Best Cell Phone Battery Case

31 Aug 2021
Best Cell Phone Battery Case

Cell phone battery cases are the new kids on the block for keeping phones functional while on the go. Having your phone run out of battery on you is completely frustrating. 

Luckily, with phone charging cases, it is also completely avoidable. The technology gods provided us with phone cases that charge our phones wherever we are.

Not only do we have charging phone cases on the market, but we also have a lot of different cases to choose from. This can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for.

That is why we have done the work for you. We have created a ‘buyer’s guide’ to help you choose the perfect battery phone case. After reading this article, you should have an idea of what you want from a battery case.

Factors for Choosing a Charging Phone Case

Most people relate portable charging to power banks. These are great because you do not have to find a power point, you simply plug your phone into the portable power bank and voila. 

However, this may not be the most efficient option for you as you may not want to lug around an additional accessory. 

This is where phone battery cases are great. They are like power banks in the form of a case that attaches to your phone as a normal phone cover would. Your phone stays charged for way longer than it normally would and you do not need to carry any extra accessories with you.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Battery Phone Case

If you are interested in purchasing a cell phone battery case, there are some factors you need to keep in mind. Style, design, battery capacity, protection and magnetivity are all important to consider when deciding which cell phone battery case is best for you.


The style of the case is a factor that will be more important to some people than others. Unfortunately, with charging phone cases, you won’t get as many stylish designs to choose from as you would with hard plastic cases. You also will not be able to avoid some extra bulk being added to your phone.

If you are someone that is into sleek devices, then a charging case is probably not for you. Many people purchase their phone because they like how compact and modern it looks. The bad news here is that even the sleekest charging cases inevitably provide extra thickness to your phone. 

Cell phone battery cases also increase the weight and length of your phone that you have to carry around. This is definitely a deal breaker for some people.

If this is not appealing to you, you do still have some other wireless charging options for your phone. You should consider a battery pack or wireless charging pad instead. These options are not permanently attached to your phone but are easily portable.


Phone charging cases will either make use of wireless QI-enabled charging or plug into your phone’s lightning port. The former will require your phone to be ‘QI-enabled’. 

‘QI’ refers to a feature that allows your phone wireless power transfer. The benefit of QI-wireless charging is that your phone’s charging port remains open for other uses (e.g. for earphones). 

This QI-enabled feature is available on most of the latest phones but you need to check if your phone has this feature. If you do not have this feature, you need to get a charging case that plugs into your phone instead with a micro-USB cable.

Another design feature to be aware of is how easy the case is to get on and off. Some charging cases are quite rigid and tight once on the phone. This will only be of concern to you if you plan on taking the case off when you don't need it. 

Ask the store you are purchasing from if you can try the case on your phone before you purchase it.

best phone battery case

Battery Capacity

Not all charging cases are made equal. Some will provide more battery to your phone than others. Most charging cases range from providing an extra 25% battery life to your phone while others provide 100%.

So ask yourself how much extra juice you want your charging case to have. If you are someone who is always on the go, you may need a stronger phone charging case. If you are someone that just needs an emergency supply, you can get away with smaller battery capacity cases.

Make sure that the measurement for mobile battery capacity matches up with that of the battery case. Milliamp-hours (mAh) measures battery capacity. Check the mAh of your phone and find a battery case that can supply that amount.

Keep in mind that the more battery the case can provide to your phone, the bulkier it will be. In addition, the more battery the cases can provide to your phone, the more expensive they will be. These are factors you will have to weigh in the balance when choosing your case.


Durability is important for most people purchasing any phone cover and a charging phone case is no different. Since you will have your charging phone case on your phone most of the day at least, you want your phone to be protected during this time.

If a charging phone case has a great level of protection for your phone, it is easier to justify spending more on the case. Most reputable charging phone case brands offer a great level of protection. Some even come with screen protectors so that the front of your phone is protected too.

Rather spend that money on preventing any cracks to your phone than on fixing them up later.


If you are someone who drives a lot, you may be familiar with magnetic phone cases. One of the benefits of magnetic cases is that your phone can easily attach to a car mount. This allows you to keep your phone in place while driving. 

The best magnetic cases are beneficial for minimizing distractions while driving. If this appeals to you, look for charging phone cases that come with a built-in magnet. 

Other Wireless Charging Options

If the charging phone cases do not seem like a fit for you, consider a wireless charger instead.

Wireless chargers have boomed as technological gadgets. They are attractive because they are small and reduce the number of cables you need to carry with you. You can also use your phone’s charging port while it is charging.

Any phone that is Qi-enabled can use wireless charging. You simply place your phone on the wireless charging pad and power is transferred using inductive charging.

If you are someone who wants a wireless charger and a charging phone case, you may be asking Do cases prevent wireless charging? Most phone battery cases are also compatible with wireless charging but some are not. If wireless charging is a must for you, make sure to check that the battery phone case caters to this.

best charging phone case

Phone Case FAQs

Can a Phone Case Drain Your Battery?

The jury is still out on whether a charging phone case can drain your battery. It is difficult to tell because cell phone batteries naturally degrade over time. 

What we do know is that overheating the battery is bad. 

Do Phone Cases Cause Overheating?

The next question you may be asking is, do phone cases cause overheating?

The answer depends entirely on the charging case you purchase. Mediocre brands that make cheap products can overheat your phone unnecessarily. The quality of the case you are purchasing plays a big part in preventing this. 

The temperature of your phone is something you need to look out for and be aware of. This goes without saying with or without a charging case.  

Can a Cell Phone Case Affect Signal?

The answer to the question ‘can a cell phone case affect your signal?’ is generally no. Well, they should not interfere with the signal if it is a reputable brand. If a phone’s internal cell antenna is blocked, this will interrupt the signal. Well-designed cases will not use materials like metal around this area. 

Additionally, the low signal has one of the biggest effects on radiation emitted by phones. If you stick to reputable charging cases then you won’t even need to invest in an emf protection cell phone case. 

If your phone’s signal is being interfered with, your phone will be working harder to connect and emit more radiation. 

This is why it is safer to spend a bit more on a reputable brand where you know the design of the case will be reliable.

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