Best Slim Phone Cases

25 Aug 2021
Best Slim Phone Cases

So you’re on the hunt for the best slim phone cases? With so many phone case designs on the market, many people ask themselves what type of phone case should I get?” 

From slim-fit designs that boast elegance and style to durable waterproof cases that are perfect for days by the pool, the cell phone case market is booming.

Slim cases are one type of phone case that’s gained a great deal of popularity thanks to their practicality and sleek appearance.  

The sleek style combines practicality with fantastic design, and slim cases can come in an array of interesting materials, from metal and wood to silicone and plastic.

Here we explore some of our best slim phone cases, for any phone owner who wants to protect their phone with a slimmer case. Contrary to what you might think, slim cases can be just as protective as their bulkier counterparts, it’s all about the quality of design.  

When it comes to the best phone cases, it’s about finding a case with an excellent grip, raised edges for extra protection, and brilliant shock-absorbency. Slim-fit cases are also a great idea for iPads and laptops, offering top style and protection to all your gadgets. 

Durable phone cases certainly don’t have to be bulky and difficult to carry. 

best slim phone case

Best Slim Phone Cases (Our Review) 

iPhone Slim Cases 

When it comes to iPhone cases, Burga has an array of funky and fabulous slim designs. These work for loads of iPhone models, including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone XR, and iPhone SE (2020). 

By choosing the right case for your phone, you ensure that it is super snug and secure. 

From the happy tye-dye, Love is Love print to the summery and sensational Watermelon Shake, these slim cases boast elegance and style. With multiple designs for all tastes and styles, there is something to be found for everyone. 

If you are a creative type and love creating your own designs, you can also opt for a customizable slim case. Add memorable lyrics, an important date, or your name, to make an extra bespoke and personalized case. 

Our iPhone slim cases are made of high-quality silicone and plastic, offering double protection without a bulky design. 

If you carry your phone everywhere, the slim fit will offer you extra practicality, meaning that you can pop your phone in your pocket without hassle. 

Each case comes with a silicone exterior (to absorb any energy from a fall), and a hard-case outside shell to protect the screen and camera. The edges are slightly raised bezels (2mm), for added protection.

If your phone falls, the edges will face the impact, rather than your precious phone.

We have stunning cases available for a wide range of iPhone models and other brands and all charging ports are accessible for added ease. 


  • Durable silicone interior 
  • Raised bezels for added protection 
  • Lightweight, easy to carry design 
  • Can fit in a pocket or thin bag 
  • Special scratch-resistant surface 
  • Accessible ports 


  • Numerous designs to choose from which can make selecting a case hard 
  • not suitable if you want to submerge your phone underwater 

Samsung Slim Cases 

Our gorgeous slimline cases are also available for Samsung Galaxy owners, and each design is available to suit a variety of different models, including A40, A52, A21S, S7 Edge, and more. 

Simply browse the design you love and find the perfect slim case for your phone. 

Some gorgeous slim-fit styles include the whimsical Emerald Pool design and the sophisticated Serene Sunset for those who prefer subdued tones and pastel pallets. Simply find the style you love and search for your phone model. 

Like our iPhone cases, these too combine a silicone interior with a plastic hard shell. 

So if you have wondered, “which phone case offers the best protection?”, you’re in luck. The silicone and hard-shell plastic is a formidable force, offering brilliant protection and style. 

Like our other popular cases, these too have a raised 2 mm bezel edge. When the lip of the case is raised slightly, the camera and screen are better protected. Case designers have to take the entire phone into account when designing a protective cover. 

While many ask what the difference is between hard phone cases vs soft ones, it’s largely about materials used. A hybrid case, that offers the shock-absorbency of silicone, and the enhanced protection of a harder shell is usually your best bet. 

We also have models available for Huawei and Google Pixel. Just find the design of your dreams and check for your phone brand and model. 


  • Shock absorbent 
  • Hard exterior for extra protection 
  • Lightweight, comfortable to carry 
  • Raised edges to protect vulnerable parts of the phone like the camera and screen 
  • All charging ports are easily accessible 
  • Diverse designs for all Android phones 


  • Not fully waterproof so not suited to super wet conditions 

best thin phone case

Other Slim Cases 

Slim cases aren’t just for phones and can be happily used for Macbooks too. Our slim-fit cases come in the same funky designs as the slim cases (hello if you are all about those matching pairs.) 

These are a great way to protect your laptop without any unnecessary bulk and allow you to do so with serious style in mind. 

Our eclectic slim laptop cases add some fun to your workday, and the variety of designs means that there is the perfect case for everyone. Whether you love a neutral and professional design, or a super fun and bold summer print, your options are ample. 


  • Super slim profile for zero bulkiness
  • Durable protection 
  • Specialized anti-slip design 
  • All ports accessible 
  • No overheating
  • Apple logo shines through the case 


  • Additional laptop carrier bag needed to transport your Mac

Best Slim Cases for Phones (FAQ) 

Are slim phone cases as protective as bulkier designs? 

Just because they’re slimmer than bulky designs, it doesn’t mean these cases are not protective. As long as the case has great shock absorbency, slightly raised edges for the camera, and screen protection, and fits your phone snugly, protection is assured.

It is also all about the materials used. Since silicone is a natural shock absorber, a silicone slim case will offer way more protection than a thicker wooden case. 

This is because it takes the impact in the event of a fall, rather than transferring the energy to your phone and resulting in a cracked screen. 

What is a peel case? 

If you are looking for an extra sleek, almost non-existent case, you could explore a peel case. These super-slim cases are about 0.35 millimeters thick and almost form a second skin around your phone. 

While they will protect your phone from superficial scratches and the odd ding, they won’t offer as much protection in the event of a fall. 

If you’re looking for great protection and a slim fit, choose a case with a silicone exterior. This keeps things slim and lightweight, all the while adding extra protection thanks to its shock-absorbent qualities. 

Should I get a screen protector?

It is never a bad idea to get a screen protector. Alongside a protective case, they can offer even more protection to your phone, keeping it scratch-free and protected from wear and tear. 

Since they are so lightweight and thin, they won’t add excess bulkiness to your phone. 

Explore our range of screen protectors for cell phones, watches, Macbooks, iPads, and more. When you choose our screen protectors with your slim design case, you are guaranteed:

  • No extra impact on the sensitivity of your screen 
  • Complete transparency 
  • A super-thin protector (zero bulk)
  • Specialized anti-oil surface 
  • Scratch-resistant design 


When it comes to a Slim case for your phone, choose a durable material like a plastic and silicone hybrid. Make sure it fits your phone snuggly and has fantastic shock-absorbency in case of a fall. Scrat-resistant exteriors are also a fantastic choice. 

Be sure to choose a style that speaks to your unique personality. Whether you love bold prints that make a statement or laid-back style in lighter tones, we have something for you.

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