Can iPhone Cases Fit Android Phones?

25 Oct 2021
Can iPhone Cases Fit Android Phones?

Keeping up with iPhone technology, trends and dramatic changes is an essential part of being an iPhone user.

This means if you love your smartphone, you must love the accessories that come with it too. Phone covers prevent the bumps, scratches, and wear & tear of your phone without being boring.  

But, if you’re wanting to make the switch between iPhone and Android, you might be wondering whether iPhone cases fit Android phones. In this article, we’ll explore exactly that.

Will an iPhone Case Fit My Android Phone? 

Simply put, an iPhone case will not fit an android phone. Each case is manufactured to fit a specific phone and model. That’s because each phone has a specific dimension that does not match other phones. 

The camera placements on iPhones and Android phones do not match and the screen dimensions are also not the same. You will not find any iPhone cover in the market that fits an android phone. 

So, if you're keen on making a switch from an iPhone to an Android phone you will also have to purchase the correct phone case to match your new phone. 

What kind of cases should you use for an Android Phone? 

Just like with the iPhone, you can style your phone with great accessories to keep it protected, cool, and fully functional. 

When it comes to Android phones, each phone model has a unique cover that is manufactured to match that phone’s unique specifications.

Broadly speaking the market is flooded with unique phone cases. But there are a few categories of Android phone cases that stand out. Here they are:

  • Thin Cases are lightweight phone cases. They don’t add bulk to your phone and are usually made from TPU or polycarbonate. These phone cases are most popular and come in loads of unique designs too. 
  • Hybrid Cases are also thin cases with added protection. They offer greater protection and are available in stylish designs too. 
  • Wallet Cases are also a popular choice these days. You can stash your credit cards and even some cash in these wallet cases. 
  • Rugged Cases are heavy and big. These cases are manufactured to ensure the ultimate survival of your android phone and are perfect for someone who works in rough environments. 

Which iPhone cases fit more than One iPhone?

Some iPhone cases fit other iPhone models however it's often an imperfect fit. 
Keep in mind though that phone manufacturers don’t make new improved models just to fit the case of an older model. 

Every iPhone manufactured since 2007 has had notable changes and improvements made to it. Some of the newer models are major upgrades from previous models.

But here’s one iPhone case that does fit a newer model, even though it's not a perfect fit.

iphone cases fit android phones

  • Will an iPhone X case fit the iPhone XS? Yes, even though the iPhone X camera bump is slightly smaller than the iPhone XS, an imperfect fit does not render the camera usage impossible. So if you purchased a beautiful protected phone case for your iPhone X the chance of using it for an iPhone XS is good. 

The iPhone 11 is a good example of how an iPhone can fit the case of an older model, however, the iPhone 11 has a double camera on the back while the iPhone XR uses a single camera. This is why the case is incompatible for usage. 

So even though you may be holding on to some hope that your old iPhone case will fit your new iPhone, the chances are it won’t be a perfect fit. 

You might get lucky with an imperfect fit, but why be inconvenienced if it prevents you from enjoying the upgraded benefits of your new iPhone? 

We recommend that you avoid using your new iPhone without a case. If you are looking for what case will fit your iPhone 12, take a look at our iPhone 12 case range. 

Unfortunately if you are wondering if an iPhone case will fit your iPods, you won’t find the right fit amongst iPhone cases. Luckily, we have a full range of iPod cases to choose from. 


It is mainly a given today that when you purchase an iPhone or an Android phone you would also make sure to buy the matching phone case as well.  Technology is constantly improving, even in the phone case market, we are witnessing some great new technology being introduced. 

This means we can look forward to more great innovation on the way. Avoid getting fixated on limiting ideas that will ultimately hold you back from truly enjoying the full benefits of your new phone. 

Go for the latest phone cases to match the latest smartphones and get excited about the full package deals offering you the latest value in technological breakthroughs.  

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