How To Know If AirPod Case Is Charging

28 Jan 2022
How To Know If AirPod Case Is Charging

How to know if your Airpod case is charging is important so that you don’t run out of power. Determining this is easy when you have a Burga charging case. In this article, you will learn how to ascertain the charging status of your Airpod case.

If you are not sure as to how the AirPod case works, you may not know if or when it’s actually charging. Or how long the AirPod case takes to charge. Here we're going to answer this question. 

And we will answer all the other important questions you have and need to know with regards to charging your Airpod Case. These answers will help you to ensure that your AirPod case remains charged so that there is sufficient life for it to fulfill its purpose for when you need it most.

How To Know If Airpod Case Is Charging

Once you insert your AirPod and close the case, you will know if your pods are charging by the small LED light indicator that is visible on the front exterior of the case.

Wired Charging

If it is a wired charging case, you would need to insert the charger into the charging port while the opposite end pulls the power from an electrical wall socket. To charge the AirPod on the go the case needs to be charged so that when you put the AirPod inside the case, it will charge. 

If both the AirPod and case have low battery life you could place the pods inside the case while charging the case. It will charge the case and then the AirPod.

As previously mentioned, to charge your Airpod, you need to put the AirPod inside the case. But can an AirPod charge with the case open? No, it cannot. So always ensure that the case is closed if you want to charge your AirPods. 

how do i know if my airpod case is charging

Is it ok to leave an AirPods in a case? It is indeed. Aside from the case being a safe place to keep the AirPod, this way you will preserve the battery life. The case is portable so you can do this wherever you go if the case remains charged. 

It would be wise to always place the AirPod in the case whenever you're not using them. This will ensure that you don't get caught on the go with an empty case or with it dead.

If you do this, your AirPod will always have sufficient battery life and you will be able to make use of all the benefits that a charged Airpod can give you. This is only achievable with a fully charged AirPod case. And in return, you will get the pleasure of always enjoying your AirPod. 

How often should I charge my AirPod case? This would depend on how much you use them. If you charge the case once every second day it should be sufficient if you use your Airpods occasionally. 

But if you use your AirPod frequently, this might not be enough. In this case, you would then need to bump up the charge to at least once a day. 

And don’t worry about overcharging your pods because you can’t, so don’t let this stress you out. When the battery of the case has reached the maximum, then it will stop charging. When your case is charged fully, it can give you 24 hours of listening time which is awesome. 

And in addition to that, you can get approximately 18 hours of talk time. That said, it is preferable to not leave your case on charge overnight because it will eventually shorten the lifespan of its lithium-ion battery.

Charge light

When you plug in your AirPod case or place it on a wireless charger, the light on the front exterior of the case will be red or amber. This indicates that your battery is low. It will remain this color while on charge until the battery is fully powered.

When the battery is fully charged, the case light color will turn green.

Can you charge your AirPod case without the AirPod inside? You sure can. If the AirPod is not in the case, and the case light is green this indicates that the case battery is charged. Red light when the case is empty indicates that your charging case is not full and needs to be charged.

When your case light is green you can remove it from the power source and if you now place the AirPod inside the case, there will be sufficient power to charge the AirPod.

The light inside the case will be your indication if the AirPod has a low battery life or a high battery life. A flashing white light will indicate that your AirPod has rebooted, and is ready to initiate a Bluetooth connection with a device.

Checking Charging Status

When pairing your phone to your device, you can check both the charging status of your AirPod, and the charging status of your case. Buy  4 pay for 2 or buy 6 pay for 3, choose as many BURGA AirPod cases as you like, just don’t miss out on the sale. Head over to our online shop and pick your favorite of our signature design pattern high-quality prints now.


You will need to put your AirPod into the case. Leave the case open and hold it near to your unlocked phone. The battery life and the estimated remaining charge time will then appear on your phone.

If both the AirPod and case are charging while you are pairing, you will notice a little black lightning bolt next to the battery icon. If only the pods are charging and not the case, the lightning bolt will not appear next to the case.

It will also show you the percentage of power left on both your case and AirPod.


You will need to download an app from Google Play Store to help you achieve this status. The Airbattery app which is a free download from Google Play Store is commonly used. 

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, open your AirPod case and notice the pop-up on your phone. The Pop-up will show you the battery percentage of both the pods and the case.

How Long Does It Take To Charge?

Knowing how long it takes to charge the AirPod and its charging case will give you an indication of the timeline and will leave you less impatient as to when it’s done. So, when placed in the AirPod case, the AirPod takes about 20 minutes to fully charge. This is fast and a relief if you don’t have much time.

The case itself takes a bit longer to charge through, about 60 minutes. But one can understand that it's built to soak in as much power as possible so that it can fully charge your AirPod up to three or four times before the case needs recharging again.


If you are not sure how to charge an AirPod case, don’t fret, there are two ways you can do this. Wireless charging and wired charging. But you may find that a wired charge is faster than wireless. Once you’ve charged the case, you can use it later to charge your AirPod. 

Allow approximately an hour for the battery to reach full capacity. This is the average amount of time it takes to charge. After this time, the case battery should be at its highest charge.

Wireless Charging

With a wireless charging case, you would simply place it on a wireless charger until the battery is full. Our case protects and perfectly encloses Apple AirPod Generation 1 and 2. The case won’t disrupt the wireless charging capabilities of the newer model either.

how to tell if airpod case is charging

A perfect example of such a case is our SunKissed AirPod Case, so there is no reason to be wondering if it is worth it to get an AirPod with a wireless charging case. And when you do get it, the instructions will direct how to get your AirPod case to charge if you are not sure how to charge it. When placed on a wireless charging mat, the LED will light up, giving you an indication of whether it’s charging or not.

The Takeaway

There you have it. I think we can all agree that the AirPod invention is absolutely awesome. And to add to that awesomeness, let's not forget about style, match our AirPod case to your phone case, and trend instantly. 

You will love wireless charging because you don’t ever need to look for cables to plug in. And you will love wired charging because you get a faster charge. You win both ways.

Your case is the heartbeat of your AirPod so always keep your case charged so that you are not ever caught off guard with a flat case. Because a flat case means you won't be able to charge your AirPods when you need them.

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