How to Open iPhone Case

02 Nov 2021
How to Open iPhone Case

Without iPhone cases, our precious and pricey iPhones can easily fall victim to cracks, scratches, and breaking. But sometimes these dandy phone covers need to be removed, and we want to show you the best way to do it.  

Maybe you bought a brand-new cover, or you want to give your current one a clean. Maybe you constantly need to take your case off because you haven’t found iPhone cases that work with wireless charging.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is. We’ll show you the best way to remove iPhone cases. We will cover hard plastic cases, hybrid cases, and flexible cases made of rubber, gel, or silicone.

How to Remove Hard Plastic Phone Cases

These phone cases are made from hard plastic that snaps over the edges of your phone.

Hard plastic phone cases need to be removed carefully. They cannot bend much before they break. You need to apply enough pressure while still being gentle.

Most hard phone cases can be removed by using your hands and it is quite simple.

If your plastic cover breaks, you are probably wondering what to do with old iPhone cases. Depending on the material, these cases can sometimes be recycled. Polycarbonate (PC) and Thermoplastic Polyutherane (TPU) are 100% recyclable. Other plastics might not be.

Create a Soft and Protected Surface

Begin with a flat surface and clear everything from your desk or table. Place your phone on something soft, like a towel or blanket to prevent the phone from falling and cracking.

Find the Best Bottom Corner to Start

Start removing the cover on the side of the phone with the least buttons, because there is less bulk to work around. Start in the bottom corner of this side.

Pry the Bottom Corner Away from Your Phone

Use your thumbnail and stick it between the case and the phone. If it’s a tight fit you can wiggle your finger until you find a gap.

Gently pry the corner away from the phone by pulling the case downward and outward until it pops off.

Do not bend the case, because it can break and snap. If it starts bending, try another angle to remove the corner.

Pry the Top Corner Away from Your Phone

Use the same technique on the top corner as you did on the bottom corner. Pry the cover away until it pops off.

If the cover is still very tight, you can use your thumbnail or a credit card to slide between the phone and phone case.

As you remove the top corner, make sure not to drop your phone.

Remove the Phone from the Case

By now your phone is probably halfway out and can be removed from the rest of the cover safely.

If not, use your thumb to press the cover away from your phone gently until one side of the phone is free from the cover.

Now you can just tip over the phone case and let your phone fall out on its own. Make sure to drop it on the soft surface.

If the phone still does not come out, simply grab it and pull it out of the phone case.

how to get iphone case off

How to Remove Hard Plastic Covers that are Stuck

Some hard plastic phone cases are tougher to remove than others. Here’s how to remove a phone that is stuck in a hard plastic case.

Find a Prying Tool

Use prying tools with a flat tip. Most tech supply stores sell prying tools for phones, but you can find one in your home too.

Look for credit cards, small coins, or guitar picks. Anything thin and hard enough to slide between the cover and the phone would work.

Find Space to Insert the Prying Tool

Find a place in your hard plastic cover around the edges of your phone to insert your prying tool.

If you have difficulty finding a seam, opt for a very thin prying tool. Apply some pressure to wedge the thin prying tool between the phone and cover. Be careful not to damage your phone or phone case.

Slide the Tool Beneath the Corner of Your Case

By now you’ve managed to find a space to wedge the prying tool between the phone and the case. Keep it wedged between the phone and case, and slide it to the nearest corner.

Do this gently, without using too much force. You do not want to scratch or damage your phone or the cover.

Pry One Corner of the Case from the Phone

With the tool wedged between the case and the phone in one corner, use it to pop this corner of the case off.

Apply some pressure to the tool, but be gentle. 

Pry the Other Corner from the Phone

After managing to remove one corner of the phone case, slide your tool towards the other corner of the phone, on the same side. This means that you will be removing the top and bottom corners on the same side of the phone.

Use the tool to pop this corner of the case from the phone.

Remove the Phone from the Case

Once the phone is halfway out of its cover, it’s ready to be removed completely.

You can tip the cover over and let the phone fall out naturally. Make sure that it will land on a soft surface.

If the phone is still stuck, you can grab it and pull it out of the cover gently or use your thumbs to press the cover away from the phone.

If this doesn’t work, try pushing the phone out of the cover. Push the phone through the camera cut-out at the back of the case.

How to Remove Silicone, Rubber, and Gel Phone Cases

how to take off iphone case

Silicone, rubber, and gel phone cases are elastic and lightweight cases. These bendy and flexible cases are usually easy to remove.

They can become discolored and dirty, and need to be removed from your phone to clean. Before doing this, you should find out how to clean iPhone cases made of rubber, silicone, or gel to remove stains.   

Start at the top edge of the phone on the side with the least buttons. Start in this top corner and use your thumbs to push the case off the phone.

If the phone case is tight around the phone or stuck, you can use a prying tool to push the edges of the cover away from your phone. Wedge the tool in between the cover and the phone and push the cover off.

Effective prying tools you can find at home are credit cards, coins, and guitar picks.

How to Remove Hybrid Phone Cases

Hybrid phone cases employ a combination of different materials to offer extra protection. Usually, these covers have a soft inner case and a hard outer case or bumper.

Bumper covers protect the side of your phone. these covers only slide over the sides of your phone. they do not protect the back of your phone.

Can iPhone cases interfere with signal? Yes. Unfortunately, some metal cases can block signals, and you should know how to remove them.

Removing a Bumper

To remove a hybrid phone case, you need to remove the different parts separately. Start with the cover’s bumper or the hard outer cover.

Begin in the bottom right corner. Use your thumb to push down on the bumper until it slides off. do the same with the adjacent corner. The bumper will pop off easily.

Removing a Hard Outer Cover

To remove a hard outer cover it is best to use your thumbnail or a prying tool to wedge between the case and the phone.

Find a space between the phone and case where you can wedge your thumb or tool. Slide it into the corner you want to remove first.

Pry the corner of the case away from the phone by pulling the case downward and outward until the corner of the case pops off. Repeat this with the other corner on the same side of the phone.

Remove the phone from the case when one side is completely loose.

Removing a Soft Inner Cover

Soft inner covers made from silicone, gel, or TPU are usually quite easy to remove. Start in the top corner of the phone on the side with the least buttons.

Use your thumbs to push this corner off from the phone, and repeat it for the other corner on the same side of the phone.

If you struggle to pry away the case, use your thumbnail or a prying tool.

How to Open iPhone Case (FAQs)

Are iPhone cases expensive?

iPhone cases aren’t necessarily cheap, but durable phone cases are worth it.

How much do iPhone cases cost? This depends on the type of case, its durability, and its quality. Burga cases range between $30 and $40, and offer maximum protection.

How Long do iPhone Cases Last?  

Most iPhone cases typically last a year or more, but some people replace their phone cases when they are worn out. You can extend a phone case’s lifespan by cleaning and maintaining it properly.

So how many iPhone cases do you need? If you invest in a durable cover, you might only have to replace it after a year. You also need to buy new cases when you use different devices.

No iPhone is the same. Even iPhone XR cases look different than iPhone XS phone cases. You have to buy different cases for different models.

What is the Best Phone Case?

What type of phone case is best? Burga’s tough phone cases are a combination of polycarbonate (PC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which combine the advantages of both types of phone cases.

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