Durable Phone Case

25 Aug 2021
Durable Phone Case

Most people opt to protect their phones with a phone case but what makes a phone case durable? Is it the shock-resistant cover with hard edges? Or is it the material that encases the entire phone? And just how durable is the average phone case anyway?

It may be difficult to determine exactly how durable a phone case is. And you don’t exactly want to test this theory by slinging your phone across the room. 

The good news is that we have investigated the elements that make phone cases durable so that you can make an informed decision when you buy one. 

Whether you want to protect your phone from water, falls or extreme sports, there is a phone case out there to support your needs. 

What Makes A Phone Case Durable?

It can be overwhelming when trying to choose a good phone case from everything that is on the market. But if durability is your top priority, these are the things to look out for. 

Covered Edges

If you want your phone case to protect your phone from drops, you want to make sure that all four edges are adequately covered. Covered edges ensure that your phone can absorb shock and that it won’t shatter when it is hit on those vulnerable corners. 

So, it may be cool to take a less-is-more approach and choose a thin layer of protection but if you expose the vulnerable parts of your phone it may get damaged easily. 


A bulkier encasing will give your phone more weight, making it less vulnerable to damage from scratches and drops. This is especially important for phones with slim designs, which may look sleek but leave them especially prone to damage. 

A thicker phone case will also ensure that your phone can absorb shock so it is a good option if you are prone to dropping your phone (or if you engage in extreme sports and absolutely need to have your phone in your pocket).

Just be mindful of the specific thickness if you keep your phone in your pockets, tight jeans may not allow for bulkier designs. 

Shock Resistant Material

Many phone cases are made from TPU, rubber, silicone, or plastic, all of which adequately absorb shock when your phone is dropped, thrown or slung across a room. 

When opting for plastic just take note that your phone might be prone to slipping off surfaces and when choosing silicone, be aware that your phone may be prone to collect dirt, lint and bacteria which can lead to damage.

So, you may think, is a hard or soft phone case better? The answer is both are okay as long as the material used in its design is appropriate.

That being said, Burga’s polycarbonate and TPU phone case designs are ultra-durable.

Whats the toughest phone case

Correct Size and Design

It may be tempting to choose a design for a different phone if you like it more but you want to ensure that your phone is properly encased. This means the size and design of the phone case must match the size and design of your phone exactly. 

If a phone case is too small, it may not cover enough area and if the phone case is too large your phone may slip out. The correct size and design also ensure that all ports are exposed and that the camera is adequately protected. 

So, choosing a phone case that is specifically designed for your phone ensures you choose the best type of phone case for protection

Inside-Out Protection

In order to really ensure your phone case provides the best protection, you need to check that your phone case provides interior and exterior protection. 

Many phone cases have a double protected design, which means that the inside and outside offers protection. 

These designs often have a soft interior design that protects your phone on the inside and a harder exterior design which protects your phone from external damage. This increases your phone’s ability to withstand shock, damage and falls.  

Raised Bezels

Phone cases, especially those made from harder materials, often include raised bezels. This means that the case is thicker in some areas than in others. 

This is often done to protect the camera and screen because the thicker design in these areas ensures that they do not make contact with the ground during a fall. 

Most bezels vary between 1.2 and 2 mm, with increased raise in the bezels providing increased protection. This is the best slim phone case design to offer protection for your phone. 

So, this is a great option if you want the protection of a bulky case with a more slimline design and is an absolute must if you are prone to dropping your phone because it will protect your phone’s screen and camera from even face-down falls. 


So, what is the best type of phone case when you are looking for durability? First of all, choosing a case that is specifically designed for your phone will already check many boxes such as optimum coverage and additional protection. 

But you should also consider a cover with interior and exterior protection, a bulkier design or raised bezels, and shock-absorbing material. 

Durable Phone Case (FAQ)

What type of material is best for a phone case?

Phone cases made from rubber, silicone, or plastic are best when it comes to looking at a phone case that will adequately protect your phone and last long. 

Are phone cases waterproof?

Some phone cases are designed with waterproof features but even these cases won’t necessarily protect your phone from being completely submerged in water or from saltwater damage. 

In most instances, it is best to keep your phone a safe distance from water when possible. 

Do you need a screen protector and a phone case?

A screen protector offers the best protection for your screen but if you do not want to invest in a screen protector, you can opt for a phone case with a raised bezel design which will at least offer some protection for your screen. 

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