Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

30 Sep 2021
Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

So, you have finally upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro Max Case and you need to make sure your phone is fully protected. After all, replacements and repairs to damage can be expensive. 

Phone cases are the best way to ensure that your phone is properly protected.  

phone cases provide protection from falls, damage, and scratches. In some instances, phone cases can also prevent your phone from slipping or sliding from surfaces. 

If you have been racking your brain trying to find the ideal phone case to suit your needs, look no further, because we have rounded up the best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases on the market. With this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. 

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case (Our Review)

The best iPhone case to protect the screen ( is probably a tough TPU plastic case with additional protective features. 

These cases are designed to protect your phone while also ensuring that the beautiful design of the iPhone does not get covered up by a bulky case. 

You’re probably going to want to invest in a screen protector and ensure that the case design features raised bevels, which means the plastic is slightly thicker in some areas than in others. 

This protects the most vulnerable parts of the phone when they fall. Below you will find our round-up of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases to suit every style preference. 

We have also arranged them by color, to ensure that you choose the best match for your phone. 

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case for Graphite iPhone 12 Pro Max

The graphite design is a dark grey design that matches seamlessly with dark colors or bold designs. Below is a round-up of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases for the graphite iPhone 12 pro-Max. 

Let’s face it, camouflage isn’t for everyone. Especially when you associate it with people trying to disguise themselves between leaves and branches. It also often features unappealing colors. 

But this camouflage design has something for everyone. It features an understated black and grey camouflage pattern, which is both stylish and practical. 

The case is made from tough TPU plastic which means that you can take this one out for a walk in nature without fear that it will be damaged easily. 

This case works well if you have the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the Graphite color because it matches the design perfectly. 

Overall, this case is perfect if you want something understated, durable, and in line with your iPhone 12 Pro Max design. In fact, even the most durable iPhone xr case won’t be nearly as durable as the Night Black Camouflage phone case. 

Why It’s Great
  • Unisex Design
  • Versatile Colours
  • Matches Graphite Color
  • Strong Durable Material
  • Raised Bevel Design
Who It’s Right For
  • Fans of masculine designs
  • Those who prefer dark colors

    Midnight Kiss Star iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

     iphone 12 pro max best case

    Like the Night Black Camouflage design, this phone case is the perfect companion to the Graphite-colored iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

    This phone case has a pitch-black background with petite snowflakes and stars on it. It may sound dainty but the striking dark design really makes an impact. 

    This case is also designed to retain its color over time and features shock absorbent technology to protect your phone from drops. So, not only will you look the part but your phone case will adequately protect your phone from damage (including facedown falls!). 

    Why It’s Great
    • Striking Design
    • Shock Absorbing Technology
    • Available in snap and tough covers
    • Affordable
    Who It’s Right For
    • Fans of darker colors
    • Those who enjoy camouflage design
    • Phone case shoppers on a budget

      Reaper’s Touch iPhone 12 Pro Max Case



      most protective iphone 12 pro max case



      This phone case features snakeskin leather for optimal protection. 

      Leather is often used in cushion covers and bags because it is good for protecting against damage but it comes at a price. With this phone case, you can enjoy all the benefits of leather without paying a massive price for it. 

      The snakeskin leather wraps and protects the phone and is easy to wipe off when it gets grime or dirt on it. 

      This phone case also allows for easy access to all ports and features raised bevels around the screen and camera for optimal protection. The rugged texture also prevents slipping and improves grip. 

      And the black color also makes it a versatile fashion accessory for night and day, perfect for anyone who enjoys a minimalist design and something that won’t gather grime, dust, or dirt. 

      Why It’s Great
      • Easy to clean
      • Very versatile
      • Unisex design
      • Leather design
      • Enhanced grip 
      Who It’s Right For
      • Those who enjoy leather designs
      • People with a strong sense of style

        Wild Pomegranate Red Snake iPhone 12 Pro Max Case


        best iphone max cases


        Snakeskin is all the rage in phone case design so it should come as no surprise that this list features more than one snakeskin phone case design. 

        This one is much bolder than the one mentioned earlier due to its red and striking design. This is the perfect phone case for someone who likes to make a statement (or those of us who cannot live without red lipstick). 

        The snakeskin design improves grip and features shock absorbent technology that protects against drops and falls. 

        As an added bonus, the design also features raised bevels for additional protection, especially in terms of protecting the screen when the phone falls out of your pocket. 

        This feature was also prominent in the design of the best iPhone x case and the best iPhone xs cases

        It will be a little more prone to getting dusty due to the bright-colored design so be sure to choose this one for its looks and grip, and not necessarily for its grime-resistant properties. 

