Best AirPod Pro Case

21 Dec 2021
best airpod pro case


The best AirPod Pro case is the one that is both protective and stylish. 

All AirPods come with their own case. But how often does it get bumped or accidentally dropped? And of those times, how often have your AirPods popped out? 

If you want extra protection for your AirPod Pro, an AirPod Pro case cover is the best solution. 

Case covers protect your AirPods and the original case. We have dozens of designs for you to choose from too. 

We have a case cover for every occasion, mood, and personality. Do you want something dark and fierce? Or maybe something soft and cute? 

Take a look at our 7 favorite AirPod Pro cases below. Maybe one will catch your eye. 

Best Cases for the AirPod Pro

Emerald Pool (Most Enchanting)

best case for airpods pro

Emerald Pool is exactly as its name implies. 

It looks like a deep green pool with light gradients flowing through it. The dark green then changes into a lighter gradient. The pattern looks like emerald waves meeting the shore. 

There’s a splash of glittering gold in one corner, will a trail of gold flowing from it. It looks like fairy dust drifting across the sky. 

The overall image is darkly magical and enchanting. 

This is a printed design and does not contain actual glitter. That doesn’t make it any less dazzling. Our special printing technology ensures this.

The AirPod Pro case will always look brand new. The print will never fade, peel, or even scratch.

And what’s more, it offers 360⁰ shock-absorbent protection for your AirPod Pro. No more worrying about your AirPods falling out during bumps and falls either. 

It’s the best case for AirPod Max as well and would make a great gift. 

The case is lightweight and has a carabiner to snap onto your belt. It also works well with both wired and wireless charging.

Why it’s Great 

  • Enchanting emerald and glittering gold design
  • The print will never peel, fade, or scratch
  • Your AirPod Pro will have complete 360⁰ protection
  • Works with wired and wireless chargers

Who it’s Right for 

  • Those who love mystical designs
  • Anyone who doesn’t enjoy bright designs

Forest Fairy (Best for Christmas)

best airpods pro case

Do you want a cool AirPod case for Christmas? Forest Fairy brings to mind fuzzy socks and wool sweaters.

The grey and white are a little understated, but the design screams Christmas. It says hot cocoa by the fire while watching the lights twinkle on the tree.

This AirPod Pro case is the perfect accessory this holiday season. And the understated color might be a good counter for a bright outfit. 

The best part? You won’t have to replace it next Christmas either. Our AirPod Pro cases never fade, scratch, or peel. 

And the handy carabiner means that you can attach it to your belt. No need to upend your bag, or accidentally sit on it in your back pocket. 

You can attach it to a lanyard around your neck too. It’s lightweight and you’ll barely feel the difference.

The case is shock-absorbent and offers complete protection for your AirPod Pro. It also works with both wired and wireless charging.

Why it’s Great 

  • It’s the perfect understated Christmas accessory
  • The print is high-quality and will never fade or peel
  • It provides complete shock-resistant protection for your AirPod Pro
  • Works with wireless and wired chargers

Who it’s Right for 

  • Anyone looking for a Christmas accessory that will protect their AirPod Pro

Mystic River (Most Chaotic Case)

coolest airpod pro case

Mystic River is one of our most popular designs. And why wouldn’t it be? 

This AirPod Pro case has blue marble swirls with gold and coral veins. It looks like a rushing river with dark banks on either side. 

This design has a type of chaotic beauty to it. It’s a dynamic blend of different blue gradients. The coral and gold only add to the chaos. The overall effect is a turbulent design that draws the eye. 

All our printed designs are high-quality. They won’t ever peel, scratch, or fade. 

The case provides complete protection for your AirPod Pro. It has shock absorption that prevents damage during falls or bumps. 

The Airpod case is lightweight with a slim profile. It has an attached carabiner as well. This means that you can wear it on your belt or a lanyard around your neck. This further protects your Airpods since any damage is less likely. 

The case is suitable for wired and wireless chargers and has an LED light. 

Why it’s Great 

  • It has a turbulent blue marble design that draws the eye
  • The print won’t fade, peel, or get scratched thanks to our printing technology
  • The case provided complete protection to an AirPod Pro
  • You can use wired and wireless charging with the case

Who it’s Right for 

  • This design is perfect for those who like a little chaos in their life

Rose Gold Marble (Best Dark Case)

best airpod pro case cover

Rose Gold Marble is a dark AirPod case. 

The black marble design looks shattered, with rose gold cracks shooting through it. It’s striking but elegant, the perfect example of dark and beautiful.

The best thing about black is that pairs well with any outfit. 

The designs on our AirPod cases are printed with our special printing technology. This means that it won’t peel or fade, and it’s scratch-resistant. There’s none of the usual wear-and-tear that many products are prone to. 

All our AirPod cases are compatible with wired and wireless charging. You won’t have to remove it from the protective case unless it’s in use. 

We’ve designed them to be slim and lightweight, and added a handy carabiner as well. This allows you to attach it to your belt, key chain, or even a lanyard. 

