What Cases Fit iPhone 12?

25 Oct 2021
what cases fit iphone 12

If you upgraded to the iPhone 12 you might be wondering what cases fit iPhone 12. Buying a new phone case every time you upgrade your phone is an unwanted expense especially if the cover from your previous phone is absolutely fine. 

In this article, we won't be reviewing which iPhone cases fit the XR or what cases fit iPhone 8 but instead, we will take a look at what cases fit iPhone 12.

What Cases Fit iPhone 12?

When the new iPhone 12 was launched, the biggest change that we noticed was the design. They went from curved edges on the iPhone 11 to flat edges for the iPhone 12. Because of this, there is no chance of an iPhone 11 cover fitting the iPhone 12.

So what cases fit the iPhone 12? There are no other older model phones that will fit the new iPhone 12 so unfortunately this time around you would need to buy a new case. The trick would be to look for a high-quality case that is cost-effective.

Luckily, we have trendy iPhone 12 cases that won't break your bank account and will still deliver full protection for your phone. So let's run through a few of them.

Ubud Jungle Turquoise iPhone 12 Case

what iphone cases fit the 12

The trendy Ubud Jungle case design is where Marble meets geode. The turquoise is stunning on this iPhone case and adds an earthy feel. This tough phone case is not only super stylish, but it will protect your phone from those unexpected falls. 

It has double layer protection; a silicone interior that provides shock absorption and protects your iPhone from drops and a highly durable hard exterior shell. 

It also has raised 2mm bezels for screen and camera protection which is great so that when dropped it doesn't have direct contact with the floor. 

Pink Croco iPhone 12 Case

will an iphone 11 case fit an iphone 12

What we love about this iPhone 12 case is that no animals were harmed in making this cover. The crocodile texture you are seeing is in fact a printed pattern. The pink adds that softness to the wild animal which fits with some personality types. 

These high-quality prints do not fade while simultaneously offering heavy-duty protection to your device. We love that it can be bought as just a snap case which is a hard shell exterior case for that extra lightweight feel.

This slim and sleek style offers minimal impact on the size of the device.

Watch Out iPhone 12 Case

does iphone 11 case fit iphone 12

Watch Out is exactly the message you want to project with this case cover. It screams attitude with the bright magenta-colored background covered in red snakes. You are guaranteed to draw attention to this case. 

This case comes in both single-layer snap protection and double-layer silicone and hard shell protection. And best of all, you can also find these awesome designs for cute iPhone 12 mini-cases and cool iPhone 12 pro cases.

Give Me Butterflies iPhone 12 Case

which iphone cases fit iphone 12

Playful butterflies are all pretty in blue. We love that there’s a design for every mood and every outfit, yet still, it provides the ultimate protection for your phone. 

These stunning protective cases will protect your device from dirt getting inside it, from knocks and dents when it falls and best of all it’s scratch resistant. With all this to offer, who can even think of using an iPhone without a case?

And if that's not enough, you also get a 12-month international warranty. These phone cases do not break and the prints do not fade or peel off. 

What we’ve also wondered is can iPhone cases fit android phones? This unfortunately is not possible, but luckily you can find funky designs for androids as well.  


Yes, it is unfortunate that no old phone cases can fit the iPhone 12. But as we’ve seen here, there are plenty of cases out there that are good quality, reasonably priced, and protect your phone well. And not to forget, the variety of designs are fun to choose from. 

They could compliment your wardrobe and perhaps even your mood. Make that statement without saying a word.

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