        Why It’s Great
        • Improved Grip
        • Protects against falls
        • Shock absorbing technology
        • Available in tough and snap case design
        • Affordable
        Who It’s Right For
        • Fans of snakeskin designs
        • Those who enjoy striking red colors
        • Anyone who enjoys bold designs

          Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case for Gold iPhone 12 Pro Max 

          The gold iPhone 12 Pro Max is light and elegant and you would want to pick something that reflects this in order to retain the beautiful elegance of this phone. 

          Below are our top phone case picks for the gold iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

          Pumpkin Spice Orange Tough iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

          best iphone 12 pro case


          This case is sugar and pumpkin spice and all things nice. It has been described as being “unbreakable” and features a marbled orange design that matches the season and smell of pumpkin spice lattes. 

          This marble design gives you all the beauty and elegance of the phone case design with a 12-month warranty and additional protective features. It fits the gold iPhone 12 Pro Max so well because of its light and bright undertones. 

          The tough design features a soft interior and a harder exterior to match design and protection in one product. It also features a scratch-resistant surface to protect against a minor (and major) scratches. 

          This one is perfect for the bold and fashion-forward out there and is sure to make a statement any time of year.

          Why It’s Great
          • 12-month warranty
          • Scratch Resistant
          • Bold Design
          • Elegant
          Who It’s Right For
          • Fans of marble designs
          • Those looking for something bold yet elegant

            Golden Wildcat - Tiger Fur iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

            best iphone 12 case


            Animal prints are always in style and if you are a fan of them, look no further than the Golden Wildcat Tiger Fur design on display here. 

            This elegant phone case features tiger stripes that simulate the beautiful patterned coat of a tiger. The name is very fitting too because this tiger-striped phone case is hardwired to protect your phone against damage and breakage. 

            The glossy scratch-resistant exterior and soft TPU interior provide a double layer of protection for your iPhone so that you do not have to worry when you take it out for a night on the town. 

            This phone case is perfect for the wild at heart and all lovers of animal print while also providing a high level of protection against damage. 

            For optimal protection, you can opt to purchase an additional screen protector although the phone case does feature a 2mm raised bevel to protect against falls and drops.  

            Why It’s Great
            • Bold and funky design
            • 2mm Raised Bevels 
            • Double layered protection
            • Versatile in terms of color
            Who It’s Right For
            • Fans of animal print
            • Those that enjoy ultra-bold designs

              Favorite Coat - Plaid iPhone 12 Pro Max Case 

              best case for iphone 12 pro max


              This phone case has been compared to the likes of Gucci and other top names in the business of design. 

              This is Probably due to the fact that it can be mistaken for any good designer plaid coat out there. Some designer products have been featured as the best iPhone se cases out there. 

              So, if you are committed to impressing with a phone case that reflects designer features, then this one's for you. The plaid design fits the gold iPhone 12 Pro Max perfectly because both reflect the timeless and elegant design. 

              As an added bonus it features 2mm raised bevels (which is more raised than the average raised bevel design), which means this phone case can protect your phone from the worst of falls. 

              You can choose to opt for a plastic snap case or a tough design, both of which have their own benefits. 

              The snap case is a single case that snaps onto your phone and fits snugly while the tough design fits snugly around your phone but offers a dual layer of protection. 

              This is a versatile and timeless phone case that will protect your phone and make you look and feel like a superstar while holding it. 

              Why It’s Great
              • Timeless
              • Elegant
              • Available in snap or tough case
              • Made from durable material
              • Designer quality
              Who It’s Right For
              • Fans of vintage designs
              • Those who prefer a more neutral palette

                Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case for Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max

                Of all the iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases, the pacific blue one is probably the most popular color. It features a metallic dark blue design that is incredibly beautiful and unique. 

                So, it is only fitting that you find a case to match that level of style and elegance. 

                Tropical Oasis Ornament iPhone 12 Pro Max Snap Case

                best cases for iphone 12 pro max


                The color of this phone case perfectly matches the Pacific Blue design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’s dark blue and teal and reflects the patterns often found on vases and porcelain ornaments. 

                This is a very stylish and elegant option and the snap case features ensure that it fits your phone well. 

                The case will cover all edges and corners of your phone which ensures that it is protected against damage and falls as much as the best drop proof iPhone 12 mini case.

                The glossy and scratch-resistant surface also provides a solid layer of protection. Also, this phone case is made from hardbound TPU plastic, which is one of the most durable and lightweight materials in phone case design. 

                In fact, some of the best iPhone 8 cases, best iPhone plus cases, and the best iPhone 8 plus cases feature the same material in their design. 

                This one is perfect for those looking for something timeless and elegant that does not add too much weight and bulk to your phone.

                Why It’s Great
                • Lightweight
                • Durable
                • Elegant 
                • Timeless
                • Colorful
                Who It’s Right For
                • Those who like mandala prints
                • Anyone who enjoys cool colors
                • Festival and beach-goers

                  Give Me Butterflies iPhone 12 Pro Max Tough Case

                  best iphone 12 pro max cases


                  This is part of a new range of designs that emphasize fun and flair. You do not need to be a fan of butterflies to appreciate the whimsy and playfulness of this phone case which features an array of butterflies against a light blue background. 

