Which iPhone Cases Work with Wireless Charging

28 Oct 2021
which iphone cases work with wireless charging

The wireless revolution has taken the smartphone market by storm. Thankfully for most of us who have switched to wireless charging, gone are the days of stashing smartphone charging cords in our briefcases, laptop bags, and hand luggage. 

We are less burdened by the nagging afterthought of, “where is my charger?”.

But, not all iPhone cases are compatible with wireless charging. If you’re wondering which iPhone cases work with wireless charging, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we’ll give you a breakdown of which cases you can use, and which ones to avoid.

iPhone Cases That Are Compatible With Wireless Charging

The great news is that today all the latest iPhone cases are compatible for wireless charging. iPhone cases that were manufactured from 2017 onwards are all compatible with wireless charging. 

The cost factor of switching to wireless charging will hardly dent your wallet when choosing iPhone cases. So don’t fret over the cost of iPhone cases. Deciding how many iPhone cases you need remains a matter of personal taste too. 

Just for clarity, Phone cases differ from an iPhone cover which protects your screen. 

When you shop at Burga for smartphone cases you don’t have to give wireless compatibility a second thought, and our iPhone cases won’t interfere with your signal either. All our smartphone cases are compatible with wireless charging like these chic tough iPhone 11 cases 

With regards to your wireless charger, just make sure that it is Qi certified. This is important because the Qi technology is compatible with newer iPhones that can be charged with thicker cases. 

These iPhone Cases Are Not Compatible For Wireless Charging

When it comes to addressing why some cases will not be compatible with wireless charging keep this list in mind.

  1. Aluminum or metal cases are not compatible with wireless charging.
  2. Phone cases that contain metal components should be avoided. For example,with cases that have metal rings, and magnetic mounts.
  3. Avoid thick phone cases as they will interfere with the charging capability and may end up causing damage to the phone or the charger.
  4. Also make sure you are not using a wallet-style with a cover that contains credit cards or anything else in it.
  5. Battery cases are also too thick and therefore are not compliant for wireless charging. 


As technology introduces us to new possibilities there are adjustments that we need to make as well. Be ready and willing to adapt to innovation in the smartphone space. Make sure you latch on to relevant information supplied in articles like these.

It will help you make the best decisions when buying new phone cases and keep you informed on how to make the latest technological trends work conveniently in your life. 

If you’re considering buying a new iPhone case and wondering what to do with your old iPhone case, please consider recycling it. We’re all for being eco-friendly at Burga. 

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