Best iPhone SE cases

30 Sep 2021
best iphone se case

Just like the best protective case for iPhone 12 pro max, you want to be ticking all the boxes that will ensure you have the best protection for your iPhone SE. You want to make sure that the back, sides, and all edges are covered properly to avoid dust and dirt getting into the phone.

Covering the back and sides will also protect your device from scratches and dings. The best iPhone cases are made out of durable hard plastic. This material is used because it’s strong, lightweight, and cost-effective.

You want a phone case that does not break and lasts long. You also don’t want any prints to fade or peel off the cover. And to prove that it won’t, you want to be assured that the product you entrust with your valuable device is worth it.  

So what are the best iPhone SE 2020 cases? Let’s dive into our top 10 cases.

The Best iPhone SE cases (Our Review)

Shewolf iPhone SE Case (Best Slim and Sleek Phone Case)

best case for iphone se

Project your alter ego with this fierce phone cover design, representing all that is bold and confident. The character of this phone cover is as strong as the case and can be purchased as a tough design option or a snap design option.

The tough design comes in a double layer for that extra protection. The TPU interior protects your device when it falls, absorbing the shock. And the outer hard plastic cover protects your device against scrapes and also protects the screen and camera with its raised bezel edges. 

This type of layered protection is significant if you are very active, continuously multi-tasking, or for the unexpected slip out of the hand. This attractive Shewolf design is very popular and can also be found in the list of the top iPhone 11 cases.

Why it’s Great

  • Protection with style
  • Never fading HQ prints
  • 12-month warranty
  • Glossy scratch-resistant surface

Who it’s Right for

  • Animal fans
  • Those wanting a bold phone case

    Glacial Desert White Snakeskin iPhone SE Case (Best Tough Case)

    best iphone se cases

    Transform your phone into a high fashion accessory with this white luxurious snakeskin gloss print. The surface is smooth (printed texture) and scratch-resistant so no reprint maintenance to worry about.

    Although it might look realistic, no animals were harmed in the making of this cover. But you might be fooled by our attention to detail when it comes to creating bold and realistic designs. Hard-wearing, strong, shock-absorbent are features that are substantial of this cover. 

    Although the cover is slim, you can still get a good grip with the phone inside. This completely eases the edge should you ever need to unwillingly hand your phone over to slippery fingers.

    But should it slip, don’t fret. Just like the best iPhone XR case, this case is covered with a 12-month warranty that comes with the purchase because we believe in our product.

    Why it’s Great

    • Great grip
    • Easy to clean
    • Very versatile
    • Glossy Scratch-resistant surface

    Who it’s Right for

    • Fans of snakeskin
    • Those wanting something that easily matches other colors
    • Anyone who prefers a more minimalist design

      Wild Blaze Red iPhone SE Case (Best Color)

      coolest iphone se cases

      Tired of the covid-19 blues? Turn up the energy with this wild blaze red iPhone SE cover. A stunning mix of crimson and cardinal red in a marble design, it brings just the right amount of pop to color your day.

      This beauty has proved to be conventional in its design, making features like wireless charging a breeze. An advantage that was also flattering in the design of the best iPhone x case and the best iPhone plus cases.

      Buy it for yourself, for your aunt, for your best friend; no doubt they will fall in love with its vibrancy. We love that you can show off this phone case accessory without ever having to compromise on phone protection.  

      Why it’s Great

      • Slim
      • Never fading high-quality prints
      • Affordable
      • Stylish

      Who it’s Right for

      • Anyone with a bold sense of style
      • Those who want a bright, vibrant phone case
      • Fans of the color red

        Boho Dreams iPhone SE Case (Best Overall)

        best protective case for iphone se

        Go Boho-chic with eclectic patterns, natural elements, and printed textures. These designer iPhone SE cases would be perfect for the influencer or fashion icon. And did I mention the print will never fade, that’s right, Boho Dreams forever?

        What’s also great is that its slim cover design has minimal impact on the size of the phone. This makes it easy to fit into pockets and wallets. Or if you are busy working like painting walls or decorating, your phone is safe in your pocket.

        This is resourceful and you will find that the same goes for the best iPhone 8 cases, best iPhone 8 plus cases, and the best iPhone 11 pro max case design.

        Designers live for this. It’s amazing how much you can tell about a person just by looking at their phone cover.  

        Why it’s Great

        • Slim design
        • Versatile
        • Easy to clean
        • 2mm raised bevels

        Who it’s Right for

        • Those who prefer a more understated design
        • People are looking for a more neutral palette
        • Fans of rustic aesthetics

          Rebel Heart Cactus iPhone SE Case (Best for Dual Layer Protection)

          best phone case for iphone se

          Be unique as the cacti flower with the Rebel Heart Cactus case. This succulent may symbolize endurance but this hard cover phone case defines it.

          It rolls with the punches protecting your device from dust and dirt and any accidental spills. Also protecting the corners from cracking when it is the same as the best iPhone xs case and best iPhone 12 mini case

          The tough design comes in a dual-layer of protection which also advances the overall grip.

          Why it’s Great

          • Easy to clean
          • Fun
          • smooth
          • Scratch resistant surface

          Who it’s Right for

          • Cactus and plant-lovers
          • Fans of summery designs

            Purple Skies Marble iPhone SE Case (Best Shock Resistant)

            iphone se case review

            Start a trend with this deep purple marble-infused geode print. Enriched with golden color specks, this galactic phone cover is literally 'fashion out of this world'.

