Best Phone Cases

25 Aug 2021
Best Phone Cases

There’s nothing worse than walking around with a broken screen a few days after getting your brand new phone. For this reason, choosing a protective phone case is almost a compulsory requirement when you buy a new phone.

The one downside of some protective cases, is that they are big and bulky, and quite frankly, ugly.

Luckily, Burga has solved this issue and provides phone cases that are not only protective, but that are fashionable too.

But the question still usually remains, “What type of phone case should I get?” 

We have rounded up the best of Burga’s phone cases to help you make that decision and see what would be best for you. 

Best Smartphone Cases (Our Review)

Burga’s “Tough” Phone Case (Best Protective Phone Case)

The Tough phone case is the most durable phone case that Burga offers, and is also the most protective cell phone case that they sell.

These phone cases offer a double layer of protection for your phone, as they have a silicone interior and hard shell exterior. 

This feature makes them shock absorbent, as the silicone interior of the phone case absorbs shock from the impact when your phone falls, helping to soften the blow.

These cases also come with bezels that are raised by 2 mm to offer protection to your camera and screen in the case that it falls.

This makes the Tough phone case perfect for those that are a little bit more clumsy than others, are always running around, or just have an unfortunate tendency of dropping your phone, and just want a little bit of extra protection.

One of the best features about these phone covers is that not only do they offer immense protection to your phone, but they are also beautiful to look at.

Normally protective phone cases are big, bulky, and dark, dim colors. This is not the case with Burga’s Tough phone cases. Their phone cases are available in several different colors and patterns, and can still be considered a fashion accessory.

Burga’s Tough phone covers are available for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy’s, Huawei’s, and Google Pixel Cell Phones.


  • Offers a double layer of protection 
  • Shock absorbent and durable 
  • The surface of the phone cover is glossy and scratch-resistant, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing 
  • Not big and bulky 
  • All ports on the phone are accessible with the cover on
  • Available for a variety of different phone types


  • Not such a wide variety of choices for males
  • Not available for every single phone type

Burga’s “Snap” Phone Cases (Best Slim And Sleek Phone Case)

best slim phone case

The Snap phone case is the best slim phone case that Burga has available. The slim and sleek design means that the size of your phone will barely be altered when the case is on.

The Snap phone cases are hardshell cases that have a glossy scratch-resistant surface and are available in a variety of different colors and patterns.

This thin, one-piece case provides slight protection to your phone, as it has raised bezels around the camera to protect it.

Unfortunately, other than that, it doesn’t offer much protection if the phone falls. It is, however, perfect for someone who knows they are not at risk of dropping their phone. Especially if you want an aesthetically appealing phone cover that enhances the sleek look and shape of your phone.

Burga’s Snap phone covers are available for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy’s, Huawei’s, and Google Pixel Cell Phones.


  • Slim and Sleek design
  • Doesn’t impact the shape of the phone 
  • Raised bezels to protect the camera
  • All ports on the phone are accessible with the cover on
  • Available in many colors and patterns 
  • Available for a variety of different phone types
  • 12 Month warranty


  • Not very protective against falls 
  • Not shock absorbent and can lead to cracks on the phone or screen 
  • Not such a wide variety of choices for males
  • Not available for every single phone type

Personalized Phone Cases

Burga offers a range of personalized phone cases that you can design to your own personal liking.

The background pattern of the case is one of the existing patterns that they have on the website, but you can choose which one you’d like to have. 

On top of that, you can customize the words written on the back of the case to be your name, initials, or any other word you would like to have on it. 

You can also choose whether you want your personalized case to be in the Snap or Tough variation, depending on how much protection you feel you need for your phone. 


  • Can be either the Snap or the Tough version, depending on how much protection you feel your phone needs
  • Personalized to exactly what you like
  • Can be a nice, thoughtful gift idea
  • All ports on the phone are accessible with the cover on
  • Available in many colors and patterns 
  • Available for a variety of different phone types
  • 12 Month warranty


  • Not such a wide variety of choices for males
  • Not available for every single phone type
  • If you opt for the Snap version, it won’t provide as much protection as the Tough case  


A Buyer’s Guide To Choosing A Phone Case

With the number of phone cases out there, the choice can be overwhelming. To help with this, we have put together a simple buyer’s guide outlining the most important elements to look out for and consider.


Phone cases are usually made out of different materials, and this is mainly for two reasons. The first being for the amount of protection that is wanted, and the second being mostly for the look.

Silicone or Rubber

These are common materials used. Not only are rubber or silicone cases fairly cheap to manufacture, but they also offer a decent amount of protection for the phone due to the shock absorption qualities these materials have. 

The only downside is that they are not normally so pretty, as it is hard to print bright colored patterns on them, and they usually fade and discolor quite quickly.

Polycarbonate and TPU

These materials are also commonly used for phone cases and are one of the best options to use.

