How to Clean AirPods Pro Case

21 Dec 2021
how to clean airpods pro case

When you invest in a pair of AirPods, you do with the hopes that it stays fresh and functional for as long as possible. While this requires an expectation of quality from the manufacturer, there are also things you can do to keep them in good condition. Most importantly, you need to protect them from dirt and damage. 

With this, you will need to know how to clean the AirPods Pro case and the devices themselves. 

We run through how to clean your AirPods Pro case to keep it looking - and functioning - like it is brand new. We also go over how to keep the actual AirPods Pro clean and in good condition. 

How to Clean an AirPods Pro Case

how to remove stains from airpods case

Cleaning the Protective Case

To clean the AirPods Pro case that protects the device, you will first need to start with a slightly dampened soft, lint-free cloth. 

The cloth can either be dampened by some water or cleaning alcohol like hydrogen peroxide. Ensure you are aware of how to handle the cleaning alcohol and how to clean the AirPod case with hydrogen peroxide, as it can be a strong substance. 

Next, use the cloth to wipe the entire surface of the case well, focusing on eliminating any visible dust or dirt marks. To clean the inside of the case, use a small long object, like a Q-tip, to push the cloth in and move it around to cover all internal surfaces. 

Finally, leave the case open to dry for at least an hour before putting them back onto the AirPods Pro case. 

Cleaning the AirPods Case

Knowing how to clean your Airpods case is important, as it houses the AirPods and charges them when not in use.

The first step is finding a suitable cloth - it needs to be soft, completely dry, and lint-free. You can use suitable cleaning alcohol if desired, such as isopropyl, but it needs to be a small amount to lightly dampen the cloth so as not to wet the case. 

To get the cloth into the ports of the case where the AirPods sit, you can place it flat against the top of the ports, and then gently push it in with a Q-tip to reach the inaccessible spots. Try not to do this with too much force, as the magnetic charging contacts that sit at the bottom of the ports can get damaged if pushed too hard. 

Ensure you know how to clean the AirPod case magnets before doing so.

To get the collected dirt out of the sides and other hard-to-reach areas, try a small bristle brush. Use dry to spray on a hint of cleaning alcohol, and focus it over the areas that need to be cleaned. This should draw out the dirt, and get it sparkly after a few brushes. 

The charging port at the bottom of the case can be cleaned but must be handled gently. As it is thin, you will need to use an extra small tool like a pin or toothpick. Slowly put it into the port, and move it back and forth to remove any debris that might have collected inside. 

Once you have cleaned the case properly with a cloth, if alcohol was used, it must be left for at least an hour to dry thoroughly before use. 

how to remove stains on airpods case

Cleaning the AirPods

The actual AirPods will collect dirt after continued use, from both external sources and the ear itself, so it does need to be cleaned regularly to avoid a big build-up. 

The AirPods have tips on each, which generally collect most of the dirt that comes into contact with them. These should be removed before the cleaning process begins. Once done, run the tips under some water and wipe clean with a dry cloth. Avoid any other cleaning agents when doing so. 

Next, the actual AirPods. These should be cleaned with a dry, or slightly dampened, lint-free cloth. You can also use a Q-tip to get into the groove of the speakers.

If there is dirt that has made its way into the speaker, an effective way to get this out is by using Blue Tack. Roll up a small piece, push it softly against the speaker, and then pull it out in one motion - this should bring any debris out with it. Ensure you do this gently, to avoid damaging the speakers. 

Once this process is complete and all elements are dry, you can put the tips back onto the AirPods and use them as normal.


AirPods Pro are an excellent listening device that is of the highest quality, and generally come with a hefty price tag, too. This means that it is crucial to protect them with a case and clean both the AirPods and the protective case regularly. 

Leaving the AirPods and their case uncleaned for a long period could lead to a buildup of dirt and debris that can be too difficult to eradicate, leading to a decline in the quality, condition, and functionality of the case and device. 

To avoid this, we recommend that you should do a proper clean of your AirPods Pro and the case at least twice a month. If you use them 6+ hours a day on average, you should do it even more frequently. 

Establish a regular cleaning routine, and set a reminder for yourself if necessary, to keep your trusty and valuable gadget in the best possible condition for a long period to avoid having to replace it too soon. 

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