How Much are iPhone Cases

02 Nov 2021
How Much are iPhone Cases

iPhone users love their sleek, high-quality smartphones and they spend top dollar to get one. That’s why protecting your iPhone is so important. 

But, where do you start to find the right iPhone case at the right price?

We are here to give you a detailed guide on what iPhone cases cost so that you can find value for your money.  

iPhone 8 Models

what are the prices of iPhone cases


Clear cases and silicone cases from big name brands cost around $50, while leather cases cost a bit more – around $60.

The bestselling protective cases at superstores cost around $45.

You can find second-hand cases for less than $20, but you will sacrifice some protection. 

At Burga you will spend less than $40 for high quality cases with unique designs. 

iPhone X Models

how much do iphone cases cost

Among the bestselling iPhone X cases in large retail outlets and superstores, wallet cases, and eco-friendly cases range from $50 to $60. 

Cases with extra features or made by luxury brands will cost more than $70.

You can find protective iPhone X cases on the web for around $50. Cheaper cases can cost under $25.

At Burga we can offer protection and style for your iPhone X at $30 to $40.

iPhone 11 Models

how much iphone cases cost

High quality silicone, clear, and TPU cases retail for around $40 on the web and in superstores. Smart battery cases will cost you over $130.  

The best protective cases that can be found online are all over $50.

Luxury brands, hybrid cases, and cases made from metals or eco-friendly material can cost you over $90.

Check out our range of cool iPhone 11 cases for affordability and protection. 

Sustainable iPhone users who always wonder what to do with old iPhone cases can opt for eco-friendly, biodegradable cases. They might just cost a pretty penny.

iPhone 12 Models

what is the price of an iphone case

Phone cases for newer iPhone models are on the pricey side. In superstores and on the web, silicone and clear cases retail for around $50. Leather cases retail for around $60. 

Some luxury brands cost over $100. A luxury iPhone 12 Pro Max case can cost a pretty penny. 

At Burga, we believe having that added protection for your phone is important, and can be done in style for a good price. 

These cases may be waterproof or made from materials like aluminum and wood. Some hybrid cases are also pricey.

Most cases on the web that offer sufficient protection cost between $50 and $75.

Can iPhone cases interfere with signal? Certain tough materials can block signals to some degree. That is why you need to be careful before buying cases made of metal or wood.

iPhone 13 Models

price of iphone cases

Silicone, clear, and leather cases for iPhone 13 cost around $60 in large retail outlets and online.

You can find cases with funky designs and a little less protection for under $40. Tough cases and waterproof cases are over $50.

Luxury brand name iPhone cases can cost around $100. Some retail for just under a whopping $300.  

MagSafe cases are iPhone cases that work with wireless charging. iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models are equipped with MagSafe technology, and you might pay a little extra for it. Burga phone cases are indeed compatible with wireless charging.

Burga iPhone Cases

There are two types of Burga phone cases and they both retail for under $40 without compromising on protection and style. Our luxurious designer cases come in hundreds of colors, designs, and patterns – there is one for every taste.

Burga iPhone cases have protruding edges to offer excellent protection for the front and back of your phone. It also encircles the iPhone’s camera to protect the lens from damage.

We offer two types of cases – single layer Snap cases and double layer Tough cases. Both cases are designed to be tough and trendy.

We have cases for over 20 iPhone case models, from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 13.

Burga’s Prices

Snap Cases

Snap cases are slimmer than Tough cases. They protect your phone without adding bulk or making it heavier. These cases are thin, sleek, and perfect for showing off your iPhone. Snap cases for all iPhone models retail for under $30.

Tough Cases

Tough cases have dual layers for added protection. They add slightly more bulk than the Snap cases, but they are still thin and sleek. Tough cases offer heavier protection against falls and breaks. Tough cases for all iPhone models retail for under $40.

How Much Are Phone Cases (FAQs)

What Should I Do If My iPhone Case Won’t Come Off?

Are you wondering how to take off an iPhone case that won’t come off? Grab a prying tool with a flat tip. You can buy one at a tech store, or use a credit card, thin coin, or guitar pick.

Wedge the prying tool between the phone case and phone to push the case off.

You can also try pushing the back of the phone out of the case through the camera cut-out.

What is the Best Phone Case?

There are so many options on the market, but what type of phone case is best for you?

Find a phone case that doesn’t compromise on aesthetic or protection – head over to Burga to check out our offerings.

How Many Phone Cases Do I Need?

How many iPhone cases do you need? You need a new case if you buy a new iPhone model. Durable phone cases might have to be replaced after a year. 

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