Will iPhone X Case Fit iPhone XS?

25 Oct 2021
Will iPhone X Case Fit iPhone XS

If your old iPhone X case is still in great condition and you want to reuse it, you’ve probably asked, will the iPhone X case fit iPhone XS, should you decide to upgrade? The convenience of having it fit both phones would of course be a big win especially from a cost perspective, but what about protection?

Will it provide the best protection for your brand new XS iPhone? Will it fit perfectly with no gaps anywhere and will all ports be easily accessible? These are questions we want to be answered because while it’s great to save, you also don't want to be cutting corners on protection for your device.

Will the iPhone X case fit iPhone XS?

The answer is yes, the X case does indeed fit the XS, but with some slight differences. It fits because the two covers have identical design dimensions. The width of both phones is 70.94mm, the length 143.57mm, and a depth of 7,70mm.

does iphone x case fit iphone xs

The ports are also positioned in the same place, which makes the fit almost perfect. But, within the camera area lies the difference. The iPhone XS camera area measures 24.23 mm from top to bottom, and the iPhone XS camera area measures 24.13 mm top to bottom. 

It is the camera lens on the iPhone XS which has a new wide-angle sensor that makes it larger compared to the iPhone X. The difference is a fraction of millimeters. So if the iPhone X case leaves room around its camera hole, the case will fit the iPhone XS. 

The iPhone XS camera won't exactly be centered in the iPhone X case camera hole, but you will still be able to take perfect pictures. 

Then there’s also the speaker holes at the bottom of the phone that differ. The iPhone X has an equal number of six speaker holes on either side of the charge port and the iPhone XS has three on one side of the charge port and six on the opposite side.

That said, if you are the type that doesn’t sweat the small stuff, you’ll be absolutely fine using the iPhone X case on the iPhone XS. This will not harm or affect the camera or photo quality at all. 

Same with the iPod. You might be wondering, can iPhone cases fit the iPod touch? We found out that the iPhone 5 cases will fit iPod's gen 5 and 6th gen because they are the same. But, the volume buttons will be a bit off. 

But if you’re not the type to let it go, then best you don’t use the X cover on the XS because the imperfections will irritate you.

Our advice is that you should buy an iPhone XS cover for your new iPhone XS. While an iPhone X cover might work in a pinch, not having access to certain features of your phone will get annoying in the long run. Plus, using an iPhone without a case is a bad idea. It’s best that you get it covered as soon as possible.


Searching which iPhone cases are compatible can be a challenge, like will an iPhone 8 case fit an iPhone SE or will an iPhone XR case fit iPhone 11

But, companies like Burga have an array of really cool iPhone cases available online that have been specifically designed to fit specific models. On the XS iPhone cover, we’ve made provision for the larger camera and we also have precise cutouts for the bottom speakers so that the fit is perfect.

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