How to Clean Airpod Case Magnets

21 Dec 2021
how to clean airpod case magnets

The most important part about owning Airpods with case magnets is to keep the set clean. Airpods are great for a variety of reasons. One of the best things about them is never having to deal with tangled wires again. 

Keeping them clean is key to making them last. Also, you will have more reason to pull them out when needed confidently knowing that there’s no gunk or buildup of germs, dirt, or other external particles stuck anywhere in your AirPods or case. 

Since Burga is well known for selling the most stylish Airpod cases, we want you to know confidently how to clean your AirPods case without neglecting the case magnets. 

After all your take on AirPods cases must include the practicality of keeping them spick and span to have the most fun with them. Read on for our guide on how to clean Airpod case magnets.

how to clean airpods case magnets

Why Keep the Airpod Case Magnets Clean

If you open your Airpod case you will notice how the tubes of the case hold down the Airpods using magnetic strips throughout to ensure its great charging ability.

Magnetic strips are located inside your AirPods case in strategic positions to ensure the Airpods are pulled down to connect strongly with the pins at the bottom.

When attempting to explain how to clean AirPods pro cases as well, it is always important to understand that the Airpod case magnets also need cleaning and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Here are some reasons for keeping your Airpods and their entire case clean, including the magnets. 

  • Keep your phone accessories clean will enable them to perform better
  • It will extend the life of your Airpod Case Magnet
  • Get rid of unhygienic external elements regularly to avoid a damaging buildup
  • If you don’t clean them correctly you will harm your electronic device 
  • Prevent your case from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria

The Cleaning Process

As a rule, your Airpods should always stay inside a clean case when not in use. When you insert them into your case you would notice that they are pulled naturally into charging positions. 

The magnets inside the case do the job and the lids of the Airpod case are also held in place using magnets. 

Once debris, dust, or any external particles like hair for example get stuck on the case magnets, they might not function properly. The particles or debris can even prevent your case lids from closing which impacts the charging ability. 

Here’s what you can do to clear out the particles of debris, dust, or any other external interferences:

  • Use compressed air to dislodge the particles easily from the case magnets.

  • Use a Q-tip by inserting it inside the Airpod tubes and gently swirling it around the port areas that connect to the Airpods.

  • Avoid using any liquid or alcohol on the tips when inserting it into the tubes inside the case.

  • Also, use Q-tips to clean around the magnetic strips located on the case lid and other areas on the surface on the case where strong magnetic strips are located to hold down the Airpods. 
  • You can also use a soft-bristled brush for cleaning your Airpod case regularly as it gently brushes away dust, hair, or dirt from inside the tubes and around the magnetic strip areas. 

Your Airpod case can be charged with or without the AirPods inside. However, it is important that they charge well and this can only happen when the lid of the case is firmly closed. 

Debris can prevent your Airpods from lodging firmly inside the case and this will also impact on charging them properly and closing the case. 

As a rule, it is important to remember not to use any liquids, or even alcohol when cleaning your case magnets. 

People often ask how to clean AirPods with hydrogen peroxide. While this is an option for the rest of the case, no hydrogen peroxide is required to clean the case magnets as it falls within the category of liquid cleaner. 

do you know how to clean airpod case magnets

Tips for Cleaning your Airpod Case 

To keep your Airpod case clean you will need the following:

  • Q-tips 
  • Toothpicks
  • Container for Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide
  • A clean dry microfiber cloth
  • Disposal gloves to keep your hands protected
  • Soft-bristled brush 

Especially if your Airpod case is extremely dirty, using alcohol to get rid of all the dirt will get the job done. You might need to repeat it two or three times depending on how dirty the case is.

You will use the toothpick with its tip saturated in alcohol to get to the tiny nooks and crannies of the case while you will use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol to gently but thoroughly clean the rest of the case.

Just make sure that you do not use any liquid to clean the case magnets as discussed above.

How to Clean Airpod Case Magnet (FAQs)

Can ear wax damage AirPods?

It's been proven that ear wax can affect the performance of your Airpod. Therefore it is just as important to keep your Airpod’s cleaned regularly to avoid a buildup. If your Airpods are not working, it could be related to a technical issue or the buildup of earwax. 

Can I clean my Airpods with a hand sanitizer? 

It is highly recommended to use alcohol to clean your Airpods and your Airpod Case to ensure maximum cleaning results. However, using a hand sanitizer while following the same cleaning technique will also do the job.

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