Best Airpods Max Case

21 Dec 2021
best airpods max case

If you are in awe of your new Apple AirPods you’re going to want the best case to keep them safe and protected from damage. In that situation, you will need to know the best AirPods max cases available on the market.

Your case should not be complicated. Installation should be easy and the case needs to be durable and hard-wearing. 

Here, we will round them up for you. Choose a case that is best suited for your style. And one that provides all the protection you need for your AirPods.

Here at Burga, we offer over one hundred case designs for you to choose from. There's a case for every individual personality and career. So let's narrow it down. 

Best Airpods Max Case

Wanderlust (Best Leaf Pattern)

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Our Wanderlust case fits comfortably around the Apple Airpod Max headphones. The two are an ideal match for each other. You will also note that this case does not hold back on style. 

It is covered with a highly fashionable banana leaf patterned print. The color contrast on this print is stunning making it a great fit for summer. 

What you will like about this cool AirPods case is the designer print layer. It is very stylish and at the same time, protects your AirPods against any scratches. 

The scratch-resistant protective print is phenomenal as it won't ever peel or fade. The case is a must as it protects against bumps and drops while remaining scratch-free itself. 

Our Wanderlust case offers all this while providing heavy-duty protection for your Airpods. It is exactly what you need to protect your delicate Apple Airpod Max Headphones. 

Why it’s Great 

  • The super-stylish leaf pattern
  • Great color contrast
  • High-quality scratch-free case
  • heavy-duty protection
  • shock absorbent

Who it’s Right for

  • The product is right for those who like a feminine look 
  • Also, for those who love a leafy print 
  • And lastly for those who love green

Blue Lagoon (Most Sophisticated)

best case for airpods max

Our snap-on Airpod max cases are super easy to install. This makes protection for your AirPods effortless. When the case is applied, your AirPods are protected from damages with falls. It works because it engages the force on impact. This makes sure your AirPods are completely protected. 

With our Blue Lagoon design, this is where electric indigo blue meets white and pastel pink. Together it makes a unique marble pattern and adds a sophisticated modern feel to your wardrobe. And no need to worry about the design losing the touch that it brings to your style.

Our custom signature design pattern prints are of the best quality. It will never peel or fade away, thanks to our unique printing technology. You will also find these prints among the best Apple AirPods pro case.

When fitted, the BURGA case is gorgeously slim so there’s no added bulkiness when it comes to protection. Just a beautifully slim profile. There’s also an LED light indicator that proves that the case will not disrupt the wireless charging. 

Why it’s Great  

  • These cases have high-quality prints
  • Prints will never peel or fade
  • Signature Prints
  • Slim profile so no bulky protection
  • LED light indicator

Who it’s Right for? 

  • Those who are into unique designs
  • Those who like marble
  • Those who like blue

Coconut Crush (Most Cute)

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The Coconut Crush Apple Airpod Max Case headphones are cute and playful. The design is unexpected, so it shows off your creativity. What’s great is that you can achieve this look while still providing 360° protection for your AirPod Max.

You will find value in having an AirPod Max case. It protects your AirPods from cosmetic damage and protects them from dust and dirt. Thus, you must buy a case that fits snugly so that nothing can get inside.

Burga cases are exactly that. It’s a case-friendly design that is snug enough to keep all the particles out. Yet cleverly designed so that all the ports are still accessible. 

You will also love that it comes with a carabiner which just makes it more convenient for you to carry it around. You can clip the carabiner onto your belt or handbag or wallet. This way you will always know where to find it and it won’t get lost or stolen.

 Why it’s Great 

  • Snug fit which is good for protection
  • Fun design 
  • Carabiner provided for convenience 
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Slim profile

Who it’s Right for

  • This case design would appeal to creatives. 
  • It is good for those looking for high-quality protection for their pods.
  • Those who want to add a fun accessory to their wardrobe. 

Wildflower (Best for Spring)

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Our Wildflower Case Cover is beautifully feminine with its pastel dreamy flower design. But although eloquently feminine, this case is by no means delicate. It may be tiny, but it is fierce and strong when protecting your Airpod max headphones.

It is premium quality and comes with a 12-month warranty to back it up. You will love that it is extremely lightweight and feels like it’s not ever there. Our high-quality prints are also scratch-resistant so no need to worry about it looking tacky after a while. 

