What Phone Case Fits iPhone SE

25 Oct 2021
What Phone Case Fits iPhone SE

Purchasing a new iPhone may not be easy on the budget but you can save a little bit of cash if you reuse your old phone case. For those who invest in good-quality phone cases, you can possibly look to use the same case for your next iPhone. We will be discussing what old phone case fits the iPhone SE (2020). 

Unfortunately, not all iPhones have identical phone case requirements. iPhones are made bigger, smaller, thinner, or longer according to public demand. This can make your life difficult if you have to buy a new phone case for each new model. 

The good news is that there are certain iPhones that are similar in shape and size. This means you can go from one iPhone model to the next with the same phone case. This begs the question, which iPhone cases are compatible

In this article, we are focusing on which cases are compatible with the iPhone SE.

What Cases Fit an IPhone SE?

iPhone 7/8

what cases fit iphone se

The iPhone SE is almost identical to the iPhone 8. The shape and size of the two models are similar enough for you to fit the same cases. 

The only drawback of using an iPhone 8 case for an iPhone SE is the fact that the logo is not in the same place on both phones. If your iPhone 8 case has a cut-out to show off the logo, just note that the cut-out will be blank on your iPhone SE. The iPhone SE has the logo in the center of the phone unlike the iPhone 8 which displays it a bit higher.

This is also true for the iPhone 6 and 7. iPhone 6 and 7 cases should fit an iPhone SE perfectly. The logo on the iPhone SE is still lower than these models, so keep that in mind for cases that show off the logo.

iPhone 11 & 12

will an iphone 8 case fit an iphone se

The iPhones 11 & 12 are the newer iPhone models. These come from the range with much larger screens than the iPhones 6,7,8 and SE. Your iPhone 11 or 12 case will not fit properly on the SE model. 

What iPhone cases fit the 11? Cases designed for the iPhone 11 will fit on the iPhone XR. Remember that the XR is not the same as the iPhone X. 

Which iPhone cases fit iPhone X in that case? The iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone XS and X can all use the same phone covers. 

With these models, pay special attention to the placement of the camera. Make sure the old phone cover does not cover it up. This can be annoying to have to take the cover off every time you snap a picture.

Android Covers 

Can iPhone cases fit Android phones? You are probably considering this question if you are switching from an Android phone to an iPhone or vice versa. 

Unfortunately, your old Android cover is not going to work for your new iPhone. Even if the two phone models are similar in size, the cameras are placed in different positions. In this case, it is not ideal to use Android cases for iPhones. 


Many people want to know ‘do iPhone cases fit iPods?’ in the hopes that they can share accessories between iPods and iPhones. 

While you could possibly get away with using an iPhone 5 case for your iPod, it will not be a perfect fit. The buttons do not align properly so using an iPod case on your iPhone would just be a nuisance. 

Can I Use My iPhone Without a Case?

If you do not already have a compatible iPhone case, you may be wondering ‘are iPhone cases necessary?’ Strictly speaking, you do not need a phone case for your iPhone. We strongly recommend that you do, though. 

If the cost of buying a new case on top of the cost of buying a new phone is overwhelming, think about the money you will have to spend on fixing your iPhone if it gets damaged. 

You may be a very cautious person, but accidents and wear and tear to our phones happen. A phone case at minimum protects your phone from scratches and surface damage. Good quality cases will also protect your phone against falls. 

Make sure you invest in a reputable phone cover to protect your finances in the long run. 

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