Toughest iPhone Cases

25 Oct 2021
Toughest iPhone Cases

Looking for the toughest iPhone case that will protect your beloved iPhone, without compromising on quality and style? Look no further than Burga. 

Our iPhone cases offer unrivaled protection and designer style, all in one amazing product. No matter which iPhone you have, we have you covered with our stunning phone cases collection in a wide variety of gorgeous high-quality prints that never fade. 

Our tough range of iPhone cases provides maximum protection against the inevitable mishaps of life, such as accidental bumps, scratches, and falls. Enjoy shockproof protection and heavy-duty coverage, without adding unnecessary bulk to your iPhone.

To discover how our toughest range of iPhone cases will meet all your needs, read our helpful guide below.

Our Guide To The Toughest iPhone Cases

In this short guide, we explain what toughened cases are and how they work, as well as who they are right for. We also point out what to avoid, and what you should look out for when purchasing a tough iPhone case.

What Tough iPhone Cases Are And How They Work

To understand how tough cases protect your device, you need to know how iPhone cases are made. Many phone cases on the market offer only a single layer of protection in the form of hard plastic or soft silicone shell. 

The best cases are the heavy-duty ones that offer maximum protection, and they do this utilizing 2 or more layers of material. The materials that these layers are made of, need to have particular properties that allow them to protect your device in a variety of situations.

A tough or heavy-duty iPhone case should have more than one layer of protection, and each layer has a different role to play in the protection of your iPhone. The outer layer needs to be very strong, and it must keep your iPhone safe from bumps, scratches, dust, and moisture.

The inner layer needs to be soft and pliable, not only to prevent the outer hard material from damaging your device but also to absorb the shock of an impact in an accidental fall.

At Burga, we offer this dual-layer protection.

Reasons You May Need A Heavy-Duty iPhone Case

toughest iphone case

Whether you work in an environment where your iPhone is at risk of falling from a desk, engage in physical activities such as outdoor sports that could endanger your phone, or are just naturally clumsy; a tough case is an invaluable item that no iPhone owner should be without. 

iPhone repairs are very expensive, and you’ll be seriously inconvenienced living without your iPhone while it's being repaired or replaced after an accident. So don't take the risk with your prized possession, keep it safe from harm by investing in a heavy-duty protective case.

A good quality protective case will protect your iPhone against all kinds of damage, and also keep it clean. This will prolong the life of your device, saving you time and especially money in the long term.

What To Avoid In A Protective iPhone Case

These are some possible pitfalls when buying a phone case, so be sure to choose the best quality product you can find, and only purchase products from a reputable dealer, like Burga.

  • Avoid products that are not manufactured by a reputable company, or are not covered by a warranty
  • Do hard cases scratch your iPhone? Yes, they can, if they are made of hard plastic only, and do not have a softer inner layer of protection
  • Unfortunately, the toughest iPhone cases often add extra bulk and weight to your phone. Another thing to consider with heavy-duty iPhone cases is the impact they will have on touchscreen sensitivity, speaker and microphone clarity, and port accessibility. Burga’s cases take all of these things into consideration
  • The type of plastic used is very important. Plastic is the main offender in the problem of pollution, so you must avoid products that are made of plastics that are not recyclable. The type of plastic we use is recyclable

What To Look For In A Protective iPhone Case

These are important tips to consider when investing in a protective case for your iPhone.

  • Research the product you intend to buy. Check if it is shatterproof/shockproof, water-resistant, made from high-quality materials, and covered by a warranty
  • Cheap and easy to clean, plastic is the material of choice for most phone cases. Opt for incredibly strong that has a durable polycarbonate plastic for the outer layer, and soft yet flexible thermoplastic polyurethane, for the inner shock-absorbing layer
  • When choosing a protective iPhone case, consider your lifestyle and habits. Will you be using it for work? If so, what kind of work environment are you in? Will you be traveling with it, or taking it along to sport or gym sessions? How clumsy are you?
  • Will the charging port and headphone jack still be easily accessible once the protective case is on your iPhone? Are the screen and camera lenses also protected?
  • Look online for customer reviews of the product, and examine the pros and cons. They could give you an indication of the phone case you’re thinking of buying will meet your particular needs, and warn you about potential problems
  • In today's climate of environmental awareness, you may be wondering: can iPhone cases be recycled? When buying a protective iPhone case, it is vital that you take note of the materials that were used to manufacture that product, and if they are recyclable.

Burga’s Tough iPhone Cases Meet All These Requirements

best rugged iphone case

Unlike some other protective iPhone cases out there, Burga’s tough range of iPhone covers encases your entire phone with a dual-layer of protection. They safeguard your phone in the case of accidental drops and scratches, and also provide shock-absorption in the event of hard falls.

Our strong, yet sleek and lightweight tough iPhone case design features raised 2mm bezels that keep your screen and camera lenses free from dirt and grime that could cause scratches, without adding bulk to your device or affecting port accessibility.

Burga’s protective iPhone cases are made of fully recyclable materials. If you are an eco-warrior, drop them off at specialized recycling centers to be remade into other useful products, once you are ready to retire them. 

You won’t have to worry about that for a long time, though, as our extremely durable iPhone cases will last for a very long time, which is a very important factor in the current global trend of sustainable living.

Our heavy-duty iPhone cases are constructed from a shock-absorbent thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) inner layer and an extremely durable polycarbonate plastic (PC) outer panel. These high-grade materials offer maximum protection for your iPhone. 

PC is as close to indestructible as plastic can get, and is many times stronger than regular plastic or glass. That is why it is such a popular material for the manufacturing of tough phone cases. The glossy, scratch-resistant finish will also stay looking good for ages.

TPU is a combination of the strength of plastic and the flexibility of rubber. Whereas silicone causes heat to be stored in the phone case and could damage your phone, TPU conducts heat away from your iPhone. This is vital to the longevity of your iPhone.

Our iPhone cases don’t crack or break, and the vibrant eye-catching prints won’t fade or peel off. We are so certain of this, that we offer a 12-month international warranty on all our products. 


Don't sacrifice style or protection when looking for an iPhone case. You can have both, by investing in a high-quality tough iPhone case from Burga. 

Our tough iPhone cases are specially designed to hug the dimensions of your particular iPhone model. We cater to all iPhone models from 6 up, as well as other top mobile phone brands.

Keep your iPhone safe no matter what life throws at you, with one of our beautiful yet tough protective cases. They will protect your iPhone against bumps, drops, scratches, and falls. And they’ll look fabulous while doing so.

Toughest iPhone Cases FAQs

Will a hard phone case protect my iPhone from heat damage?

Yes, if it’s made by Burga. Our dual-layer tough range of phone cases feature an inner sleeve of thermoplastic polyurethane which, unlike silicone, does not retain heat but instead leads it away from the device.

Will a hard phone case scratch my iPhone’s screen or camera lens?

Not if it’s made by Burga, because unlike some iPhone cases on the market, all our iPhone cases have raised 2mm bezels, specially designed to protect your device’s screen and camera lenses from scratches.

Are iPhone cases recyclable?

Phone cases are usually made of plastic, and not all plastics are recyclable. Burga’s iPhone cases are made of both polycarbonate plastic and thermoplastic polyurethane, incredibly resilient and durable materials that are recyclable at specialized recycling centers.

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