It would be wise to keep your AirPods in a case so that it is protected from drops, splashes, dings, and dust, and best of all you can charge on the go. 

Burga cases are available worldwide and can be at your door within 2-3 business days after dispatch if you use UPS Express Shipping. 

Why it’s Great 

  • Beautiful soft pastel colors
  • It’s great because it’s lightweight
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • There’s the option of express shipping
  • Provides all the protection you need

Who it’s Right for?

  • Those who like feminine cases
  • Those who want the best-case protection
  • Those who prefer lightweight designs

SunKissed (Best Marble Design)

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SunKissed Max case design print is of such high quality that it looks as though it is real marble. And best you believe that it is just as strong because that’s how confident we are that it is the best protection for your Apple Airpod Max Headphones.

Marble symbolizes purity and immortality and that’s the confidence you need in your case cover. The color is neutral which is great because this will match any wardrobe choice. The marble print elevates any style making you look more elegant and classier. 

SunKissed is also popular because of its sleek design and durability, it will last a long time. It meets all case expectations when it comes to protection, and it is incredibly affordable. 

Why it’s Great 

  • Durable
  • Sleek design
  • Versatile 
  • Durable 

Who it’s Right for?

  • Those who want a classy look
  • Those who want the best protection
  • Those looking for affordability and case quality

Tropical Garden (Best Modern)

best case for airpod max

With Burga cases, all ports are easily accessible. This is amazing because it means that wireless charging will not be interrupted at all, even on the newer model. 

This is convenient because you do not want the hassle of removing your case every time you need to charge. That’s just added admin that no one needs in today’s world. You will love the Tropical Garden case design because it brings that element of luxury to your style. 

The green palms are very modern and most popular in summer. If you haven’t noticed, this design is often worn by celebrities and high-profile influences. So, when using your case in public expect to get complimented on your excellent choice of case style. 

Accessorizing this designer case is your stamp of approval in the fashion world. 

Why it’s Great 

  • Ports are easily accessible 
  • The design is luxurious
  • Your AirPods are fully protected
  • It’s easy to install
  • High-quality print

Who it’s Right for? 

  • Those who love green will like this design
  • Those who want both protection and style
  • For those who need their AirPods to last a long time. 

Cappuccino (Best Glamorous) 

best airpod max case

Our Cappuccino case is a must-have in your case collection. It has a soft creamy marble pattern with sparkly golden twirls in it. And although the case does not contain actual glitter, you sure can be fooled if you’re not told. This is because of the high-quality print. 

This durable case will certainly add pizazz to your style while keeping your AirPods safe. You will want to get the cute AirPods case to match the phone case. It is versatile and goes with every outfit. 

The case provides premium protection and looks premium so it is great to give as a gift because it's affordable. 

Why it’s Great

  • Affordability 
  • Premium style
  • Premium durability
  • Quality print
  • 12-month warranty 

Who it’s Right for?

  • It is great for those who like to look glamorous
  • For those who want the best protection 
  • Fans of marble

Lemon Juice (Best Mood-Changing)

best airpods max cases to buy

Our Lemon Juice case is a mood changer for sure with its gorgeous pop of yellow high-quality print. This case has a slim profile making it extremely lightweight yet still provides the shock absorption that you need for your headphones. 

The yellow would appeal to creatives and add an element of fun to your character. The fun print is scratch-resistant and it’s never-fading.

Why it’s Great 

  • The super-stylish lemon pattern
  • Great color contrast
  • High-quality scratch-free case
  • heavy-duty protection
  • shock absorbent

Who it’s Right for 

  • for those who love lemons
  • great for summer days
  • perfect for creatives

Final Note

Choosing the best Airpod case for your headphones is crucial because you want the best protection for your phone. At Burga, we make this task easy for you because all our cases not only ticks all the boxes of a protective cover. it also complements your style. 

Having so many options is great because it means you have the freedom to choose a case that suits your mood. Be playful, or be serious.

Best Airpods Max Case (FAQ) 

Do I need a case for AirPods Max?

Yes, you do need a case for your AirPods Max. You will want to protect your headphones from scratches and dents and the best way to do this is with a case.

What does the AirPods Max case do?

The case protects your phone from damages and you can also charge wirelessly in your case.

Does AirPods Max come with a charging case?

No, the Max unfortunately does not come with a charging case.

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