Using iPhone Without Case

25 Oct 2021
Using iPhone Without Case

Using an iPhone without a case may be an attractive idea to some. Whether you like the ‘naked’ look of your phone or just don't feel like spending extra money on a case, it’s a personal preference for some. On the other hand, a good phone case can save you a lot of extra money by preventing the need for repairs.

The debate of whether you should use your phone with a case or not has divided many iPhone loyalists. Are iPhone cases necessary? Some would say that hiding the elegance of the latest iPhones inside a case is criminal.

Then again, do you really want to be taking a chance on the thousands of dollars you just paid for your device? We all know that iPhone repairs are not budget-friendly. 

Our advice? Play it safe with a phone case.

Why Do I Need An iPhone Case?

Yes we know - your iPhone is slimmer and more modern looking without a case. Many people favor this aesthetic over a cautionary approach. 

Unfortunately, even if you are the most graceful human on the planet, you can’t help certain accidents from happening. Let’s review both sides of the phone case argument. 

The Argument In Favour of Ditching the Case

If you look at some of the latest iPhones, you cannot deny how visually pleasing they are. After all, they do have teams of people working together for months on end to design the latest iPhone. 

Some argue that an iPhone should be used in the way that it was intended: just as it comes out of the box. They say that the user experience of iPhones is significantly improved when used without a cover. After all, this is what it was designed for. 

These people will argue that you simply become more cautious when your phone is naked and vulnerable. Even if this is true, you cannot stop things out of your control.

People bump into you while you are using your phone, someone else knocks your phone off the table or it comes into contact with anything else in your bag and it gets scratched. Events like these are common occurrences and not our fault at all. 

Arguments in favor of not using a case may also be because a case is an extra expense for your phone. 

For instance, you may be switching from an Android device to an iPhone. Don't bother asking ‘can iPhone cases fit android phones?’. The answer here is no. The two brands make very different devices. 

This does not mean a case is not worth the extra cost. If you have ever had your iPhone repaired, you know the cost of a case is minuscule compared to repairing the phone. This is true in terms of money and convenience. 

The Argument In Favour of the Case

 does iphone need a case

Cases can add some extra thickness to your phone but it is a great trade-off for your phone’s longevity. You can get some great cases these days that are designed to be as slim as possible while offering protection to your phone. 

Even slimmer cases offer a good amount of surface-level protection. It prevents annoying scratches and marks that are caused by items in your bag or pocket. Plus, if you upgrade your phone and want to sell your old iPhone, your actual phone will look good as new thanks to a case.

Another great feature about phone cases is the fact that they protect your camera. A phone’s camera is a pretty big deal to most people and the iPhone’s flash is very prone to getting scratches due to its placement. A phone case will create a bit of a barrier for your camera and flash.

If you can purchase a good quality phone case, it should last you a really long time. Some iPhone cases are even interchangeable between certain models. Do iPhone cases fit iPods? Yes, your older phone cases can even fit models of the iPod Touch.

Those who would still like to appreciate the beauty of the iPhone design can still get a clear phone case. This will still show off your new phone’s features and the classic logo. 

On the other hand, if you like to stand out, you can get a phone case to match your style. Bright cases do make them easy to distinguish from other people’s phones that are lying around.

If you are absolutely set on experiencing your phone without a case, then try it at your own risk. We would recommend having a backup case with you. In that way, you can slip your phone cover back on when it goes into your bag or when you are walking in a crowded area.

Should I Use My Old Phone Case For My New Phone?

If you have an old iPhone case lying around and you want to reuse it, that’s great. But it will only work on the condition that it fits your new phone. Different generations of iPhones have different thicknesses, lengths, side buttons, ports, and camera placement. 

There are certain models that work with each other and their cases will fit each other. You just have to know which iPhone cases are compatible

For example, will an iPhone X case fit the iPhone XS? Yes, as these two models have relatively similar dimensions. But will an iPhone XR case fit the iPhone 11

Technically the iPhone XR and 11 are the same sizes and the covers should fit. The camera alignment will be slightly off though.

What about the SE? What phone case fits iPhone SE? If you purchased the 2020 version of the iPhone SE, your iPhone 7 or 8 cover will fit it nicely. 

Even if you use a phone cover that was technically designed for another model and the case is a few millimeters off, it is still a safer option than no phone case at all. 

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