The case provides 360⁰ protection as well. It’s completely shock-absorbent to prevent any damage to your AirPod Pro. 

Why it’s Great 

  • A dark and beautiful design that goes well with every outfit
  • We use special printing technology to ensure the design will never fade or peel
  • The case is suitable for wired and wireless charging. It also has a visible LED light when charging
  • Complete, shock-absorbant protection for your AirPod Pro

Who it’s Right for 

  • This Airpod Pro case is perfect for anyone who loves dark and elegant designs

Wildflower (Best Cute Case)

best airpod pro cases

With a lilac background with a splash of flowers, Wildflower is the cutest AirPod case on our list. 

The pastel colors are soft and feminine, but the flowers have a hint of playfulness. This makes it a perfect spring accessory. Of course, it makes a great winter accessory too - it can brighten anyone’s day.

We use a special printing technology that ensures our AirPod cases won’t ever fade or peel. The case is lightweight, with a slim profile. It can fit into your pocket without taking up too much space. 

We’ve added a carabiner to the case as well. You can snap it onto your keys, belt, or lanyard. Your music will always be close at hand.

The case provides 360⁰ shock-absorbent protection. No more worrying about drops and bumps. It also keeps your AirPod Pro secure during falls, ensuring that it won’t pop out.

We’ve ensured that the case is compatible with both wireless and wired charging. 

Why it’s Great 

  • A playfully cute and feminine design that is perfect for spring
  • Complete protection against drops and bumps
  • Wired and wireless charging capabilities. There’s also a visible LED charging light
  • A high-quality, printed AirPod Pro case that won’t peel or fade

Who it’s Right for 

  • This case is perfect for anyone who loves all things soft and feminine

Black Currant (Most Turbulent Case)

best cases for airpods pro

Despite its name, Black Current isn’t black. In fact, there’s no black in the case at all. 

This AirPod Pro case showcases a violent grey gradient. The puffs of light grey look like storm clouds and lighting. This causes the overall design to look like a violent storm at sea.

We use a special printing technology that ensures the design will never fade or peel. It will always look brand new. The only time you need to replace it is if you want a different design.

The AirPod Pro case has 360⁰ protection. The shock absorption will prevent any bumps or falls from damaging your AirPods. It has the added benefit of preventing the AirPod from popping out during falls.

With a lightweight design and a snap-on carabiner, the case is easy to carry. You can snap it onto anything of your choosing. You can even hang the loop off your finger if you prefer to keep it on hand. 

The case won’t interfere with wireless charging and has a port for wired charging too. There’s a visible charging light too.

Why it’s Great 

  • A turbulent grey design that looks like a storm over the ocean
  • A high-quality printed design that will never peel or fade
  • Wireless and wired charging capabilities
  • 360⁰ protection against bumps and falls

Who it’s Right for 

  • This case is perfect for those who love storms and the unpredictability of the ocean

Wild Pomegranate (Most Fierce)

best airpods pro cases

Our Wild Pomegranate AirPod Pro case is fierce. The printed snake-skin pattern looks realistic and you’d sweat that it’s textured.

The deep red and black gradient is a definite conversation starter. It’s eye-catching and will add a splash of color to a dark winter outfit.

With a never-fading or peeling design, you will have won’t ever have to replace the case. We use special printing technology to ensure this. 

The AirPod Pro case is shock-absorbant. It offers 360⁰ protection against all drops and bumps. The AirPods won’t accidentally fall out of it either. 

We’ve attached a carabiner for your convenience. This makes it easy to snap on and off your belt or keys. We’ve designed it to be lightweight and slim, so you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it.

The case is suitable for wireless and wired charging.

Why it’s Great 

  • A fierce snake-skin printed design
  • Wire and wireless charging
  • Complete, shock-absorbant protection
  • A striking printed design that will never fade or peel

Who it’s Right for 

  • Anyone who wants to add a fierce-looking accessory to their wardrobe

The Best AirPod Pro Cases (FAQ) 

Is a case necessary for AirPods Pro?

All AirPods come in a case. So, is it necessary to get a case cover? No, it’s not.

But, it is an added layer of protection. AirPods can be fragile and you don’t want to have to replace them. Case covers are secure and often shock-absorbant. 

We also have dozens of different designs to choose from. 

How do I stop my AirPods Pro from falling out?

First, make sure you have the right size tips. There should be two extra sizes in the box it came in. 

Then, you’ll need to press them into your ear and rotate them until they wedge in. If this still doesn’t help, then try putting them upside down. Or, you could replace the tips with memory foam tips.

Is silicone or hard case better for AirPods?

Silicone cases do offer better waterproof protection. They tend to have a seal over the charging port.

But if waterproofing isn’t a priority, then either option will work. The main priority should be shock absorption for bumps and drops. 

You also need a case that is compatible with wired and wireless charging. And if it has an LED charging light, all the better.

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