Do Hard Cases Scratch Your iPhone?

25 Oct 2021
Do Hard Cases Scratch Your iPhone

Hard plastic cases are by far the most protective. But do hard cases scratch your iPhone? They can, if dirt gets trapped inside.

In this article, we’ll discuss how hard cases might scratch your phone, why it happens, and how you can prevent this.

Do Hard Cases Scratch Your iPhone?

Will A Phone Case Scratch Your iPhone?

The straight-up answer is that yes it can. Usually, when you put a case on your iPhone, you leave it on. After all, its job is to protect your device. Taking it off increases the chances that you could damage it.

It's also there to increase the grip of your phone, and to keep it safe from drops and rough handlings like placing it in a bag or the car cubby.

But what you might not realize is that debris can get in-between the iPhone case and the phone.

You might be out on a hike and your phone drops in the dirt. Or following a recipe on your iPhone while baking and dough or sugar get inside while handling it.

These are just two of hundreds of examples of how dirt can get inside your phone cover. And this can happen to even the toughest iPhone case.

Dirt will get inside and could even grind through the coating if it goes to the same place every time.

How Cases Scratch iPhones

will hard cases scratch your iPhone

A phone case can scratch your phone if sand or other junk gets under the cover and in-between your phone.

The particles move when you handle your phone and the case presses against the back of it. So when pressure is applied to the cover and phone, whatever is in-between will move and scratch your device. 

Now, this is might not even be visible to you if your phone case is always on. But when you eventually take it off, your once flawless phone is now scuffed, scratched, and perhaps even stained.

This becomes a problem because it depreciates if you intend to sell your phone when you upgrade. It also means that your phone doesn’t look as sleek and flawless as it once did.

How iPhone cases are made varies between the different materials used. For hard plastic cases, an injection mold is made up and thousands of iPhone cases are produced from it.

How to Prevent Scratches On My iPhone

Luckily, there are ways you can prevent this from happening.

Take your phone out of the case regularly. If you are constantlyusing your phone while doing activities then you should at the very least remove your iPhone case once a month. This way you can discard the loose dirt that got trapped inside there and prevent damage to your phone.

Wash your case. If you think about the places we take our phones to like the bathroom, shop counters, the couch where it often gets swallowed in, then you’ll know it’s easy to get a ton of dirt trapped behind the case. Washing your case with a light soap solution is a good idea to get rid of the germs and hidden dirt.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean your iPhone cover and gently wipe off smudges and stickiness.


Debris can get between your iPhone and its cover no matter which one you choose, even if it's an eco-friendly iPhone case.

But some TLC will take care of that scratch problem so that you can still collect your beautiful cell phone cases. 

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