            This phone case brings an element of fun to any outfit or day. More than likely would attract the likes of your artistic friend that’s creative and original and allows room for self-expression. So if you are ever stuck for a gift, look no further.

            This cover provides full protection for your phone. What’s great is that you never have to worry about particles getting into your phone. Its snug design is a great advantage and leaves you with one less thing to worry about.

            Why it’s Great

            • Snug design
            • Shock absorbing technology
            • Available in tough and snap case design
            • Fun design

            Who it’s Right for

            • Fans of marble designs
            • Those who like the color purple

            Anyone looking for a bold statement piece

              Hot Cocoa Spotted iPhone SE Case (Best fit)

              most protective iphone se case

              Quick and easy snap-on application for this Hot Cocoa Spotty. This gloss cover offers a conservative style and accessories ‘a look’. All ports are easily accessible which is especially great when you’re multitasking.

              You can get things done quicker. For ideal protection, you can purchase an additional screen protector, but it can be extra as this phone case does feature a 2mm raised bevel to protect the screen and camera when dropped. 

              Why it’s Great

              • Easy on the eye
              • Durable
              • Strong
              • Scratch Resistant

              Who it’s Right for

              • Those who prefer a more soft, feminine design
              • Fans of pink and purple

                Midnight Kiss Star iPhone SE Case (Best Protective Phone Case)

                top iphone se cases

                This pretty case is somewhat calm and magical. A design any tween would be mesmerized with. The colors don’t change at all. It never fades. It never peels. The problem lies when your tween realizes there are hundreds to choose from. 

                This cover will provide the maximum protection any kid will need. Shock absorbent if it accidentally drops out their pocket while rollerblading, or skateboarding, or while getting up to mischief.

                Raised bezels to protect the screen and camera when. And the additional inner TPU layer for double protection.

                Why it’s Great

                • Protection with style
                • Never fading HQ prints
                • 12-month warranty
                • Glossy Scratch-resistant surface

                Who it’s Right For

                • Those wanting a mystical, starlight-like design
                • Fans of darker colors
                • Anyone wanting something understated yet elegant

                  Vintage Edition Spots iPhone SE Case (Best Style)

                  best case iphone se

                  Inspired by past eras the touch of vintage just brings a sense of class and sophistication to any outfit. Mom would more than likely have her eyes fixed on this case. It oozes style while doing its job at the same time.

                  What else can you ask for, its protection from scratches and damages while working in the kitchen or driving or rushing through the airport to catch that last-minute flight? Mom of all people does not need anything extra to worry about.

                  No battery pack on this case which is great because the additional battery will add bulk making it uncomfortable in pockets and jackets. We like it streamlined.

                  Who it’s Great

                  • Durable
                  • Nostalgic design
                  • Easy to clean
                  • Glossy

                  Who it’s Right for

                  • Fans of vintage design
                  • Those looking for something a little more bold
                  • Anyone wanting something colorful 

                    Reaper's Touch - Snakeskin iPhone SE Case (Best Print)

                    best iphone se case for drops

                    The old timeless snakeskin design in dark black is a must if you are going for that classic style. White base with black snakeskin accessory is such a distinctive look and is stunning when coordinated properly.

                    With your stylish phone cover, you don’t have to be concerned about forgetting your phone outside. Perhaps you were at a rooftop bar or out on the balcony for a quick smoke break.

                    Rest assured that the cover will protect your device from the direct burn of the sun or sand from wind. Although it may not be water-resistant, it alleviates the direct impact of any weather damage to your device.

                    Start a trend and get your nails polished so that the print matches your phone cover.

                    Why it’s Great

                    • Slim design
                    • Printed texture
                    • Don’t need to clean
                    • All sides covered

                    Who it’s Right for

                    • Fans of crocodile and snakeskin
                    • Those wanting something neutral or black

                      Honey Bee iPhone SE Case (Best Scratch Resistant)

                      most durable iphone se case

                      Be reliable, be cute, be durable, and be cost-effective. Everything you want in a phone case. This adorable design nails it, cuteness and protection all in one. Just like a bee protects itself by releasing its sting, so does the cover protect the phone by taking all the knocks.

                      Busy bees we are for sure, doing ten things at the same time is what we’re obligated to do to keep up with today's demands. And this is why we love that we can tick off multiple advantages with this purchase all at once.

                      Why it’s Great

                      • Protects against sand and dust
                      • Glossy print
                      • The print doesn’t scratch
                      • The print doesn’t peel

                      Who it’s Right for

                      • Animal and bee-lovers
                      • Fans of animal prints


                        We love that at Burga, the iPhone SE case is thought of as an added fashion accessory. And that we’ve made it simple, all you need to do is apply your style to it. After all, your phone won’t look complete without its cover. It just enhances the appearance of your iPhone.

                        And although the functionality of some phone covers is heightened like having a section for cardholders or money or the battery pack like we’ve mentioned. We like it simple.

                        These iPhone SE cover designs have proved over and over that it provides the best protection without all the frills. We just want it to serve the purpose of protecting your device with that added element of style. And we want it to do all this, affordably.

                        It certainly is a matter of personal preference, so be sure to choose the phone case that really speaks to you and offers the protection your phone needs.

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