How To Clean Airpods Case

21 Dec 2021
how to clean airpods case

Keeping your Airpod case clean will prevent bacterial growth and extend the life of your gear. Not only does it start to look really grubby if it’s not cleaned, but it’s also embarrassing when taking it out in public. If it’s not cleaned, you can see moisture or wax build-up. 

Because we take our pods everywhere with us, the case is always carried in our bags, pockets, backpacks. So being exposed to all the dirt, one can expect it to start affecting the charging capability and hinder the performance of your Airpods as well.

But how do you clean an Airpods case? In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to clean AirPods cases.

How To Clean Airpods Case

Tools You Will Need

  • Dry microfiber cloth
  • An extra soft-bristled dry brush/ toothbrush
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Dry cotton swabs or balls

how to clean your airpods case

Start Cleaning From The Inside

Step 1

Do not run the AirPods case underwater. Take the soft-bristled dry brush and apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to it. If the rubbing alcohol is dripping off the brush it’s too much. So, make sure it’s just enough. You do not want to get any liquid in the charging ports.

Step 2

Gently brush the inside of the case. This will loosen sticky wax build-up and other unknown debris inside the case. The bristles are great for getting into the grooves and loosening up that stubborn dirt. 

Also, don’t put anything sharp or rough into the lightning port. Just brush it gently with the soft bristles.

Step 3

After brushing get the cotton swab. You can gently work wax and dust from these difficult areas with a swab and because it’s white, you will be able to see the dirt easily. Make sure you wipe everything inside. You need to get to all that is loose and sticky. 

Step 4

Tip the case upside down to make sure you get everything out. Be gentle. You will know you’ve done a good wipe-out when the swabs start coming out clean. 

Step 5

Then, get the microfibre cloth. wiping the inside of the case will help ensure that there is absolutely no moisture left inside. It must be wiped completely dry. You do not want any moisture to get trapped inside because you do not want your AirPods to short out. 

Following these steps will ensure a thorough clean inside your case. You will be able to keep your Burga AirPods case hygienic and looking like it’s brand new. And as a result, you will also be able to maintain the fast-charging connections to your Airpods.

So, how to clean AirPods case magnets is also good to know.

how to clean airpods case inside

Cleaning the Outside of the Case 

Step 1

Apply some rubbing alcohol to the dry microfiber cloth and gently wipe the AirPods case as you would for general cleaning. The alcohol will help remove dirt and stains from the outside of the case. The microfiber cloth will ensure you don’t get any scratches on the case.

Step 2

Use the soft-bristled brush for the stubborn dirt on the outside of the case. The bristles of the brush must be soft. If it is hard, it might scratch the case. Move the brush in a circular motion because this way will get the dirt off faster. 

Step 3

Wipe it down with a white cotton swab to ensure no dirt is left behind. If necessary, dampen the swab with distilled water for that extra assurance that everything comes off. How to clean AirPods case with hydrogen peroxide is also a good way to keep grime off.

How you carry your AirPods case is important so that it doesn’t get the debris from your bags and pockets. Perhaps get a special purse to keep the case in for that added protection. 

This will keep the dust-out, especially out of those ports. And don't put anything in the charging ports or this will damage the metal contacts. 

Luckily with Burga Airpod cases, the cases are scratch resistant, and the prints are high quality and never peel or fade. This way, your case always looks new. 


You can also use tape to get the dirt off your AirPods case. Cut a piece of tape and stick it over the dirt. Take a toothpick and press the tape down onto the dirt and into the difficult grooves. 

Then pull the tape off. The dirt will stick to the tape. Then throw the tape away. Repeat the process if necessary.

how to clean airpods and case

Make sure that the tape you use is of good quality so that the adhesive is not left behind.

If you don’t know how to remove stains from the AirPods case, one of the easiest ways is to use a soft eraser. 

Take the eraser and rub it in an up and down movement over the stain. The longer you rub, the stain lightens and eventually disappears. 


Keeping your Airpods and case clean might be an annoying task, but if you do it often enough, it doesn’t have to be. Giving your case a constant wipe down inside and out every week is a great way to keep your case in mint condition.

This way you will be keeping the bacteria out of the case. This is good because the bacteria can be the cause of all types of infections which will result in you having to spend extra money at the doctor.

The dirt build-up can also result in poor performance of your AirPods and this will not happen if you follow the cleaning guide. 

Another way to keep your cases in premium condition is to swap them out. At Burga, we have an Airpod case for every mood, personality, and sex. Changing cases constantly won’t result in wax build-ups and all sorts of unwanted debris.

And the change in cases will keep you trending, what more can you ask for.

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