Why is my AirPod Case Charging Slow?

28 Jan 2022
why is my AirPod case charging slow

It is exciting to buy your first set of AirPods and start using the AirPod case like a charger knowing that you don’t need to hide the wires under your jacket or be bothered with it sticking out. Once you made the transition, there’s absolutely no looking back. 

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Also, since there might be some hindrances you may experience with your AirPods and its case, we can help you find the right answers. 

Hopefully, it’s all been smooth sailing for you so far. 

But if you’re wondering “why is my AirPods case charging slow?”, then we are going to help you figure out the answers.

Burga also loves providing solutions to any problems you may be experiencing with your phone accessories, so here are all the answers you need as to why your AirPods case is charging slow.

Reasons Why Your AirPod Case is Charging Slow

It may look like your AirPods case is charging slow because the LED light indicator on the case is stuck on orange for far too long and you’re waiting for a green light indicator. 

This is how to tell if your AirPod case is charging or not, or if it appears to be charging slow. So you might be wondering how long does an AirPods case take to charge? 

why my airpod case is charging slow

Whether you’re charging the AirPods case on a wireless charging mat or using the external lightning plug-in cable, your AirPods case should be fully charged in one hour tops.

If your case’s LED light is stuck on orange for more than an hour then clearly you have a charging problem. 

Even though you can charge AirPods with a different case it is important to solve the problem at hand. 

Unclean Charging Socket

Typically you should make sure that your AirPods including the case, its magnetic strips, and charging socket is clean at all times. The last thing you need is to be using an unhygienic pair of AirPods that’s never been cleaned. 

If you stick your AirPods in a dirty AirPods case then you will experience many problems in time. This will also shorten the lifespan of your AirPods and the case. 

A buildup of dirt, lint and other particles will get stuck in your AirPods case charging socket. This will inevitably prevent it from charging when you connect the lightning cable to the charging socket. 

Clean the entire AirPods case regularly using an AirPods cleaning kit. They usually come with full cleaning instructions. Or check out other articles we have written on cleaning the AirPods and its case thoroughly. 

You can use compressed air to blow out dirt gently from the charging socket to prevent slow charging. Or you can use a soft-bristled brush which will come with the AirPod cleaning kit. 

If you have cleaned it out and the AirPod case is still charging slow or not charging at all, then it means that either the lightning cable is faulty or it’s a software problem.

Alternately you could consider the differences between an AirPod charging case vs wireless. In this case, you will connect the wireless charging mat to a wall socket and simply place the wireless charging AirPod case on the charging mat. This is how the AirPods wireless charging case works. It is made compatible with a wireless charging mat. 

Just make sure the charging mat is plugged in properly to the wall socket or a USB port as you still need an external power supply to power it up. Thousands of AirPods users feel it is worth getting AirPods with wireless charging cases.

Whether or not you opt to charge your AirPods with a wireless charging mat, just remember that AirPods can’t charge when the case is open.

Software Glitches

There might be a software glitch that is preventing your AirPod case from charging or causing it to charge very slowly.  But, before assuming this is the problem, make sure that you are following the correct charging procedures.

You need to know what you are doing to determine whether you have a real charging issue or not. Whether you’re charging the AirPod case with the AirPods inside or not should not make any difference at all. 

the reason that my airpod case is charging slow

Make sure you have the lightning cable plugged in properly to a wall socket and the socket is working. Also, ensure that your lightning cable is working properly or your wireless charging mat is correctly powered up. 

If you fulfill all the requirements to properly charge your AirPods case and you are still experiencing some charging problems then it could be a bug in the software that is the cause of the slow charging. 

In this case, you would need to do a hard reset to remove the bug and refresh the set. Below you can find the quick-fix solution to do a hard reset. 

How Hard Reset Your AirPods Case

  1. To reset the AirPods case, find the setup button at the back of the charging case
  2. Simply press it and hold it down for around 15 seconds
  3. Wait for the LED light to start flashing orange then white
  4. The case should be restored now to default
  5. Plugin the lightning cable and connect to a USB port or a wall socket
  6. Or you could try charging the case on a wireless charging mat

Slow Charging Speed for AirPods Pro

If you own the AirPods Pro then Apple has deliberately prevented the battery of your Pro case from charging quickly. This is due to its optimized battery charging feature aimed at improving the battery life of the AirPod set. 

To achieve this, Apple has enabled the optimized battery charging by default on your AirPods Pro set. To disable this feature will be the best way to speed up the charging speed on your AirPod Pro case. 

It is recommended that you switch back to optimized battery mode once you’ve completed fast charging your AirPod case. 

How to Disable the Optimized Battery Feature 

  1. Connect your AirPods Pro to your iPhone or iPad
  2. Go to Settings and then Bluetooth
  3. Tap the I button next to AirPods Pro
  4. Disable Optimized Battery Charging


Finally, if none of the above fixes work then chances are that your AirPods case simply stopped working properly. If it’s still under warranty then you’re in luck. But in any case, you should take it back to the Apple store to find a more permanent solution. 

When your AirPods case is working at its optimal best you can leave the AirPods case charging overnight. Even if it’s already fully charged after an hour it will still be safe to remain in the USB port or wall charging socket. 

After all, you want to ensure that you are super juiced up all the time to enjoy your listening and talking time without any hassles, especially when you are starting your day.

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