                  This blue phone case will match and show off the design of your Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max case without compromising on the protective features. 

                  The tough design of this case features a dual-layer of protection and also improves overall grip, which prevents accidents from happening. 

                  This phone case is perfect for anybody who is looking for a phone case that not only matches their phones but also brings an element of fun to any outfit or day. It is also a suitable option for any age, making it a versatile option for old and young. 

                  Why It’s Great
                  • Whimsical design
                  • Tough features
                  • Durable
                  • Suitable for all ages
                  Who It’s Right For
                  • Fans of more feminine designs
                  • Butterfly-lovers
                  • Those who prefer cool tones

                    Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case for Silver iPhone 12 Pro Max

                    Silver iPhones are timeless and probably the option most people associate with iPhone design. 

                    For this reason, there are a wide variety of cases that can protect your silver iPhone and maintain the integrity of its design. Below are our top picks for the silver iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

                    Glacial Desert White Snakeskin iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

                    best protective case for iphone 12 pro max


                    If you are looking for a snakeskin design that seamlessly matches your phone, look no further than the Glacial Desert phone case. 

                    This phone case has a white snakeskin design that matches the silver iPhone 12 Pro Max and enhances its beautiful design. 

                    The snakeskin provides its own extra layer of protection and improves grip and shock absorption. In addition, there are many other protective features such as a raised bevel design that ensures that your phone is optimally protected at all times. 

                    The only downside to this one is that it is completely white which makes it prone to show dust and dirt that gathers on the surface. 

                    But on the plus side, the snakeskin design is one of the easiest phone cases to clean so if you clean it regularly, it will always look as good as the day you bought it. Perfect for anyone looking for an understated and protective case that boasts an elegant design. 

                    Why It’s Great
                    • Improved grip
                    • Scratch-resistant
                    • Elegant
                    • Understated
                    • Versatile
                    • Easy to clean
                    Who It’s Right For
                    • Fans of snakeskin designs 
                    • Those who enjoy minimalist designs
                    • Anyone who loves the color white

                      90s Wave Indie iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

                       iphone 12 pro max case reviews

                      One of the best things about the silver iPhone 12 Pro Max is that it pretty much matches whatever phone case you choose to put on. 

                      This is why it is a popular option for so many people and the perfect match for the 90s Wave Indie iPhone 12 Pro Max Case. This tie-dye-inspired 90s phone case reflects everything we used to love about tie-dye. 

                      Its bright patterns and airy design is sure to light up any occasion. This is also part of a new range of phone cases at Burga called “Radiate Love”, which features bright and airy designs with matching accessories and a wide array of protective features. 

                      These features include a tough or snap case design, raised bevels of 2mm, and a scratch-resistant surface. 

                      One client commented that her phone flew across the room and survived the fall without a scratch. So, if you are looking for something with a bit of old-school neon flair, pick the 90s wave phone case or any other phone case from the “Radiate Love” collection. 

                      We are confident that most of these designs will be the perfect addition to your silver iPhone 12 Max Pro phone case, making it both stylish and protective. 

                      Why It’s Great
                      • Bright
                      • Old-school charm
                      • Durable
                      • Strong
                      • Scratch Resistant
                      Who It’s Right For
                      • Fans of bright colors
                      • Festival-goers
                      • Those who enjoy vintage and retro styles


                        So, you know which color iPhone you want but which phone case will make your phone and your heart sing the most? 

                        Personally, we are a fan of the snakeskin cases because they have all the protection of the plastic cases but with improved grip and non-slip features. Luckily they come in a wide array of colors so there will be one to suit your style and phone needs. 

                        Oftentimes, there is also the option between a snap case and a tough case. We believe the tough case just adds that extra bit of protection without compromising on style. 

                        Most of these phone cases also come with matching accessories, which means you can apply your style to a variety of things. It is all a matter of personal preference so be sure to choose the phone case that really speaks to you and offers enough protection.

                        Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case (FAQ)

                        Can I use an iPhone 11 case on my iPhone 12 Max Pro?

                        No. It should be noted that each case is specifically designed to suit your phone. Each case should fit snugly and expose the necessary ports while protecting the vulnerable parts. 

                        You can’t really follow a one size fits all approach here because even the best iPhone 11 case or the best protective case for iPhone 11 pro max won’t adequately cover your iPhone 12 Max Pro.  

                        Is a phone case for the iPhone 12 Max Pro really necessary?

                        Yes. A phone case will protect your phone from the impact induced damage that occurs when it drops, slips or falls so it is highly recommended that you invest in a phone case to protect your phone.

                        Should I buy a screen protector with my phone case?

                        Phone cases with raised bevel designs protect your screen from damage when it falls but a screen protector provides a much needed additional layer of protection making it a good option for the clumsy among us. 

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