What is the Difference Between iPhone Case and Cover?

02 Nov 2021
What is the Difference Between iPhone Case and Cover

Because the words sound so similar, you might think that an iPhone case and an iPhone cover are the same thing. It can be confusing, but there is actually a difference between the two.

Let’s end the confusion right now and in doing so you will be better placed to decide what type of phone case is best for your phone. After all, there is a wide variety of cases available in the market.

If you love your mobile phone, read on and also learn more about the variety of protection and purposes of iPhone covers and cases today. 

The Purpose of Phone Cases 

There are plenty of cases in the market made from various materials, but the thing they have in common is the real protection offered against wear and tear, drops, falls, and many other kinds of unforeseeable accidents. 

Phone cases are vital phone accessories designed to protect your phone even though they look  trendy and fashionable. They come in a wide variety of material and thickness. Here are some examples of phone cases.

  1. Hard Phone cases are hard and sturdy and snap onto the back of the phone as well as around all four corners. They are lightweight and easy to use but you risk breaking it when dropped as they crack easily. 
  2. Silicone cases are still popular as they dont break when dropped, offer a firm grip and are easy to slip onto the back and corners of your phone. These cases are similar to Gel phone cases which are also light, rubbery and offer a firm grip.
  3. Tough phone cases are just as the name suggests. They are tough, more durable and bulkier than your silicone and gel cases. These cases are more resistant to long drops and can withstand greater damage than the previous cases. 
  4. There are also wallet cases available which have hard cases attached to the back and flip covers for the front. Here, you can also store your credit cards and stash some cash too.

What type of phone case is best

The Phone Cover Explained

The phone cover can protect the entire phone from potential damage because mainly it hides the phone. In other words the entire phone goes inside the cover. When you think of a phone cover it usually functions as an extra layer of protection for the phone, but it is not the main function. 

There are a variety of covers in the market that serve unique and practical purposes but it does not replace the phone case. You can have fun with waterproof covers for example that are designed specifically for taking photos underwater.

There are also armband covers which you can use when engaging in sporting activities. The space inside allows you to keep your phone, credit cards, cash, and even headphones. It is not expected that you will be wearing the armband all the time, but specifically when it is needed the most. 

Phone pouches and phone slips are very versatile covers and are mainly used to hide the phone, making it easy to carry around when not in use. So can you see the difference now? The functions of a cover are varied and uniquely different from that of a phone case. 

Let’s Highlight The Differences Between The iPhone Case And Phone Cover 

Maybe you still have some questions about the difference between an iPhone case and a phone cover? Here are some extra pointers to help you differentiate between the two:

  1. Phone covers wrap around your phone and hide it. They add some protection but do not guarantee full protection against shock resistance, bumps, falls, and slips.
  2. iPhone cases, on the other hand, offer greater protection and therefore fulfill the protective requirements to a very large degree. They are mainly made to be shock-resistant and some of the tougher cases are more durable against very large falls.
  3. Some of the most popular iPhone cases today do come very thin and are not as bulky as the tough or more rugged phone cases. It depends on your own needs when it comes to your lifestyle. 
  4. Phone cases as a rule should not be taken off the phone unless you have to remove the iPhone case to clean it. Covers on the other hand are easily removed when the phone is in actual use. When you need to text, check your email, or engage in any other phone activity then the cover usually comes off, but the case stays on. 

iPhone Case Versus Phone Cover

So what should you opt for as a priority purchase when you buy the latest iPhone? 

The answer to this question is simple really. Get the iPhone case first, because it is necessary to protect your phone against shocks, bumps, and falls. 

Without the iPhone case, your phone remains vulnerable and will be susceptible to many potential accidents. The cover does not guarantee solid protection and does not sit snugly around all four corners as the iPhone case does. 

Make selecting an iPhone case a priority as soon as you make your iPhone purchase. Have a look at these trendy iPhone 12 cases. They are sturdy, light, and durable while offering the best shock protection. The latest iPhone cases available at Burga are also compatible with wireless charging. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many iPhone Cases Do You Need? 

What are the differences between iPhone case and cover

Apart from the vital protection offered by iPhone cases, they come very stylishly too. iPhone cases are also trendy accessories that make a fashion statement. When you visit an online store like ours, you will no doubt be asking yourself this question, how many iPhone cases do I need?

Does the answer depend on why you think you would need more than one iPhone case? Maybe you’re considering getting a personalized iPhone case that you could use at business gatherings? 

You could consider differentiating your iPhone cases for different occasions as you see necessary.  At a business gathering, you would most likely be pulling out your phone more often than not. 

Why not make a professional statement with a more personalized iPhone case that you can swap to use at business meetings? 

How Much Do iPhone Cases Cost? 

Cost is always an important factor to consider when deciding to buy anything. It's only natural to question the pricing of iPhone cases too. Everyone asks the most obvious question, ‘how munch are iPhone cases?’ when making their next iPhone purchase. 

If you go the cheap, unimaginative route, you will end up taking a risk in a low-quality case. 

Measure the cost of your iPhone and how long you want it to last against the cost of iPhone cases. If you are willing to pay more than $500 for an iPhone then all you need to do is throw in an extra $30 or $40 for a premium iPhone case at Burga.

It's worth spending a few extra dollars on a high-quality stylish iPhone case. 

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