How Often Should I Charge My AirPods Case?

28 Jan 2022
how often should i charge my airpods case

AirPods are a sought-after listening device that is not just trendy, but incredibly convenient with its wireless design and efficient charging case. But, the wireless design also means that you need to ensure that your AirPods have sufficient battery power, which begs the question: how often should I charge my AirPods case? 

There are several factors to consider when working this out, from the best way to charge AirPods cases, the battery life expectancy, and whether overcharging can do more harm than good. We explore how often you should charge your AirPods case, how to charge it, and how to extend your battery life as far as possible.

How Often Should You Charge Your AirPods Case?

The number of times you need to charge your AirPods case will depend on the battery life of your AirPods, and this will vary according to what model of AirPods you have. 

With the 2nd generation AirPods, you’ll find that you have about 24 hours of listening time, and/or 18 hours of talk time with a fully charged case, and regular charges of the actual AirPods in the case throughout the day. Once the AirPods are placed into the case to charge, a 15-20 minute power-up can yield about 3-4 hours of listening time and around 2 hours of talk time. 

how often should you charge your airpods case

The AirPods Pro runs similarly, with over 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talk time with a fully charged case. 

With a slightly upgraded pair of 3rd generation AirPods, this power is extended slightly. A fully charged case will yield around 30 hours of listening time, and/or 20 hours of talk time. Impressively, a speedy 5-10 minute charge, in this case, will result in over an hour (or two) of listening and/or talk time. 

How long to charge the AirPods case will differ slightly according to the model you have. If you charge your case overnight, it will be fully charged in the morning and will last throughout the day. If you charge your AirPods in their case every 4 hours or so, for 15-30 minutes, you will be able to use them all day. 

This is assuming you have them in your ears constantly throughout the day - if you are only listening to music for a few hours in the day, it will actually last a few days before you have to recharge it.  

If you lose track of time and don’t charge your AirPods in their case intermittently, you will be notified by a tone in the AirPods that sounds like a draining battery, as well as a notification of the device to which they are connected. This will warn you to pop them back into the case for a quick recharge, instead of shutting off completely. 

How to Charge Your AirPods Case

How to charge your AirPods case depends on the type of case you have. It will differ between an AirPod charging case vs a wireless charging case.

AirPods cases that aren’t wireless-only have one charging option. You will connect it to a USB power source, and plug the wired charger into the port at the bottom of the case.

Wireless charging cases can also be connected to a wired charger, but you have the option of wireless charging. This requires a Q1-compatible wireless charger, such as the one offered on Burga. You will place them on the charger with the case lid closed, and the LED indicator facing upwards. 

how often does it need to charge your airpods case

How you know if the AirPod case is charging is by looking at the LED indicator, which shows the status of the charge. An orange light means it is still charging, while a green light indicates that it is fully charged. In the wireless case, this is located on the front of the case, while on the world charging cases, the light is located in the case between the two AirPods. 

It is worth noting that despite the convenience of a wireless charger, the AirPods case will charge faster when connected to a wired charger. The latter is a preferable option when you need your case to charge in a hurry. If you are just doing an overnight charge, however, both options will give your case fully charged by the morning. 

How to Prolong the AirPods Case Battery Life 

If you find yourself listening to music for the majority of the day on your AirPods, or perhaps you take many long calls via the listening device, you will want to take a few measures to ensure that your battery life is preserved where possible. 

The most important thing you need to do is to make sure the AirPods are in the case, and the case is closed, when not in use. 

Leaving your AirPods lying around outside the case is not only risky in terms of possible loss or damage of one or both, but also prevents them from charging in the case. Leaving the case open, regardless of whether the AirPods are inside of it or not, can also drain battery power unnecessarily.

Try to plan your listening or talking time and charging time around your other daily activities. For instance, if you are adamant about listening to music at the gym, or when you are working at your desk, map out slots where you can do without the AirPods. For example, during your lunch break, bathroom breaks, or when you leave your desk to talk to a colleague. 

You will also find that small things like bringing down the volume, and refraining from double-tapping the AirPod to skip songs, will contribute to prolonging battery life. 

How to Avoid Battery Damage

There is a common belief that overcharging a battery can lead to long-term damage in devices like AirPods, phones, laptops, etc. But, with many technological companies making strides in the battery types used, this is not always the case. So, is it okay to leave your AirPods in their case?

AirPods are designed in such a way that overcharging is not a problem. This is because it is simply not possible. The case is fitted to prevent any electrical current from flowing once the battery is full so that there is no damage done to the battery itself. 

That being said, it is wise to protect your AirPods from factors such as extreme heat or cold, and water, as this can lead to the battery and/or overall damage to the device. Keep them in a protective case, like those available on Burga, and packed away into an insulated bag if ever in extreme weather conditions. Make sure you keep them dry at all times. 

should i charge my airpods case often

Like with most devices, the battery will start to lose power over time. You will notice that, after a year or two of first purchasing your AirPods, the average battery life will decline slightly. This is normal and unavoidable. It won’t have a significant impact on the quality of function, nor will there be a severe decline in battery performance.

Burga’s AirPod case covers are perfect for protecting your AirPods case from wear and tear and protecting your battery. You can even match it to your phone case.


AirPods cases are a convenient way to keep your listening device charged and usable throughout the day, without the fuss of wired earphones. 

The best time to charge your case is overnight as it will be fully charged and ready to use by the morning. Throughout the day, find small intervals when you are not listening to music or talking using your AirPods to put them back into the case to recharge for between 10-30 minutes. If you only listen to your AirPods for a few hours a day, you can get away with charging the case every 2 to 3 days. 

Try to keep the AirPods in the case, with the case closed, when not in use so that you prolong the battery life. Finally, avoid extreme heat, cold, and any water making contact with your AirPods, as this can cause serious permanent damage to the device.

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