder to supply the right voltage and this drains your battery. Your battery will start to drain quicker and you will soon need to replace it. 

If you manage to save your battery before serious damage is done, perhaps consider buying another phone case.

There are many reasons your phone can get hot, but can a phone case cause overheating? Yes, it can. A phone case can also act as a barrier if heat is generated from the phone. The heat won't escape. 

Overheating is bad for the battery because when it overheats, the temperature accelerates the aging process. This will cause it to die quicker. The trapped heat could also cause your phone to slow down and sometimes freeze. It will drain your battery shortening its lifespan. 

The internal components could also damage resulting in loss of data which could be a nightmare to deal with. And even worse, it could cause battery leakage which will have an impact on your health.

How Can You Prevent Your Phone Case from Draining Your Battery?

Buy a case that is suited for your phone. Check that the air vents are not covered. Get into the habit of removing the phone case when your phone overheats so that your phone can cool down and not drain your battery. 

Batteries made today are lithium-based and we are advised to rather keep it charged as opposed to letting it die completely. It’s better to remove the case when you leave it to charge. 

In doing so, you will open the airways which were meant for cooling down the phone. And you will also increase the lifespan of your battery and in return save money.

Are There Special Phone Cases that Don't Drain Your Battery?

There aren't phone cases on the market that you can purchase that will 100% guarantee it won’t drain your battery life. But you do get cases like the emf blocking cell phone case where experience has proven that it would not negatively affect your battery life at all. 

Are magnetic cases bad for cell phones and can they drain your battery? Only large magnets are harmful to phones and will drain your battery because here the battery will need to work harder. This will wear the battery out faster. 

But the small magnets used in phone cases are harmless, and will certainly not drain your battery. You would need to look at some clever designs. Designs that will protect your phone when dropped yet have enough air space for your phone to release the hot air.  

And just like the phone case design needs to be considered to save battery drainage, also perhaps consider the following when choosing a design; can a cell phone case affect signal, and do phone cases affect wireless charging so that you can kill three birds with one stone.


We can see that the phone case benefits outweigh the negatives by far. However, because we are so reliant on phones, it would be wise to pay attention to the impact the phone case could have on our phone batteries. 

It is safe to say that the materials used to protect our devices are quite durable these days. After all, manufacturers of these products want us to experience maximum performance on our devices so that money spent is worth it.

Take all precautions to prolong the life of your phone battery and get the right phone case; it will save you a buck in the long run. 

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