Can iPhone Cases Interfere With The Wifi Signal?

02 Nov 2021
Can iPhone Cases Interfere With The Wifi Signal

There are a whole bunch of things you need to keep in mind when purchasing cell phone accessories. It may seem like too much information to digest at times, but it is important to take note of it all to ensure you know what type of phone case is best. 

A phone case is an important cell phone accessory as it adds longevity to the life of your phone by protecting it from any potential damage. 

However, if you don’t have the correct information on hand when purchasing your phone case you could, for example, risk blocking out cellular signals.

That would be a waste of money so it’s important to save in the long run by avoiding cases that impact on signal strength. 

In this article, we discuss the reason why some phone cases will block the radio frequency required to connect you to wifi. 

Which Phone Cases Interferes And Even Blocks The Signal?

Depending on the material used in phone cases some of them will interfere with cell phone signals while others won’t. 

Generally phone cases that are also guilty of blocking the signal for wireless charging do impact on the overall strength of cell phone signals. Here is a list of phone cases containing specific materials that do interfere with the signal. 

  • Thick cases and metal cases mainly made of conductive materials like copper
  • Phone cases that contain metal clips could block radio waves
  • Cases that contain any magnetic clips
  • Metal that blocks your cell phones antenna will also block radio waves
  • Avoid using metal phones 
  • Today most phone case materials are made of aluminum, plastic, glass, and ceramic. These materials do not pose a threat to signal strength or quality. You need to avoid the metal cases as those are mainly problematic for cell phone signals and will block radio waves. 

It is also important to note that phone cases responsible for blocking cell phone signals will also block out Bluetooth. 

Burga phone cases are made with this in mind and won’t interfere with your signal at all. 

Which iPhone Cases Block Signals

Most iPhone cases will not block signals. You can definately count on these best thin iPhone12 mini-cases, not blocking any signal. 

Most standard new iPhone cases are made of TPU, Silicone, and Polycarbonate which work well and do not pose any hindrance to the radio frequency required to connect voice and data to your phone.

What you want to avoid are metal cases. They have proven to block signals. Even metal buildings and metal-coated glasses will block out the wifi radiofrequency. So phone cases containing metal are no exception to this rule. 

Sometimes you may be responsible for blocking the antenna on your phone which will result in a weaker signal. Blocking the antenna can result when you are holding your phone in a way that blocks it. So be sure you are aware of the position of the antenna on your phone to avoid doing this. 

can an iphone case interfere with signal

Which Cases Are Safe To Buy?

If you own an iPhone and are using a proper iPhone case like those available at Burga, then it works well and should not interfere with the signal. These phone cases are the latest in the market, of high quality, and offer great durability and protection. 

At Burga all iPhone cases work with wireless charging.

Just stick to the authentic iPhone cases that are matched and designed for full functionality and you shouldn’t experience any major issues. Ensure that your phone cases are of high quality and check out some customer reviews too. 

What Else Could Impact On the Signal? 

Keep in mind that sometimes there may be other external factors that could impede the quality and strength of the wifi signal. 

We’ve all experienced weak cellular signals during fierce storms. Also, when you are out in the country surrounded by foliage, hills, or rocky mountains you could also lose signal strength and quality too.

As a rule of thumb, don't be quick to jump to conclusions that it is solely your phone case that’s responsible for blocking out radio waves and diminishing your signal strength. Sometimes you just might be in an area where there is poor internet coverage, like in rural areas.

Obstacles like material used in a building or a wall might also be the problem and not your iPhone case.

Did you also consider internet traffic as a cause for a weak signal? This can also impact the strength of your cell phone signal and so can a phone that has low battery power. Remember you also need power on your phone to ensure a strong, quality cell phone signal.

Test the Signal 

One way to quickly determine if your phone case cover is interfering with the signal strength of your wifi is to test it for yourself. If you discover a poor wifi signal while using your phone, simply remove the phone case.

Some phone cases are hard to remove, so make sure you know how to remove an iPhone case without breaking it. Once you’ve removed the case, try walking around a bit while checking for a stronger signal. 

You can also try rebooting the device. If you receive a quality signal without the case, then you know for sure that the phone case is interfering with the signal strength. In this case, you should make sure you replace your phone case with one that improves the signal quality and strength. 

Here’s what you can do with old iPhone cases or cases that are interfering with your signal strength. You don’t have to chuck them out, but certainly, it won’t serve anyone else either if you were experiencing signal weakness.

Having your old iPhone cases recycled is a good solution for the cases that are blocking your cell phone signal. If you stay informed on cell phone trends in the market it is not difficult to understand what works and what doesn’t work for your cellphone or its accessories. 

iPhone Case FAQs

Which iPhone Cases Work With Wireless Charging?

do iphone cases interfere with signal

Phone cases that contain metal, aluminum and are super thick often block out the signal for wireless charging. However, all iPhone cases are fully compatible with wireless charging now. They’ve been compatible since 2017.

As a rule, smartphone cases that are made from rubber, silicone, leather, and synthetic fibers all work well with wireless charging. You also do need to ensure though, your wireless charger is Qi certified. This technology enables the newer iPhones to be charged wirelessly even with thicker cases. 

How To Remove An iPhone Case Without Breaking It? 

Sometimes it is hard to remove an iPhone case. Most people who struggle to remove the case often ask, how to get a hard phone case off the iphone?

Firstly, don’t try to force off the case because you’re frustrated when it appears as though it is glued to the iPhone. Be gentle and start at the bottom of the phone close to the home button. 

Simply start removing the case at the bottom corner then simply move to the next corner once you’ve succeeded. 

Thereafter it is easy to simply slip the phone out of the iPhone case, and that would be the end of your dilemma. 

How To Clean iPhone Cases? 

Cleaning an iPhone case is easy. People often ask how to clean iPhone cases because they are cautious and don’t want to cause any damage to the phone or the case. All you need to do to clean the case is first to remove the iPhone case from the phone.

Once removed, simply use a clean cloth with some warm water and mild soap to give it a good soft hand wipe. If your Silicone iPhone case is really dirty, you might want to try gently scrubbing it with a soft toothbrush. 

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