How To Charge AirPods Case

28 Jan 2022
How To Charge AirPods Case

You’ve recently bought AirPods and need to know how to charge the AirPods case. If you’ve never had AirPods before, it can seem confusing.

The AirPods case has a status light, either on the front or inside. What does this mean? This light either shows the charging or the pairing status.

What’s important is that this light will let you know if there’s a problem. Don’t ignore it because it’s not only there to look pretty. 

The AirPods and its case have many features for being so small. But that's the beauty and convenience of them. The problem is figuring it all out. 

Many of us like to figure things out on our own since it gives us a sense of pride. Which is likely what led you to this article. 

Let’s dive into how to charge your AirPods case. 

How To Charge Your AirPods Case

Users often want to know if an AirPod case can charge without AirPods. The answer is yes. An AirPod case is a power bank for AirPods. Once the case has enough charge, you can use it to recharge your AirPods.

There are two ways to charge your AirPod case, wireless and wired. A fully charged case has multiple charges available for your AirPods. 

Let’s look at the different charging options. 


For wireless and MagSafe charging cases, you need a Qi-certified charging mat. Charging the case is as simple as placing it on the mat. 

Make sure that the status light is face-up and that the lid is closed. The light should be amber to show that it’s charging. If the light is green, it means the case and AirPods are ready to use.

Cases like AirPods Pro have the light on the outside of the case. You can tap the case to check the charge level. 

If you’re keen to get an AirPods case cover, know that it works with wireless charging. You don’t have to be stuck with the white case. Fine a cool or cute cover and match it to your iPad case.


Wired charging cases come with a lightning cable. This ensures a faster charging time.

Once again, this is straightforward. One end of the cable goes into the case and the other end to a USB port. 

The status light will show the charge level. Wired charging cases like Gen 1 and 2 have the light inside the case. It’s located near the AirPods compartment and you’ll need to open the lid to check the charge level.

do airpods charge in the case

When to Charge Your AirPods Case

Your AirPods will let you know when they need to be charged. If you’re using them, you’ll get 3 notifications on the connected device.

You’ll receive a notification at 20-percent, 10-percent, and 5-percent. Your AirPods will also chime at 10-percent and then again before they turn off. 

Knowing when the case needs to be charged is more tricky. 

If the case is empty, the status light will be amber when it needs charging. But, if the AirPods are in the case, you’ll need to use your device. 

Open the case near your unlocked device and a pop-up will appear on your screen. This will give you the battery status.

How do You Know If Your AirPods Case is Charging?

Do you need to check if your AirPods case is charging? There are two easy methods to check the charging status. 

You can use the status light or your device.

The Status Light

The amber status light will stay on for 8 seconds after the case begins charging. 

You can use the status light to check the charging status at any time. If you have a wired case, open the lid and the light will switch on. 

If you have a wireless case like the AirPods Pro, tap on the front of the case. The status light will switch on.

Amber means it's still charging, green means it’s fully charged.

Use Your Device

You can check the charging status with your device as well. Make sure your device is unlocked and place it beside the charging AirPods case.

Open the lid and leave the AirPods inside the case. A pop-up should appear on your screen like it does when you connect the AirPods. 

The charging status will be visible. You’ll be able to see the battery percentage for the AirPods and the case. There’ll be a little lightning bolt beside the battery icons if they’re charging.

What to do if Your AirPods Case Not Charging

Are your AirPods not charging in the case? There are a few reasons why this could be happening. 

  • The contact points might not be connecting. Make sure you placed the AirPods correctly. There should be a magnetic click.
  • There might be an obstruction in the case or stuck to the bottom of the AirPods.
  • The AirPods and/or case might be dirty.
  • The firmware might need an update. 

Is the status light not coming on when the case is connected to a power source? That’s a sure indicator that something is wrong.

No status light means the case is dead. No status light when charging means you probably need a replacement. 

A case that won’t charge is likely at the end of its lifespan. Can you charge AirPods in a different case? Yes, but using someone else’s case is not ideal.

Getting a replacement AirPods case is your best bet. If you need to do this, be sure that it's compatible with your AirPods. 

An incompatible case will cause charging errors.

How Long Should You Charge Your AirPods?

Most users want to know how long AirPods take to charge. But have you ever wondered how long to charge the AirPods case?

The AirPods case takes an hour to fully charge. This will provide 3 to 4 recharges for your AirPods. This would give you roughly 30-hours of listening time and 20-hours for calls.

AirPods only need 30-minutes to charge fully. You can charge them for less, but this equals less usage time. 

If you’re in a hurry, a quick 10 to 15-minute charge will give you about 3-hours of usage.

Can You Charge Your AirPods Case Overnight?

Is it bad to leave AirPods in case? No, it’s not. You can leave the AirPods in the charging case indefinitely. It won’t damage your AirPods and they will stay fully charged. 

Overnight charging won’t damage the case either. The case will stop the flow of current once the battery is full. 

This protects the battery integrity for AirPods and the case. 

how to charge airpod case

Why is your AirPod case charging slow? Charging usually slows when the battery is 80 or 90-percent as well. It might seem like an annoyance, but it preserves the battery’s lifespan. 

It’s important to remember that they weren’t meant to last forever. The lithium-ion batteries will begin to deteriorate after 2-years. Charging them too often will speed this up. 

Have you been wondering why your AirPods case is dying so fast? When the battery begins deteriorating, it will run down faster. It will also hold less and less charge over time. 

Final Word

Charging your AirPods case is not rocket science. As long as you have your power source, you’re sorted.

Knowing if your AirPods case is charging can be trickier to determine. This is especially true if you don’t know what the status light colors mean.

Be sure to learn all you can about how AirPods and their cases work. This knowledge will save you from many headaches in the future.

And remember, you can’t overcharge the case or the AirPods. It’s physically impossible. The case has a failsafe that stops the flow of current when the battery is 100-percent. 

If the case or AirPods are dying faster, it’s likely a sign that the battery is finished. Don’t be surprised if it stops charging at all one day.

A quick reminder that no status light is a bad sign, especially for a new case. If the case has no status light even when connected to a power source, take it to the store. 

The status light will always switch on for 8-seconds when charging. It if doesn’t, then there’s a problem with the case. You might need a replacement.

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