Polycarbonate can best be related to a hard plastic-like material, whereas TPU is slightly softer and more flexible than polycarbonate. The two are often used together.

These plastics are good for printing patterns and pictures on them for phone cases and are what make the images look so bright, well defined, and clear. 

Polycarbonate is fairly scratch-resistant, which means that the designs on the cases last much longer than what they would on other materials, and don’t fade or get scratched off, either.

Polycarbonate offers good impact resistance, and the two work particularly well when paired together. This is because they add a double layer of protection and help prevent as much damage to your phone as possible - another reason why this is one of our favorite materials for phone covers.


This is another popular material for phone cases, especially for flip cases and wallet-style phone cases. 

Leather cases offer more protection than plastic cases, but also tend to be bulkier. 

If genuine leather is used, then the cases are usually quite pricey, and if fake leather is used, the cases tend to suffer from wear and tear.


While this material is used for phone cases, it is not very common. This is mainly because if the aluminum isn’t used properly, or isn’t used in combination with other materials, it can impact the strength of your phone’s wireless signal.

Aluminum, however, is scratch-resistant, but doesn’t provide shock absorption, and is not very impact resistant. 


Knowing how much protection you think you’ll need for your phone helps to make the process of choosing the right one easier.

If you know you are likely to drop your phone often and are always on the go and rushing around, then it is recommended to choose a phone case made out of more protective and shock-absorbent materials.

If your phone is often in your bag, and you trust yourself not to drop it too often, then a phone case that is less protective will still work for you. 

Style And Design

The first thing you have to think about is whether you want a phone case that is aesthetically pleasing and fashionable, or if the look isn’t a factor for you.

Form Fitting Or Bulky

Phone cases that offer more protection are normally bulkier and hide the form and original features of the phone. 

Covers like this usually tend to not be so fashionable and good-looking. However, there are a few phone case brands that have been able to marry the two and make protective phone covers that aren’t as bulky and ugly as the first protective cases were.

If you are looking for something more fashionable that shows off the features of the phone, a slim and sleek case is recommended. Unfortunately, these cases usually compromise on protection. 

Accessories And Features

Phone cases are either designed to protect your phone, making it look better, or they are also designed with accessories and features that make your case multi-purposeful, and your smartphone even smarter.


Some cases double as a wallet thanks to the pockets they come with that you can store credit cards or cash in.


There are phone cases that have a built-in battery and can charge your phone wirelessly when it is on.


Tool cases, or “survival phone cases”, are phone cases that come with built-in tools that you can use in an emergency.

Camera Lenses

Some phone cases, specifically aimed at avid photographers and content creators, come with built-in lenses to make photos you take on your phone look better and more professional.


There are phone cases that double as stands (especially flip covers, as you can normally fold them back to create a stand)shock-absorbent or ones that come with a built-in stand that you can kick out. 

Stands are useful if you watch a lot of videos from your phone, or work off of it and want it to sort of mimic a laptop. 

Best Smartphone Cases (FAQ)

What Type Of Phone Case Is Best For Me?

This depends on two main questions: “Do you want your phone case to be fashionable too?” and “How much protection do you require for your phone?”

If you want your phone case to be aesthetically appealing too, any of Burga’s cases will be able to fit that criterion, you just need to search for the one that is the most appealing to you.

If you know you are clumsy at times and want a bit of extra protection, then a double-layered phone case would be ideal to help with shock absorption.

Should My Phone Case Have A Hard Or Soft Shell?

Many people wonder “Is a hard or soft phone cover better?”. And the answer to this depends on how much protection you want, and how likely you are to drop your phone.

A soft cover usually provides more protection as it helps to absorb the shock from the fall and prevent cracking of your phone.

On the other hand, a hard cover doesn’t allow for that shock absorption, and it is more likely your phone will end up being cracked after a fall.

Hard covers usually look better, though. This is why Burga has created the Tough phone cover that combines the two. The soft inside shell allows for shock absorption, but the hard outer shell makes for a better-looking phone case. 

Do Cell Phone Cases Actually Protect Your Phone? 

The simple answer is yes, the extent of protection just varies depending on what the cell phone case is made out of. 

Materials like aluminum, which is rigid and hard, tend to be less shock absorbent and are not very protective under impact.

However, even though it isn’t the best protection if your phone falls, it does still offer your phone protection from scratches and dirt.

Materials that are softer like silicone and rubber tend to be more shock absorbent and are a better option for you if your phone falls. They also offer protection from scratches and dirt, too.

A combination of polycarbonate and TPU seems to be the most protective option. It provides shock absorption from both the soft interior and hardshell cover, and if anything had to shatter, it would be the plastic cover before your phone.

They also offer protection against dirt, very small amounts of liquids (such as a puddle of water on the table), and scratches, making it by far the most protective.

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