Do Cases Prevent Wireless Charging?

31 Aug 2021
Do Cases Prevent Wireless Charging

Thanks to Apple’s new line, wireless technology is once again getting the praise it deserves in the Smartphone world. But, you might be wondering whether phone cases can impact wireless charging, and it really depends on the case. 

With so many cases out there it can be hard to tell which will block wireless charging and which won't. We've done some digging to come up with these exact answers, and it all comes down to material. 

Let’s explore cases to avoid first, and then get into some of our wireless-charging compatible cases here at Burga! 

With this guide, you can certainly find the best charging phone case.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Wireless charging (known as inductive charging) utilizes magnets to offer electricity to portable gadgets like phones, smartwatches, or speakers. 

Thanks to the famed electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla, we’ve learned that electricity can move through the air via a magnetic field between two circuits. 

100 years later? Wireless charging Smartphones that keep us connected to the world. Long gone are the need for a tangle of cables and plug points with this fantastic technology. 

Phone Cases That Prevent Wireless Charging

You need to choose cases made of materials that are compatible with inductive charging. You don’t want anything to get in the way of your phone and the wireless charging pad, and for this reason, some cases are best avoided. Here are the top 3 to avoid.

do phone cases affect wireless charging

Metal cases 

Unfortunately, metal cases, magnetic mounts, or rings can be an issue. 

Since wireless charging works via magnetic fields, any other magnetic material could be an issue. When a metal phone case is added to the mix, wireless charging might not work. This is why Apple decided to ditch the Aluminium shell.

So, you might wonder, are magnetic cases safe for phones?’, and the answer is yes. They are often very durable and shockproof and can offer excellent protection. Just don’t use them when you are opting to charge the phone with wireless technology.

Super bulky cases 

Super thick phone cases can impact wireless charging. A few millimeters between the phone and the case won’t be an issue, but extensive cases can interfere with the wireless charging process. Opt for thinner cases.

Phone cases that hold your cards 

Much like bulky cases, phone cases that hold credit cards will create too much distance between your phone and the charging pad. This will hinder wireless charging.

Wireless Charging Compatible Phone Cases

Luckily, many cases are compatible with wireless charging. 

Plastic and silicone 

Plastic and silicone cases are a great choice if you want to use wireless charging technology. Both these materials are compatible with wireless charging and won’t interfere with the magnetic field and disrupt the charge.

If your phone needs juice and you want to use wireless technology, go for silicone or plastic phone cases! 

While certain cases can impact wireless charging, most modern cases won’t block other signals or impact wifi connection. If you have ever wondered can phone cases affect wifi?”, they mostly won’t unless of course they somehow block the antenna. 

When choosing a case material, base your decision on the level of protection it offers your phone, the style of your choice, and of course, the price factor.

If wireless charging is an option, then the case material matters! If you are worried about radiation from your mobile, opt for an emf phone case for extra peace of mind. 

do cases stop wireless charging

Wireless Charging FAQs 

Can overheating impact wireless charging?

When phone’s overheat, various components can stop working, including battery life and charging capabilities. Overheating can impact wireless charging, and will largely depend on the material of your case.

If you’ve ever wondered do cases overheat phones?”, it’s again determined by the case material, and of course the quality of your phone. 

Since materials like aluminum are excellent heat conductors, it’s a good idea to remove these cases while charging your phone as they could impact the wireless charging feature and potentially lead to overheating

Happily, silicone is a low thermal conductor, it won’t cause much heat or interfere with wireless charging. 

Should you remove the phone case when charging?

If you have ever asked “should you remove the phone case when charging?”, it once again depends on the material used. 

As a rule of thumb, take off metal cases while charging your phone wirelessly so that they don’t interfere with the wireless charging magnetic signal, or cause potential overheating. 

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